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Online casinos accepting players from Afghanistan

When it comes to gambling, one cannot help but notice that it has been evolving since forever. What started as a game for fun with an exchange of stone, turned into dice, then into cards, then into wagering for money, to finally turn into an activity played in real establishments first called gaming halls to be later renamed to casinos.

Land-based gambling has had quite the history. In most countries, back in ancient times, it was strictly forbidden, but people would still find ways to gamble. When caught gambling, they would be respectively punished for their wrongdoings. Then, decades ago, authorities noticed that people were still gambling even though they were not supposed to, so they realized it was better to regulate gambling to keep it under control instead of trying to shut it down completely. 

In some countries, though…

… gambling never got to live to be regulated. This was mainly due to corrupted governments or religion. Some governments that have dictating powers which spread fear over the nation have made sure their citizens never even dare to gamble. And in some countries, religion simply doesn't allow gambling.

The Islamic law (Sharia), for instance, states clearly that gambling is considered Satan's handiwork. And you can't blame this law, considering the statistics of what uncontrolled gambling can do to people's lives. From debts to bankruptcy, to divorces, to psychological problems and unfortunately, up to suicides. But when gambling moderately and controllably, it can also be a really fun and entertaining activity.


… being an Islamic country forbids all kinds of gambling. Muslims, as said in the Islamic law, are supposed to earn money through honest work and not wait on games of chance to earn for a living. That’s one reason why gambling in the country is strictly forbidden. Even recreational gambling, gambling for fun and not for money, is also forbidden, due to its addictive nature. 

Under the Taliban rule between 1996 and 2001, the gambling restriction laws were heavily enforced. People caught attempting to or gambling were being punished in the most rigorous, even fatal ways. After the fall of the Taliban, though, the laws were seldom enforced, but gambling still remained forbidden and illegal. 

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The thing is, when the Taliban ruled, the internet was outlawed as well. The internet penetration was so low in the country that even today only seven to ten percent of people have access to it. 

Online gambling… 

… in the country, therefore, is close to impossible. Not only do citizens have little access to the internet, but also the laws for gambling restriction imply online gambling restriction, even though not explicitly specified.

Contrary to land-based gambling, though, where people can be seen and punished for their actions, should they get access to the internet, they can gamble online without anyone noticing. Considering the fact that online gambling is not monitored nor regulated, should players find a way to join an online casino, they could enjoy playing from the comfort of their home. But still with caution, advised not to be seen gambling.

The only problem is…

… though, they would have to access online casinos licensed by foreign jurisdictions. Therefore, no real player protection is possible, at least not from their country’s part. True, online casinos today are completely safe, but still, having your country’s back when accessing foreign websites means a lot.

Afghan players can…

… therefore, gamble online at their own risk, having in mind that laws forbid it and fines and jail time are options if they get caught gambling. On the plus side, though, should they opt for gambling online, they’ll get a huge number of online casinos to choose from. Many international operators are accepting Afghanistan players today, knowing that no one regulates gambling there and they cannot be prosecuted for offering their services. 

Difficulties may arise…

… when it comes to online payments, but still, there are many methods that can be used today to gamble online without anyone seeing where your funds went or came from.

In conclusion, both land-based and online gambling are illegal, forbidden by law in Afghanistan. Access to the internet is also weak. However, if Afghan players can get access to online casinos and play discreetly, they could still join many international online casinos and enjoy the same perks as players from all around the world can. For online gambling to ever become legal and regulated, miracles should happen, so opting for international online casinos whenever there’s a chance to go online would be the best option for players from Afghanistan. 

Afghanistan Online Casinos

Given all of the above information, it is only clear that unless they leave their country to visit another, Afghan people cannot see the inside of a land-based casino. No brick-and-mortar casinos exist on the territory. 

Online casinos…

… on the other hand, are just a few clicks away. As mentioned, online gambling is by default forbidden, however, the government does not monitor the online activities. So, the minute Afghan players get access to the internet, they can start choosing online casinos to join. 

Luckily for them, there are numerous online casinos that accept Afghan players. For Afghan players to feel safe at a particular casino, they have to inspect several casinos in order to ensure their trustworthiness. To do so, they have to check the casinos for licenses, games selection, protection measures and fairness. 

Online gambling regulators…

… such as the globally trusted UK Gambling Commission, the Isle of Man, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission are regulatory bodies Afghan players can trust. These watchdogs make sure players are treated with respect and fairness by operators, and duly fine operators if they do otherwise. Online casinos licensed by these regulators must implement protection measures and must have their games tested for fairness and randomness by auditors such as eCOGRA, TST and iTechLabs. 

SSL encryption and firewalls…

… are essential measures each top online casino implements. Encryptions provided by SECTIGO (formerly COMODO), DigiCert, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL are great. These protective measures make sure all your personal and financial data has an impenetrable transit from your device to the casino's servers and vice versa. So, joining an online casino with encryption and firewall, you can rest assured that your confidential data is secure.

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Games at Afghanistan Online Casinos 

One solid online casino, believe it or not, can provide Afghan players with all sorts of games. The truth is, operators partner with various software developers to provide players with the freedom of choice when deciding on the game to play. 

Therefore, Afghan players can expect to find… 

… all in one place. Most major operators make sure to include everything in their offerings so that both bingo, sportsbetting and casino players can get join and play. 

If you’re a slots fan, you can enjoy some of the best titles developed by Big Time Gaming, NetEnt, and Play’n GO, for instance. If you’re more into table games, Microgaming has the best RNG-based portfolio, and if you’re looking for bingo games, DragonFish is the developer whose games you need to try. Live Casino games by major names like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, LuckyStreak, and Asia Gaming are the ones you should look forward to trying.

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Mobile Betting

Nowadays, mobile devices have become an essential part of our everyday lives. We use our smartphones and tablets for job, personal and entertainment purposes. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that mobile devices are today used for online gambling, too. 

Mobile gambling is becoming more and more popular each day, and players are shifting from using PC and laptops to using tablets and smartphones for gambling online. Developers and operators are doing their best to provide these players with the most practical solutions to make their gambling seamless. 

Therefore, Afghanistan players…

… at least those that can get access to the internet and those that can find a way to join an online casino, can play at that casino using their mobile devices. All it takes to access an online casino via your iPhone, iPad, or any Android-powered device is opening any browser and loading the casino. Or, you can download an app. Most top online casinos have developed a dedicated app which you can download to get quick access to your favourite online casino games.

Considering gambling in public is risky, though, Afghan players should be careful as to not be seen gambling on their mobile devices in public places, to avoid problems with the authorities. 

Afghanistan Online Banking & Casino Payment Methods

As we have established, the Afghanistan government has not been blocking international online casino sites nor has implemented laws or rules specifically that say transactions from and to such sites are restricted. 

However, gambling online for real money should be done with extreme caution. It wouldn’t be wise for Afghan players to use VISA or MasterCard or bank transfer, or any other method that is related to their bank accounts directly.

The best payment method options…

… would be prepaid cards or eWallets. These work as intermediaries, so no one can trace your transactions, where they go or where they come from. As a matter of fact, eWallets prevail in online gambling. With that in mind, the following are great choices:

As far as currencies go, all online casinos offer payments in US dollars, euros and British pound sterling. However, you may even find afghani, since many online casinos allow transactions in all currencies, for an exchange fee. 


1. What is the minimum gambling age to play at international online gambling sites?

- At most online casino sites, especially the European-based ones, the minimum gambling age is 18. However, there are online casinos where the minimum gambling age is 21, which are mostly USA-based sites. 

2. Can Afghan players claim bonuses at online casinos?

- Sure. As long as the casino accepts players from Afghanistan and does not have restrictions for claiming a bonus, you can play with freebies. 

3. How to know whether a casino accepts Afghan players or not?

- When you try to register, if the casino does not accept Afghan players, it won’t let you finish the registration process. But if you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you can just go to the casino’s Terms and Conditions page and find the list of restricted countries. 

4. How can I be sure I will receive my winnings?

- As mentioned, online casinos are monitored by regulatory bodies, regulators who make sure you’re treated with fairness and respect. If you were a registered player and you’ve won something, the casino must send your money on your chosen payment method.

5. Is it possible to use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals?

- In most online casinos, yes. Many payment methods are allowed for both deposits and withdrawals, but you’ll have to inform yourself or consult with the casino about whether the method you want to use is allowed for both. 

6. Should I download an app to play at an online casino?

- This depends on your preferences. If you don’t want to fill your mobile device with unnecessary apps, then don’t download an app. If you wish to and the casino offers an app, you can download it, but this is not mandatory. 

7. How do I know whether eWallets are offered for payments at online casinos?

- Each online casino has a page titled Banking or Payment Methods. Visit that page for more info. Or if no such page is available, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page or the Terms and Conditions, and you will find more information there. Some online casinos display the logos of the payment methods available at the bottom of the homepage, so you can also look there. 

8. Is it possible to find an online casino in Dari or Pashto?

- There are many online casinos that offer gambling in various languages. And even though finding one that offers gambling in Dari or Pashto would be difficult, it wouldn’t be impossible.

9. If I hit a huge jackpot, how can I withdraw my winnings?

- Huge transactions raise suspicions. Maybe the best way for you to do is to contact the casino and arrange for your jackpot money to be sent in several transactions, in junks. You don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities, so make sure you stay under the radar.

10. Do I need to provide the casino with identification documents?

- Yes. Casinos must confirm you have the minimum age to gamble there. But you also need to provide identification documents for your own safety. Frauds, money laundering, identity thefts and other crimes are unlikely to happen, but not impossible. The identity verification is one of many techniques casinos implement to protect players from all possible crimes.


Online casinos accepting players from Afghanistan