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Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games

In the rapid world of online technology emerges a new gaming platform with live dealer casinos, rivaling land-based properties. Faster internet speeds and sophistication of personal computers and laptops have accomplished advanced capabilities that stream games in real-time. Over the last two decades, it has increasingly become a crowd-pleaser for table game players. Casino operators caught on quickly to the steady increase of participation which led to adding real dealer games to their venues and is today a typical feature.

Below is our list of available sites that accepts Americans including European, UK, Canadian, Asian and all international players.

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Behind the Scenes of Setting Up Live Games

Behind the Scenes of Setting Up Live Games

Pulling it all together in preparation for live streaming takes elaborate construction to make sure all the “bells and whistles” are working properly.

Game Control Unit (GCU) - Players are familiar with the random number generator (RNG) that engineers the result of each game played in a fair and unpredictable way. The RNG produces the outcome and is your fate to winning or losing. At a live table, you won’t find this. Instead, it is replaced by the GCU. It is one of the most significant pieces of equipment that converts the cards and wheels into digital information. The small device is responsible for encoding video broadcasting.

Camera - It's lights, camera, and action! Powerful lens at different angles placed around tables creates crystal clear viewing. One of the features include; a small window called a "picture in picture" set in the corner of your screen giving a full perspective of the room. Viewing is a two-way street which gives the deal the capabilities to see bets placed and see the players. If you are camera shy sit in a way that’s not conspicuous to avoid being seen.

Optical Camera Recognition is a quality feature that records every detail at the table. It is available to players through a streaming video link. Every move is picked up from bets placed, cards shuffled, a spin of the wheel and cards dealt. It takes the place of the eye-in-the-sky at brick and mortar casinos.

Dealers - Only professional dealers are considered for live game hosting. It’s under the same type of conditions a Las Vegas dealer would require in the hiring process. Experience and a complete understanding of the rules of each game they are hosting are mandatory.


Live streaming takes place in a studio or at a land based property. They are most prevalent in Europe and Asia including Spain, Ireland, Malta, UK and the Isle of man. For the Asian market, there are restrictions on remote gambling.However, Europe accepts players from this region.

Leading software developer Playtech has headquarters in the Philippines and is one of the large suppliers of live casinos while in Canada Microgaming is the only available provider.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Live Casinos

Strengths and Weaknesses of Live Casinos

The Ups

  • The convenience to play in sheer contentment at home
  • Through camera technology players have full viewing access to watch the dealer and see gameplay including a recorded video of each session
  • Other table action is going on simultaneously for a whole land based effect.
  • Interaction between player and dealer is available with the chat function.
  • While you won’t get a free drink while sitting at the tables, bonuses to boost your bankroll is offered at many sites.
  • Clocks or televisions are often seen in the background to justify live streaming in real time.


  • Table variations are limited
  • Minimum bets are higher than brick and mortar properties
  • There is an extensive list of terms and conditions to adhere to
  • Limited scheduled times and available
  • Misses the human one on one contact

Table Games Offered

One of the perks is a large range of variations of certain games not often found at your local casino like French, European or Spanish roulette.

Standard game options include:

Casino Tables Limits Specials

Where to Play

It is important to make sure the casino is properly licensed and regulated before registering an account. Find the best bonus offers, VIP program, and sites that have a solid rating.

Top leading live dealer software include Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution.

Due to U.S. legislation, players in this jurisdiction have limited opportunities to participate in live table games.

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