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Online casinos accepting players from Poland

Online gambling is a worldwide phenomenon today, but it had as humble beginnings as any other major novelty back in the early days. When it first appeared as a result of the invention of the Internet and the everlasting popularity of games of luck and chance, people were rather skeptical about handling funds online.

Technology has gone a long way since then, regaining the trust of players and enthusiasts alike that were once subject to the ups and downs of an unregulated marketplace. Speaking of which, the iGaming industry as it is has not been equally present in different regions. It was either due to the economic stability of the jurisdictions, their restrictive policies, or even as a result of rigorous religious beliefs – all the same, gambling came a long way from the obscurity of dark alleys and backrooms.


… most modern nations and societies have kept to the tradition of placing wagers on the outcome of a particular gameplay. This can be a competitive event between humans or animals, or just a showdown of different skill sets that give players an advantage throughout the gameplay. Anyway, as long as it’s been a part of the entertainment forms in the countries, and not harmful to the residents’ financial stability or well-being, it has maintained and increased its presence across countries.

The European tradition of games of luck and chance

… goes back centuries into the past, although a notable consideration is the lack of any proper regulative regarding the matter. Some of the countries have been more aware of this form of entertainment, while others are still hard and fast rejecting its status as one of the most popular pastimes among their people.

Poland was one of the latter countries that

… for the longest of times, kept this activity out of the legal books. The government authorities avoided regulating this industry, either because there were other things that needed to be handled at that time, or due to the complexity of the matter. Often times, gambling establishments and providers were additionally involved in corruption or other illegal activities, making the task all the more demanding.


… the industry reached a point of no return and could no longer function without the proper legal guidelines. Therefore, Polish authorities took to regulating this market, first off with minor legal acts and laws to set the base, and later with a complete solution for the various operators.


... the player pool in this country has all but to check the proper regulative and find a suitable option that fits their needs and preferences. Simply go through the overview presented below and choose any of the casinos accepting players from Poland listed here.

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As mentioned earlier

… the legal online gambling sphere in Poland has rather recent roots, considering that for a long while, authorities chose to bypass this segment of everyday life. When they officially started delving into the matter, back in the early 1990s, the first regulative was created. These initial laws mainly referred to tightening up the rules for existing casino establishments – no such venues in cities with less than 250,000 people and similar provisions.


… it wasn’t long before they realized that the technological advancements were here to stay, and the legislation had to be better adapted to fit the new way of operations. For this reason, back in 2009, the Polish government presented a new law which came into force as soon as January 1, 2010.

According to the letter of the law, gambling outside of casino establishments was deemed illegal. However, with online gambling already in full sway, the EU Commission additionally required authorities to add specific points for this segment of the industry as well. After all, the law as it was at that point only referred to the state-owned operator which held a monopoly position over multiple aspects of the industry.

Speaking of the state-owned operator, known as Totalizator Sportowy, it is still operative until this day, keeping up with the industry trends and having a firm presence in both the land-based and online gambling market.

Its monopoly was established over interactive casino, poker and bingo

… and has remained solely offered by the operator’s online platforms, while interactive sportsbetting allows for commercial operators as well. The brick-and-mortar segment is also affected by the monopoly – slot parlors can exclusively be set up by the national operator, with venues boasting between 3 and 50 slot machines.

Blockages of all kinds were set up by the government in an attempt to restrict access to anyone looking to operate the market without the proper license and authorization. A blacklist of offshore unlicensed operators was set up, and ISPs were obligated to restrict access to the listed platforms, all with the purpose to retain the nation’s wagers to the sites legally under government regulations. Blocks were also established across the payment processing service providers, all in order to further restrain the flow of funds.

Online casinos are additionally subject to restrictions

… due to the monopoly, more or less the same as slot parlors. Poker is the only vertical across the industry whose regulations remained much the same – poker gameplay continued being restricted to the casino venues, just with a couple of additional variants that hadn’t been permitted as of yet.

The overall appearance of the gambling scene in Poland

… both land-based and online, is highly regulated and arranged to fit the modern-day needs of players and enthusiasts alike. With their best interests in mind, these and other legal measures are continuously enforced in order to establish a safe and pleasant gaming environment. Once you’re sure that you are legally allowed to play at a specific platform, all you’ve got to do is choose from your favorite titles, check for preferred features and functionalities, and gamble away!

Poland Online Casinos

As can be seen from the rules and regulations

… the only interactive casino gameplay legally available for players in Poland would be the one offered by the state-owned operator. However, bear in mind that offshore operators are continuously trying to penetrate the market (hence the blacklist of operators), meaning players can additionally choose content from these websites.

In this case, it is important that they are wary of the risks and security implications that come along with this option. The best way to go about this matter is to check for encryption certificates used on the casino website or app, reliable payment channels and, ultimately, the authority issuing their license. Make sure to stick to licensed and authorized operators if you are looking to get more gameplay from these offshore operators – they predominantly bear a seal from Curacao, the authoritative body from Panama and more.

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Having all the restrictions in mind

… there is still quite a range of legal gameplay available for online casino enthusiasts. These normally cover all the regular game categories that are otherwise available at online casinos, thus managing to meet player expectations.

Considering that the state-run monopoly is licensed and authorized to provide said services, it alone bears enough variety from reputable and proven fair software developers, including:

Multiple odds, payouts and currency variants are available at the offshore platforms, since they are looking to meet the needs of a wider player pool. Just choose the title with the optimal features in order to experience exactly what you’re looking for.

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Mobile Betting

Online gambling is the regulated form of interactive gambling

… but that doesn’t mean that there is no mobile action as well. The only online casino legally operating in the country is the state-owned Totalizator, accessible at any device via the instant-play website. As for the offshore operators additionally catering to the player pool in Poland, mobile betting is practically a-must, especially those that target multiple markets at the same time.

Mobile wagering is one of the greatest conveniences of today’s iGaming industry. It is nowadays enabled via dedicated apps for Android and iOS specifically, or through instant play websites that optimize their icons, content and features to multiple screen sizes.

Poland Online Banking & Casino Payment Methods

Near the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that besides blacklisting websites, the Polish authorities additionally took to ban payment services. They chose unreliable banking services and processors that were either unlicensed themselves, or alternatively, facilitated payments for unlicensed operators, and prohibited them from the industry.

Nowadays, the online gambling action in Poland is powered by real money wagers reaching their correct destinations via the following payment methods:

At the same time, it is important to bear in mind that there are multiple currencies at play. After all, the national currency of the country is Zloty, so many may be interested in gambling with it. However, since its accession to the EU, the Euro currency got as widespread use, opening up all the greater possibilities to players from Poland for international payments at other platforms without going through a currency conversion.


  1. Is mobile betting for Polish players safe at the respective sites?

- Yes, the mobile gameplay option at these casinos is protected by the same security measures and encryption certificates; otherwise, they will be subject to punitive actions.

  1. What kinds of bonuses are available for members of this player pool?

- This player pool is eligible to benefit from the full scope of online casino bonuses, regularly available at such sites.

  1. Are there any other currencies besides Zloty and Euro available at these sites?

- While the national licensed operators may restrict options to these currencies, offshore interactive operators looking to service the market offer a range of options, including dollars, pounds and more.

  1. What types of sportsbetting options are available in this gambling market?

- There are multiple markets and sports available for Poland residents to bet on – this segment of the industry is open for commercial operators, meaning that the competition between them further boosts the options available for the player pool.

  1. Are lottery and bingo under the monopoly of the state-run operator?

- Yes, the Totalizator is in charge of bingo, as well as interactive poker and casino, along with the slots parlor segment of the land-based industry.

  1. What are the taxes imposed on operators in this market?

- Operators working this market pay different taxes – 50% for land-based casinos and gaming machine parlors, 25% for poker and bingo operators, while land-based and interactive commercial sportsbetting operators are taxes 12% on turnover. Horserace betting, which is only a minor presence in the industry, is taxed at 2.5% on turnover.

  1. Are players taxed on their gambling winnings?

- Yes, 10% of the whole amount won at the specific operator is usually withheld at the source, and properly handled by the respective authorities, so players don’t have to go through any procedures themselves.

  1. What is the legal age for players in Poland?

- The legal gambling age for Polish players is 18 years.

  1. Will I need to download specific software every time I want to play online?

- No, some operators will require you to download their software if they offer an inherent app for your device – computer or mobile. However, it shouldn’t be required more than once.

  1. What is the responsible regulatory body for this industry in Poland?

- The Ministry of Finance is the respective body in charge of handling regulations, enforcing them, and making sure everyone stays compliant to it.


Online casinos accepting players from Poland