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Playing across global online casinos, sometimes, it is difficult finding a proper payment method that can be used in your country. That’s why global payment solutions like Remitly would come in handy. This is a money transfer service that allows users from all around the globe to transact seamlessly, at a low cost. Even though launched not that long ago, compared to other services of its kind, this global money transfer service is one of the most cost-efficient and convenient to use for online casino transactions. Why choose Remitly as your online casino payment method?

About Remitly

Based in the US, Washington, Remitly was launched back in 2011 by an international payments company of the same name, with the aim to make users’ online banking experience the smoothest there is. It leverages digital channels and the internet overall to provide users with the best online banking experience. In fact, this is a solution that relies on desktop and mobile devices, facilitating digital international money transfers. The fact that it is entirely digital is what makes it special; contrary to most money transfer services which are usually land-based and would require a physical visit to a brick-and-mortar office to send a transaction, Remitly has no land-based location.

As such, it cuts on costs of maintaining offices and that's why it can afford to offer global users some of the lowest rates and fees, enabling them to send and receive transactions to and from any place in the world. Also, being completely digital, it offers some of the fastest delivery times out there, making it one of the most perfect money transfer services.

This was its aim all along. In fact, the solution was designed with the purpose of facilitating immigrants to send money back home to their loved ones with ease. Sending money across borders was never easy, due to the hefty fees and long waiting times. And considering the US has the biggest immigration percentage, millions of immigrants living there, Remitly’s CEO and co-founder Matt Oppenheimer decided to create a solution that would help these immigrants, by lowering the fees and offering faster delivery times, so that their hard-earned money could swiftly and cost-efficiently arrive to their families.

And even though designed with the aim to help immigrants, as soon as it took off, and considering the perks it offered, the solution become a hit all across the States. Its remittance service, being able to process money transfers to and from any country globally, got the recognition it deserved and people from all across the world started using it. That’s how, what once was a service known in the US only, became a global money transfer service.

Naturally, its qualities were recognized by online casino players, as well. Casino operators started offering it left and right, and more and more players started choosing it as their sole payment method. Since it is fast and comes with low costs, it offered players exactly what they needed, instant and convenient deposits. And being such an affordable and fast solution, it has started slowly but steadily to strengthen its position across the online gambling industry.

How to Start Using Remitly

We mentioned that Remitly, being completely digital, can afford to charge lower costs compared to other money transfer services. You should know that its motto is "Promises Delivered", so you should not expect any hidden costs, but only what you’ve been promised. A premium service, on any mobile and desktop device.

Speaking of which, to get started with it, you'd need to search for its official website on any browser on your mobile or desktop device. As you'll arrive at the website, you'll see that you have two ways to register, via the browser itself or by downloading the app. Let’s start with the app first. There are two dedicated app versions, one for iOS, and one for Android devices. So, to download any of the two, do the following:

  1. Go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store, respectively, and click Download to get the free app.
  2. Select your country from the list of countries offered, and then select the country you’ll be sending money to.
  3. Press Next, and then enter your email and password.
  4. Press the Join Remitly button and start using your account!

The same procedure applies when registering via the browser, skipping the app downloading steps, of course.

Next, you would need to complete the registration. You would need to enter your name, phone number and address.

Then, you would need to choose the delivery option from the ones available in your country: home delivery (only available in Vietnam, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic), bank deposit, pickup location and mobile wallet. The delivery option would regard the receiver, of course, so make sure you pre-plan with that person how they’d like to receive the money. When it comes to sending money, you can also send money by linking your debit, credit or bank account. Each of the delivery and sending money options come with their respective rates, of course.

Depositing and Withdrawing with the Solution

As you could see, the procedure for transacting with Remitly was actually just described, but let’s see how this would look in terms of depositing with it across online casinos.

First things first, you need to find an online casino that accepts it. As mentioned, the solution is present across several casinos, but new ones are yet to add it to their lists of accepted methods. So far, you'll have a decent choice of sites to explore to hopefully find one that you like to join. Once you join a casino, to make a deposit with the solution, do the following:

  1. Locate the casino’s Cashier/Payment Methods/Banking page.
  2. Search the payment methods list and find Remitly’s logo.
  3. Click or tap on it, and a new window will open.
  4. Enter your credentials to sign into your account.
  5. Press the Get Started/Send Money button, depending on whether you're using the app or the browser to request a transfer.
  6. Enter the amount you’d want to deposit and choose the delivery method, if not pre-selected by the casino.
  7. Press the Send Money button and wait for the money to arrive on your casino account.

Depending on the delivery method you or the casino chose, the deposit will either arrive instantly, within mere seconds or in 3 to 5 days. So, make sure you get in touch with the casino’s payments representative or Customer Support team to figure out the delivery method that would suit you both most.

Now, there’s a bit of a catch when it comes to withdrawals. Although possible, all things must align for you to make a successful withdrawal. The thing is, there are two lists containing the sending and receiving countries, the former being 17 and the latter 100 countries in total. This means that for a successful withdrawal, you need to be located in one of the 100 countries that can receive money and the casino in one of the 17 countries that can send money.

Should that be in order, to make a withdrawal, you would need to go through a fairly similar process as the one described just now for depositing. This time, you'll be the one choosing the delivery method, and for that, you'd need to eventually show ID documents upon delivery. If you're a player from China, South Korea or South Africa, as explained on the official website, you’d need to go through some extra steps to successfully withdraw your winnings.

Coverage and Restrictions

We just mentioned that there are 17 countries on the sending countries list and around 100 on the receiving countries list. These are the country restrictions you must bear in mind before you attempt to request a money transfer via Remitly.

You can check the lists on its official website, but some of the sending countries are Sweden, the US, of course, the UK, Finland, Australia, Canada and Germany. A fun coincidence, these are actually some of the greatest and best-regulated online gambling markets. Therefore, if a player from any of these countries, you can rest assured that your online gambling transactions with this solution will run as smoothly as possible.

Other countries on the list, most of which are also big gambling markets, are Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Norway, Ireland and Belgium. When it comes to the receiving countries list, you better check it out yourself, on the official website, to see whether you’d be eligible to make a withdrawal from the casino.

Fees and Additional Charges

If you’re transferring money with this solution via credit cards or bank accounts, you will get special discounts. Promotional rates for new customers and referral rewards are available, too, so make sure you make good use of them.

Now, as mentioned throughout the article, there will be fees and rates you need to pay, depending on the methods you choose to use for sending/receiving money. But let’s not forget the fact that, since the solution does not have a land-based location, it cuts on costs and affords some of the lowest rates available out there.

Nevertheless, it should be clear to you by now that the faster the method can deliver the transfer, the bigger the cost. To find out all of the possibilities, make sure you visit the official website.

Accepted Countries

Again, there are 17 sending countries and 100 receiving countries on the list of countries that can use Remitly, so naturally, the choice of currencies is huge.

Most, if not all, of the world's fiat currencies, are available. Most certainly, the mainstream ones are, such as the UK pound, the US dollar, the Swedish krona, the Canadian dollar, the euro and the Australian dollar, among others.

Customer Support

There’s an entire Support page available on Remitly’s website. All you have to do is explore the Help Center and you’ll find many tabs with information regarding what is and how the solution functions. But its entire website is full of step-by-step explanations for each procedure you need to go through, and since it is quite informative, you should have no problem locating what you’ve been looking for.

In case you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, you can always contact its trained team directly via a Chat option, available 24/7 in Spanish, French and English, or via the phone line, available 24/7 in English and Spanish.


Remitly is truly, and this is as unbiased as it comes a remarkable money transfer service. Compared to other services of its kind, the fees it offers are really low, and it truly delivers on its promises, and that’s providing global users with the smoothest online money transfers.

As long as your country is on the lists, you will be getting some of the fastest and most cost-effective deposits and withdrawals out there, and you’ll be experiencing the best online gambling time. Since the apps are free, make sure you download them and at least try transacting with this amazing solution. You’ll see that you’ll absolutely love it and continue using it as your favourite online casino payment method.


Is Remitly’s official website available in many languages?

Sure. This is a global money transfer service, so it has made sure you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the language to use to explore its services. Some of your options include Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German and Polish.

Are there any app maintenance fees involved?

No. As mentioned, there are absolutely no hidden fees. You can download the app for free and you’ll need to pay no maintenance fees to use it.

Must I have a Remitly account to receive a withdrawal sent by the operator?

In fact, no. Only the operator, the casino, needs to have an account with the solution to send you the winnings. As long as either you or the casino provide info on the delivery method, you would only need to provide an ID and you will be able to receive your winnings in no time.

When depositing with it, which payment methods can I use and what are their processing times?

When depositing with Remitly to your online casino, you could use a credit or debit card, and this would be the Express option, using which the deposit will arrive instantly. But there will be higher fees involved, compared to the Economy option, which would be sent via your bank account and will arrive on your casino account in 3 to 5 business days.

In case I want to, can I cancel the transfer?

Only if the casino has not yet received it. If the money has been received, you cannot cancel the transfer. In case you’ve managed to cancel it, the solution will refund your money in an instant.


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