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Online casinos accepting players from Bhutan

Given the fact gambling activities require a lot of means, staff and time in order to be properly controlled and overseen so that no gambling harm can happen to their citizens, many governments decide not to bother and decide to completely ban gambling. Others, however, see gambling as an activity that is better to be controlled than banned and make sure to appoint institutions and committees that would ensure people are practising responsible gambling. 


… belongs in the former group of countries. The South Asian country has strict laws when it comes to gambling, as stated by the 393 Statute of the Penal Code of Bhutan. All forms of gambling, except the lottery, are banned and illegal in the country. What’s interesting is that the collective ban on gambling does not apply to lottery, since the lottery is not considered gambling, as stated by section 395 of the Code. 

The law forbids…

… people from staking or wagering something of value upon the outcome of a game of chance or a future contingent event not under their control or influence, upon an agreement or understanding that they would receive something of value in the event of a particular outcome. Therefore, people in Bhutan are prosecuted for gambling, and the offence of gambling is a petty misdemeanour, in accordance with section 394 of the Code. The punishment for gambling is pretty rough, too, one to twelve months of prison time

What’s more…

… gambling laws are not just there as a threat; no, they are actually pretty heavily enforced. You should not be surprised to see on the local news that the police are cracking down on gambling in the country. Just in recent years, in 2017 for instance, there was a case when the police arrested around 30 people for gambling. Five of them were women. They were all forwarded to the court, and if found to be repeated offenders, their punishments were doubled!

It is more than clear…

… that gambling in Bhutan is a big risk. And, it is more than obvious that no land-based casino establishments exist in the country, so if you’re a citizen or a visitor, do not expect to get a chance to gamble there. 

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While the laws on land-based gambling are crisp clear, the same does not go for online gambling. It is not actually stated officially that online gambling is also banned, although it is implied. To add to that, only 25% of the people have access to the internet, so practically, even if Bhutanese want to gamble online, they would have to find the means to do so, and be discreet about it. 

The government…

… does have the habit of blocking certain foreign websites, but this does not seem to extend to online gambling sites. In fact, the government does not want to be bothered finding and prosecuting individuals for gambling online. And even though no cases have ever been reported about people getting arrested for gambling online, the risk is still high. 


… individuals from Bhutan who wish to try their luck on games of chance would need to do so on their own responsibility. And, they would need to do so on international online casino sites, since no online gambling sites based in the country exist, nor will exist as long as the Statute applies.

However, luckily for all Bhutanese residents who wish to play online casino games, they still have the chance to, via many international casinos accepting players from the country. 

Bhutan Online Casinos

As far as online gambling goes, as stated, it is uncertain whether you can get prosecuted for wagering on online casino games, so if you're a Bhutanese player, you better be really cautious and discreet if you want to find online casinos to join, as a rule of thumb. 

And if you do want to find…

… online casinos to join that accept Bhutanese players, you’re in luck, since many operators accept players from all around the world, Bhutan included. These are usually international online casino sites that only restrict players from countries where the laws are clear and online gambling is banned. Therefore, since the laws on online gambling in Bhutan are not defined, per se, operators are going around the laws on land-based gambling in Bhutan and are allowing players from the country to join. 

Before you decide on the site to go with…

… however, make sure you check it for regulation and security measures. Since you won’t have any backup from your own government in case of dispute, you would need to be precautions and ensure the casino you’re joining respects players and abides by rules of at least one regulated market. Check whether the casino you’re about to join is licensed by respected jurisdictions like the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority or the regulator in Sweden. These are all watchdogs that ensure all players registered at the casino are treated equally and with respect.

In addition…

… check whether the casino implements an SSL encryption. This encryption ensures the communication between you and the casino goes smoothly and cannot be penetrated by third-parties. And this, on the other hand, ensures that all your personal and financial details, as well as your funds, are kept safe online. Encryption certificates by GoDaddy, COMODO, Thawte and DigiCert are among the ones you can trust. 


… inspect the casino for fairness and randomness. Most regulators have strict rules when it comes to making gambling fairer and safer and they oblige operators to get certified for the randomness of their games. Make sure it was certified by iTechLabs, TST, eCOGRA, VeriSign or GLI, which are trusted auditors, which guarantee that the operator is using a tested and approved Random Number Generator (RNG) and all game outcomes are completely random and fair. RNG's algorithm randomly generates game outcomes, so you can rest assured that the results are 100% fair and based on luck.  

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Once you access international online casinos…

… you’ll enter a whole new world, with no limits whatsoever. You can play any game available at your chosen casino, for any stake you want, and with any bonus, you might want to claim. So the trick is to find a trusted casino to join, but once you do, you can rest assured that your online gambling time would be seamless.

Games by developers…

… such as Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, among other leading software providers, will be at the tips of your fingers. These developers create world-class games, with 3D graphics, outstanding visual and sound effects, and massive payout potentials. They create games like you’ve never seen before. You will even get access to the most popular form of online gambling today, Live Casino gambling. This is the closest you can get to a land-based gambling experience, considering the gambling ban in your country, as you can see real live dealers handling cards and spinning the wheels in real-time. 

Other than Live Casino games, you can expect to find:

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Mobile Betting

While mobile gambling

… is practised all over the world, Bhutanese players still need to look over their shoulders whenever they attempt to play online casino games on their smartphones and tablets. While they may get access to the internet and join online casino sites via their mobile devices while outside their house, they have to be extremely careful not to be seen gambling online, and escape the eyes of the authorities. 

As long as they get a stable internet connection and find a place where they can gamble online in peace, they can do so with no interruption, as the majority of international online casinos are optimized for mobile play.

All you need to do… 

… is load the casino on any mobile device via any browser, and start playing. Or, you can even download an app, if the casino has one, on any Android or iOS-powered mobile device, and get even quicker access to your favourite games. The point is, if you want to take your gambling on the go, you can do so, but be discreet about it. 

Bhutan Online Banking & Casino Payment Methods

You must have assumed by now that gambling online with traditional payment methods like bank transfers, credit cards like VISA or MasterCard or any other payment solution connected to your bank account is a big no-no if you’re a player from Bhutan. You’d want to leave online casino transactions jut of your bank statement at the end of the month if you don’t want troubles with the authorities. 

Luckily for you…

… there are plenty of alternative payment methods you can consider, which are in no way connected to your bank account. Alternatives like eWallets, mobile payment solutions, prepaid cards and eVouchers are the payment methods you should opt for. The following are some of the payment methods you can choose from:

Keep in mind that whichever method you choose to go with would charge currency transaction fees because it is highly unlikely to find a method that accepts Bhutanese ngultrum. There may be some sites that do, but you’d have to dig deep to find them. 


Will gambling ban in Bhutan ever be lifted?

This is highly unlikely, at least in the near future. Things would have to drastically change, the government would have to change its opinion, but we cannot see that happening any time soon, no. 

If I experience a problem with the games, can I contact the casino’s staff in some way?

Sure. All online casinos offer Customer Support, which is usually available by email and Live Chat. Some casinos offer even phone support, but you should bear in mind that the cost of that call may be quite hefty, so you better try other options. 

How to know which payment methods are offered at the online casino before I join it?

Most online casinos allow you to check out the payment methods available before you join, and they should be listed at the bottom of the homepage or on a separate page labelled Cashier or Banking. But there are some casinos that allow you to see the payment methods only after you join them. 

If I decide to play on my mobile device, must I download an app?

No. In most cases, you don’t need to download anything and you just have to join the site via any browser. Apps are completely non-obligatory, so you can download them only if you want to. 

Which payment method gives the quickest withdrawals for Bhutanese players?

eWallets are known to give the quickest withdrawals, but you can also consider using cryptocurrencies as they also offer fast withdrawal times. 

Will I be able to claim a bonus as a Bhutanese player?

If you can access a certain online casino, you have all the rights to claim any bonuses available. The casino will point out if the offer is not available for a certain group of players, so you’ll know right away whether you’re eligible to claim it or not. 

What is the gambling age limit across international online casino sites?

Across most online casino sites, you need to be 18 or older in order to engage in online gambling. However, some sites, mostly US-based ones, allow only players who are 21 or older to join. 

How to know whether an online casino holds a license to operate by a trusted jurisdiction?

Operators are usually transparent when it comes to licenses, and they display them at the bottom of the homepage. Therefore, if you’re interested in knowing whether the casino is licensed, go to the homepage and look for the certificates yourself. 

How to know whether the casino accepts players from Bhutan at all?

Operators are also very transparent when it comes to the player's eligibility. Therefore, if you're not welcome at the site when you enter Bhutan as your country of origin, the casino won't allow you to continue creating your account. But the restricted countries list is also available in casino's Terms and Conditions, so before you start registering your account, you can first check there. 

Are there any online casinos available in Dzongkha?

It is highly unlikely that you find an online casino available in Dzongkha. Most online casinos are available in mainstream languages like English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. 


Online casinos accepting players from Bhutan