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Paytrail Online Casinos

There are many payment methods available across online casinos in Europe, and Paytrail is the solution that provides all of them to you via one account. This is a cloud-based eWallet that gives you the chance to connect all your favourite payment methods in one place, to use them as it suits you. As such, it is one of the top payment solutions across casinos that accept players from European countries. It offers an exceptional service you’ll soon learn about. What is Paytrail and why choose it as your online casino payment method?

About Paytrail

Part of Nets Group, Paytrail is a cloud-based eWallet that was launched in Finland more than 15 years ago, in 2007. The financial group behind it, headquartered in Jyväskylä, is one of the most well-reputed in Europe, partnered with many giant names on the financial scene. As such, the eWallet it launched allows users to connect all of their banking methods in one account, so they can choose which one they would like to use on the spot, without going through lengthy logging-in procedures. That's why it is super convenient for all kinds of online payments.

The solution, being launched for Finnish users at first, was known as Suomen Varkkomaksut, but since it was positively received by users, brands, financial companies and banks, it immediately partnered with over 10,000 European online retail companies and rebranded to get a more international ring to its name. From the very beginning, its name resonated with safety and convenience, and the fact that it is supervised and licensed by the Finnish Supervisory Advisory, only further contributed to its legitimacy in the Scandinavian region specifically. That's only natural since the solution cooperates with leading Nordic banks, such as S-Pankki, Nordea, and Danske Bank. But since it has partnered with VISA, MasterCard and PayPal, too, you won’t only be able to connect your bank account to it, but also any card account you have with these giants, too.

Considering all you’ve read so far about it, you’ve probably gathered by now how efficient and convenient the solution is. But, you should know that it is also incredibly cost-efficient, compared to other solutions of its kind. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the solution has been listed as one of the top solutions across many online casinos.

Maybe not hundreds, but you can rest assured that plenty of sites would be your options to explore. Given the fact the potential of markets in Scandinavia for becoming the most desirable destination for operators is huge, you can rest assured new casinos will soon start accepting it, too. So, let’s see how to get started with it and use it across online casinos.

How to Start Using Paytrail

We’ve been mentioning that you can connect all your payment methods to one account, and have them all in one place. This, of course, implies that you need to create an account with the solution. Relax, as you won’t need to go through a lengthy registration procedure or verification process, and you won’t need to share that many personal details with it.

In fact, you’ll only need to provide essential personal details, and you’ll be ready to connect your payment methods to your new account. We said that the solution collaborates with top banks in the Nordic region, so you can connect your bank account with any of them. You can also connect your cards and PayPal account. After you’ve connected them, all the money you have on these accounts/cards will be stored on the new cloud-based eWallet account, ready to be used whenever you need them, wherever you are. You’ll have all of your financials in one single place, and you can use it with a few simple taps on your device, without having to log in separately to get access to your account(s).

Of course, the solution has implemented all the identification, verification and security measures possible. To confirm that you’re the one requesting a transaction, the solution will send you a unique, one-time PIN code on your mobile device via SMS or your email address. You’ll need to confirm it to let the solution know that no frauds are being made. Therefore, the risk of having your money end up in the wrong hands is basically eliminated. Therefore, no matter where you are, whenever you need your money, just request a transaction with the solution and by confirming the PIN code, it will be completed within minutes.

In case you have anything unclear about it, make sure you check its official website. The solution explains everything in detail, thoroughly going step by step about all its functions. There’s useful info for both merchants and consumers. The solution wants to keep things transparent.

Now that you know how easy it is to get started with and how straightforward transactions with it are, you’re ready to learn how to use it across online casinos for the smoothest deposits and withdrawals.

Depositing and Withdrawing with the Solution

Paytrail is not really a new solution, having been launched in 2007, however, as said, it is still not offered across hundreds of casinos. But, there’s a decent list of casinos that offer it. These are legit casinos accepting players from Europe that you can explore, in order to find one that you’d like to join. As soon as you do, make sure you register an account with it.

To request a deposit using this solution, you’d need to go through the following procedure:

  1. Head over to the casino site’s Deposits page.
  2. Select Paytrail from the list of payment methods offered.
  3. In the pop-up, enter your email address and credentials to access your account.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit.
  5. Wait for the solution to send you the one-time PIN code and insert it in the designated field to confirm the transaction.
  6. In an instant, your money will arrive on your online casino account.

As you could see, deposits with this solution are not only easy to make but also instant, as with most eWallets. Now, withdrawals are pretty much the same. You’d need to log into your online casino account, look Paytrail up on the Withdrawals page and specify how much you’d like to withdraw. As soon as the casino approves your request, the money will arrive on your eWallet as soon as possible.

However, before you decide to use it, make sure you check whether the casino accepts it for withdrawals, just to be sure. It should, considering it is a great solution that has all your payment methods in one place but double-check that. In case a casino does not offer it for cashouts, you’d have to look for an alternative.

Coverage and Restrictions

We’ve been mentioning Finland, Europe and the Nordic region. So, you probably got the idea of Paytrail’s coverage, but let’s go into detail.

In fact, the solution is available all across the European Economic Area (EEA). Therefore, you’ll find it in the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

The UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, and Italy are also accepting it.

Other accepted countries are Hungary, Estonia, Belgium, Latvia, Portugal and Lithuania

Fees and Additional Charges

We said that Paytrail is one of the most cost-efficient payment methods out there, but we did not say it is fee-free. That’s because the solution does charge fees, but these are quite symbolic, practically insignificant.

In fact, you'd need to pay a transaction fee, depending on the payment method you're using to complete the transaction, which goes from €0.15 to €0.40. This is nothing compared with what the solution offers actually. Online casino operators also pay a handling fee when users request to use it for deposits and withdrawals, of €0.05 per transaction. Other fees apply to merchants, but you should not be bothered by them.

Accepted Currencies

Considering this is a solution that caters to users from EEA countries, it should be clear to you by now that the default currency you’ll be using when transacting with Paytrail is the euro.

As stated by the company itself, the euro is the only supported currency, therefore, brace yourself for currency conversion fees in case you wish to use a different currency. Not that other currencies are not an option, given the fact that your bank accounts and cards are linked to it, but they are subject to fees.

Customer Support

Paytrail, being the exceptional solution that it is, offers 24/7 Customer Support service. You can reach the agents via the email address [email protected], the phone line +358 20 718 1830 and via Live Chat. The agents are trained to assist you with anything, therefore, choose the communication mean you’d prefer and get in touch with them.

Moreover, as mentioned previously, the solution offers an insanely informative official website you could explore, more precisely a Help page that offers answers to all the questions either users or consumers may want answers to.

Of course, you can also always try the casino’s Customer Support representatives, in case you need help making a deposit or withdrawal. They should be able to help you out with such matters, so do not hesitate to contact them.


Paytrail is an easy-to-use payment solution that helps you put all of your favourite payment methods in one place. With it, you can easily make deposits and withdrawals across many online casinos, in euros, for a really small fee. Add to that the fact that it is available across all of the countries in the European Economic Area, and you’ve got yourself the perfect method to use if a player from any of those countries. Therefore, if you haven’t given it a try, make sure you do, and you’ll see that you’ll be really pleased with what it has to offer.


If I deposited via my bank account, how will it be marked on my bank statement?

That's one of the greatest things about this solution! The transaction won't be marked as an online casino deposit on your bank statement but as a Paytrail payment. There will be no info on where the transaction went or where you spent your money. To keep your online casino activities to yourself, this is the best solution you could use.

Is Paytrail’s website available in many languages?

Sure. Considering it is from Finland, naturally, it is available in Suomi, which is the language spoken both in Finland and Sweden. However, if you’re from any other country, you can always explore the site in English.

Can I try the solution without creating an account with it first?

Sure. You can give it a test-run before you sign your contract with the solution. You can check out whether it is something you'd want to use. But considering it is so flexible and innovative, you will see that you'll find it convenient and suited for you.

Can I use Paytrail via my smartphone?

But of course! This is a cloud-based eWallet, meaning it is available online, perfectly suited for any mobile and desktop platform. Plus, since you can choose to get your PIN on your mobile phone number, the process of depositing would be much easier, done with just a few simple taps on your device.

If not available for withdrawals, which alternative methods should I use?

eWallets have always been the best for withdrawals, so you may want to try Neteller, Skrill or MuchBetter. In case you don’t have an account with any of them, you must have a MasterCard or VISA card. These are almost always options for cashouts, so you may consider them as well.


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