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Players from VIRGINIA are NOT accepted at the lottery site

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Players from VIRGINIA are NOT accepted at the lottery site

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Lottosmile Review

Lottosmile is the place to buy online lottery tickets for some of the biggest jackpot draws in the world. The website is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

With a website designed specifically for the Indian market, players are guaranteed to enjoy the same stellar reputation and 24/7 professional service that Lottosmile’s parent company enjoys.

Lottosmile is an affiliate site of TheLotter, the leading online lottery ticket messenger service since 2002. Playing the lotto is 100% legal in India and Lottosmile has been delivering wins without fail longer than any other messenger service out there.

How it works…

Play from home or on your mobile using an internet web browser or download one of the dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Simply sign up for an account, choose the lottery you want to play from among nearly 50 choices - pick your numbers - order your tickets! A Lottosmile agent in the country whose lottery you have chosen will purchase official tickets for you.

The tickets are then scanned into the system and appear in your personal account. When you win you will get notifications by email or SMS if you prefer. Your winnings are paid out in full with no commission or processing fees being deducted by the company.

You might ask…

If they don’t take a cut, how do they stay in business?

There is a fee associated with ticket purchases but it’s built right into the price on the site. For instance, you can buy three chances to win the world record-setting Powerball for about $15. Lottosmile purchases tickets on your behalf and the only revenue they have is from the service fee that is already included in your purchase price - when you win, you get the full amount and never have to pay any commissions.

Track record of responsibility and trust

The company has paid out more than $100 million all around the world, servicing its end of the deal on more than 7 million winning tickets.

Players from India have won here and have been paid.

Prior to launching the Indian domain just for India, many people played at the company’s main website, formerly called The, since Lottosmile is an affiliate site we’ll use the brand names interchangeably.

A man from India (we’ll call him C.J. to protect his identity), joined the site in 2017 and won a €32,161 lottery prize after he won in a November 2018 draw!

The ticket he bought with the help of Lottosmile was from the Austria Lotto. He also played Spain BonoLoto, Australia Saturday Lotto, and NZ Powerball Lotto.

When C.J. won €32,161 on the Austria Lotto draw he was only one number off from winning the jackpot!

He got 5 out of the 6 drawn numbers right and he got the bonus number. If just one more of the 6 numbers was a match he would have won it all.

Lottosmile has winners from countries all over the world including countries like India, the Philippines, Nigeria, Singapore, Kenya, and even Iraq. In fact, a man from Iraq asked them to pick him up a ticket for the Oregon Megabucks lottery in the US, and they did. He won $6.4 million on 24 August 2015 and it was covered on all the major US news networks. World Casino News reported on the win at the time.

Due to his particular situation, Lottosmile made some special accommodations for him and even got the Oregon Lottery Commission to not publish his name to protect his security. Then they flew him to Oregon in order to claim his prize!

One of the biggest international winners was a woman from Panama who won an amazing $30 million Florida Lotto jackpot on 19 July 2017!

Of course, the odds are always long on the possibility of winning millions of dollars in the lottery, but at least now Indians can play the players of the same game in Europe and America play. However, the enduring fact is that if you don’t play, you can’t win anything!

Lotto tip: if you pool your money with other players, each of you has a much better chance of winning the jackpot! We’ll talk about some of the options like syndicates as we explore the possibilities here.

Nine players from India, Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Reunion, the U.K., and Ukraine were put together in a pool, and each one of them collected €50,000 from a Lotería de Navidad Spanish raffle draw.

Here are some points to know about the Lottosmile lottery ticket messenger service:

  • All transactions are protected by GeoTrust 128-bit SSL security layer
  • You get a money-back guarantee on your first purchase
  • A scanned copy of your ticket proves your ownership
  • The site offers an entire suite of tools to help build responsible gaming habits
  • Lottosmiles customer support is available in multiple languages over several channels

How to pay for tickets

You’ll be able to use familiar local payment gateways and more options are being added all the time. Visa and Mastercard, bank transfers, NetBanking, and RuPay Debit are accepted for deposits. Once you have funded your account you can buy individual or multiple tickets, buy bundles of tickets, or join a syndicate.

  • Before you make your first purchase you’ll need to complete the registration process and associate a card or other payment method
  • Then you can choose the lottery you want to play
  • Now, fill out your tickets with your own special numbers or use the quick-pick feature, choose any options such as a one-time purchase, multi-draw for up to a year (with renewal available)m or subscribe to the draw and your payment method will be charged for each upcoming draw until canceled by you.
  • Click PLAY
  • If you have more than one payment method in your account, select the one you wish to use and confirm your purchase
  • Check your email for the automatic purchase confirmation

That’s it! Now you can go about life and when you get an SMS or email after the draw, see how much you’ve won.

As I’m writing this, the current jackpot for the US Mega Millions lottery just topped half a billion dollars. On January 28, 2022, a player from California scooped up that lottery’s jackpot for a $426 Million win.

Let’s take a closer look at the game…

USA Mega Millions

USA Mega Millions is a 5+1 draw from a pool of 70 numbers for the five numbers and a pool of 25 numbers for the Mega Ball. You can boost your chances by using bundles or a syndicate. Syndicates allow you to play as part of a group purchasing far more possible combinations - but of course, when you win, everyone in the group wins so you don’t get the whole prize - it’s shared equally among participants.

Bundles are a way to purchase one or more individual tickets (so you can keep it all) and the bundle will include a number of syndicate shares.

To play USA Mega Millions from India all you have to do is sign in to your account, choose the lottery, pick your numbers or let the random number generator do it for you, and press PLAY. A Lottosmile agent in America will purchase the physical ticket(s) on your behalf from an official lottery retailer using the exact numbers you decided to use.

USA Mega Millions has two lottery draws each week at 11 pm EST on Tuesday and Friday, so in local time that would be Thursday and Sunday at 8:00 am in India.

Lottery results are updated on the Lottosmile site around the clock and you’ll be notified in your personal account when you win. You can also set up automatic notifications so you don’t have to log in to check for smaller wins, you’ll simply be notified by SMS or email.

The Mega Millions Multiplier is a type of side bet you can purchase on your ticket that will multiply the value of secondary winnings (not the jackpot) by a factor of 2-5x. The multiplier ball is separate from the others and ranges from 1-5. If you win the million-dollar prize, have purchased the Megaplier enhancement, and the drawn ball is anything but a “1” the prize will be multiplied by that number for a win of up to $5 million.

Mega Millions is a record-setting lottery jackpot game. The overall odds of winning a Powerball jackpot are a little better, but in October 2018 a single ticket holder was paid $1.537 BILLION for the second-biggest lottery prize ever awarded at the time. It was second only to Powerball’s record $1.58 Billion. However, the Powerball jackpot was split between players in three US states - so the lucky October 2018 Mega Millions player won about three times as much as any of the Powerball winners. Of course, in 2022 a single ticket sold in California set a new world record lottery jackpot of over $2 billion.

More World Lotteries

Lottosmiles has local representatives available to purchase tickets for you from nearly fifty lotteries worldwide.

A few of the tickets they can pick up for you include SuperEnalotto and SuperStar in Italy, EuroMillions in Spain and Austria, EuroJackpot throughout Europe, and the US Powerball.

When you visit any particular lotto page on Lottosmile - whether it’s Mexico’s Melate or the Texas Lotto Texas, Canada Lotto 649, or any other draw, you’ll find reams of information about that particular lottery.

Look for headlines such as how to play, when are the draws, how to win, record jackpots for the draw, and all about the jackpot including odds. You can use this information to find the very best tickets for the way you like to play.

In fact, there’s actually a separate page that explores the best lotteries to play. Of course, there is no one “best” lottery for everybody, but the information and advice given will help you determine which ones are best for you! Important factors to consider include overall odds of winning, ticket price, jackpot value, odds, and the taxes where applicable.

Look for sections addressing the following:

1. Lotteries With Biggest Jackpots
2. Best Jackpot Odds
3. Best Overall Odds
4. Lotteries with Lowest Taxes
5. Which Is the Best Lottery?

When you visit the site you will find a very comprehensive FAQ section with answers to just about any relevant question. Look for information on multi-draws, bundles, syndicates, quickdraws, and subscriptions.

Subscriptions are pretty much just what they sound like. When you subscribe you’ll be entered into every consecutive draw for that lottery until you cancel the subscription. One nice thing about subscriptions here is that every 7th ticket is free, and you would still get to keep every penny if you hit the jackpot!

What to do when you win

Smaller wins are paid right into your personal account. If you win a jackpot just get in touch with customer service if they haven’t tried to call you yet and ask for assistance. In some cases, you will have to travel to the local lottery office to collect your winnings. Lottosmiles has had a lot of winners who had to collect a million dollars or more in person and they will help you every step of the way.

The funds in your account, whether your personal deposits or smaller lottery winnings are simply comingled. That means they will go to paying any ongoing subscription you might have if you don’t cancel the subscription or withdraw the funds. Small cashouts up to the amount you’ve deposited with any given card can be withdrawn back to that card, other funds will need to be withdrawn to your bank account.

Credit cards and eWallets are usually paid out within 24 hours and like any other bank wire it can take up to 5 business days for a withdrawal to become available in your bank account.

Lottosmile will never take a commission from your winnings but local bank fees may apply.

Promotions to get more bang for your buck

Once you’ve logged into your account you’ll be able to see any special offers of the day just for you. You can also buy e-scratch cards right on the site, depending on your location.

Navigate to the promotions page to learn more about subscriptions with every 7th ticket free, special raffle offers such as a 10% discount when you buy 2 or more shares in Europe’s biggest raffle, and discounts up to 25% on a multi-draw package. Multi-draw purchases are different than subscriptions. With a multi-draw, you can play 5, 10, 25, or 52 consecutive draws - simply pay in advance rather than draw by draw.

Advanced players will love the fact that they can apply a multi-draw purchase to bundles! Recall, that bundles are a service feature that allows you to buy personal entry tickets in hopes of winning the entire jackpot as well as shares in a syndicate. There are several types of syndicates but the one thing they all have in common is you increase your odds of winning by pooling your purchase with other players, but you also have to share the prize with them equally on a share-by-share basis. Bundles are the best of both worlds. They are also a “One-Click Combo” so they are easy to get into.

Final thoughts on Lottosmile

Lottosmile is an online lottery ticket courier service that gives players all over the world a chance to play and win the biggest lotteries. The company is independent of any official lottery commission, authority, or reseller agent and simply acts as a trusted 3rd party to buy tickets for you.

The price of a ticket online is more than it would be if you were in America, Canada, Europe, or Australia and dropped into a store to buy one - but the fee is included in the purchase price and Lottosmiles will never ask you for any of your winnings. They will, however, assist you in traveling to the local lottery office to be paid if needed.

Simply choose a lottery online and make a payment to play over 45 of the world's richest lotteries including US Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, and many more. The site provides results and comprehensive information about the world’s largest lotteries as well as local draws and raffles.

You’ll have a wide range of options on how to play ranging from stopping in whenever you like to buy a ticket or two to set up a subscription so you participate in every Powerball draw for a year without having to go back online.

Bundles, syndicates, multi draws, and subscriptions are available on any device connected to the internet with a browser, and native apps for Android and iOS are available.

Like any form of gambling, playing the lottery is a risk and you are more likely to lose than to win but you can’t win if you don’t play. With twenty years of service, Lottosmiles has an excellent track record for providing a simple and secure way to handle all the travel and ticket purchases for you and they’ve paid out over $105,000,000 in prizes by honoring more than 7 million winning tickets.

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Lottery Site Detalis

Casino opened: 2002
Jurisdictions: Isle of Man
Support: On-site contact form
Live Chat: Assistance in several languages
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