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Online gambling sites have become massive entertainment hubs over the last two decades, and with that popularity, they’ve attracted a ton of attention. Thanks to this success, they’ve become much more modern, offering engaging games that transform your living space into a luxurious venue. With modernity being a big thing in the industry, the demand for modern payment solutions has also increased significantly. Players worldwide want easier access to these spaces, but it doesn’t end there. Issues like long waiting times and hefty fees are also heavily discussed when banking is in question, so methods that skirt around these problems are getting more love by the day. Piastrix is one of these new-age services that pulls through with an offer everyone can get behind. If you’re interested in learning more about this rising Russian eWallet, we’ll discuss it in detail going forward.

About Piastrix

Exploring Piastrix without diving headfirst into using the service can be hard. The Russia-based solution is a newer payment option consisting of an eWallet. The reason for its debut is simple. People from all over the region voiced their opinion on the need for a modern payment method that makes online transacting easier, and Piastrix delivered without missing a beat. Unfortunately, learning the ins and outs of this method is hindered by the company’s secrecy. There isn’t much information about the company, which can put some people off.

Despite the lack of information on Piastrix and the group that runs it, the service has been well-received by Russian users. Its reputation is very positive, and its growing user base has allowed it to expand further into other countries of the former Soviet Union. One thing that’s easy to learn about this method is why it’s become such a big success in a short period. The payment solution has a top-tier offer packed with features that make online transacting a breeze. To start, these include fastprocessing times, unparalleled convenience, and a wide international reach.

The service didn’t hold back once the successes started to pile on. Acting quickly, Piastrix started to build a network of payment providers to include in its offer. This approach proved fruitful, as it can now boast support for options like Bitcoin and Swift. Its network today is pretty impressive, and so is its reach. While the service is only available in Russia and a few other countries, it can foster international payments without issue. It’s integrated itself as a viable payment option in many online businesses, and as its popularity grows, so does its pool of supported collaborators.

On top of your usual modern payment service perks, Piastrix owes much of its success to its anonymity. Since the solution is an eWallet, players have the privilege of keeping their private information out of reach. You can visit various online shops, service providers, and gambling venues without disclosing sensitive details that can be misused by third parties. This is a big deal in the digital age, as crimes like identity theft are a serious problem online. What’s more, scammers and malicious individuals often see the online gambling world as a primary target for their activities, so they’re at a larger risk of having these negative experiences when using less secure payment options.

It’s easy to get pulled in by the pros of this service, but interested parties shouldn’t overlook some of the eWallet’s flaws. One of the biggest issues you’ll run into with Piastrix is a lack of information. As we already mentioned, the company likes to keep its lips sealed about much of its operations. What’s worse, the method’s official website lacks clear instructions for important areas of using it. This is a deterrent for those concerned about the service’s safety and longevity. Another thing users might be put off by is the website’s Customer Support. It’s easy to find the “24/7” support line marker on the page, but accessing these from the site is almost impossible.

How to Start Using Piastrix

For a service with several big snags on its website, Piastrix offers a pretty simple registration process. Since it’s an eWallet, the entire ordeal is online, upping the convenience factor, which everyone can appreciate. Before you proceed to the setup process, it’s good to remember that Piastrix is an international service, despite its limited availability to a few countries. Users tend to forget that while only users in these regions can use the method, it does foster global transactions. As long as the online gambling venue, shop, or service provider supports the solution, you shouldn’t have an issue paying through it.

The first step of the Piastrix getting-started process is visiting the payment method’s official website. Click the Register button in the top right corner, and you should see a pop-up form requiring your email, password, and date of birth. Enter the necessary information and click submit. Next, log into your email account and find the confirmation email from the service. When you click it, you can proceed to the next step. Through the verification link, you’ll be redirected to another form requiring your personal information to finish setting up your account. Enter the data correctly and finish up.

Your account is now live, but before you can use the service, you’ll need to verify your identity for security purposes. The identity verification step can be done through the verification center in your account setting. To complete this part of the setup process, users will have to provide a digital copy of a photo identification document, along with a well-lit selfie. The service will review your submission shortly, and if everything looks good, your account will be activated! 

There’s one more thing you’ll need to do before you can start using the service freely, fund your eWallet. Thankfully, this part is the easiest. Simply click on the appropriate button inside your account, and you’ll be greeted with a long list of supported payment options. Some of the supported options here include bankcards, Boku, and QIWI. Enter the required details and the amount you want to transfer. Confirm the transaction, and the money will be loaded to your eWallet account instantly. Purchasing with the service follows a similar process. Choose the solution from the list of payment options at the shop’s checkout. Log into your account and enter the required amount if necessary. The last step is confirming the payment, and you’re done!

Depositing and Withdrawing With the Solution

Depositing through Piastrix is an intuitive process everyone can grasp. If you’ve ever used an eWallet before, you’re pretty much set. It doesn’t differ from paying with any other eWallet service, so online shopping and casino veterans are already ahead of the curve. That said, players will need to do a more thorough search when choosing an online casino. While the method is generally pretty popular, it’s not available in too many of these venues. Compare the few available options and choose the casino that best fits your play style. Once you do, here’s how to deposit:

  1. Visit the casino’s Payments/Banking/Cashier page. 
  2. Look for the Piastrix logo on the list of accepted methods and click or tap on it.
  3. In the new window, enter your Piastrix login credentials and view your account.
  4. Specify the amount of money you’d like to deposit.
  5. Confirm the transaction, and the money will arrive in your casino balance right away.

Withdrawing through Piastrix is a possibility, but not all the venues that support this service offer them. Thankfully, many still do, so be sure to choose one of them when browsing through operators. The withdrawal process itself is easy to grasp. It’s nearly identical to depositing, but you’ll need to change things in step four. Enter the desired withdrawal amount here instead. It’s worth noting that withdrawing through the service comes with some downsides. The chances of being charged a fee for these transactions are high, and you’ll need to be a bit patient as they have a longer processingtime attached. 

Coverage and Restrictions

We’ve mentioned this a few times throughout this text, but it bears repeating. Piastrix is a Russia-based payment service that operates within the region. At its start, it exclusively served Russian users, but over time, it’s grown to encompass many of the former Soviet Union territories too. These include Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. While only players in these countries can use the service, they can make transfers anywhere in the world. The service offers international transfers, so there’s no need to worry about keeping things local.

Fees and Additional Charges

One of the best things about using Piastrix is the lack of fees and additional charges you’ll experience with the service. The payment method is completely free, so you can make the most of your gambling budget knowing you won’t have to overpay for service fees. While you won’t experience any extra charges from the solution, you should be careful of the casinos you choose. Most of them won’t charge a fee for depositing, but withdrawal fees are common among them. Check the operator’s website for more information about their fees before you proceed.

Accepted Currencies

As you can probably guess, Piastrix supports the Russian ruble as one of its primary currencies. Since this currency option is native to Russia and is commonly used in its surrounding regions, it’s at the top of the list. While you might think that’s the end of it, the service also supports two more internationally popular options – the Euro and the USdollar. Support for only three currencies might be a bit scarce, but these options are the most widely used worldwide. You can also top up your eWallet balance with other options, but this will likely incur a currency conversion fee.

Customer Support

Most users will likely be disappointed by the Customer Service experience for Piastrix. On one end, the company employs excellent Customer Service representatives that know how to help out and get to the root of pretty much any issue. On the other end, there is only one way to contact the service, and it’s not too convenient. The only way to get in touch with Piastrix Customer Support is via email. The email address can be found on the solution’s website, but responses are somewhat slow. Despite the 24/7 Customer service indicator on the site, responses take around 24 hours.


For online gamblers in Russia and some of its neighboring territories, Piastrix is one of the best payment solutions available. The service represents the best of modern banking, featuring a top-tier eWallet platform that even complete newbies can learn to use in a jiff. It’s packed with excellent features like quick processing times, anonymity, and convenience, but it does have a few issues users should be mindful of. The company behind Piastrix is a bit secretive, so it’s understandable if you have safety concerns. Additionally, the service is still making its mark in the online gambling industry, so it’s not as widely available as some other popular options.


Is Piastrix safe? 

Yes, the service uses high-end security tech and grants users anonymity. Unfortunately, the company behind Piastrix can be secretive about its operations, so you might want to consider that.

Can I withdraw through the service?

Yes, you can. While Piastrix offers a withdrawal feature, not all of the operators supporting the service offer this option.

Are transfers instant?

Yes, they are. Since the service is a modern eWallet, transfers should take no longer than a few minutes to arrive. It’s worth noting that this might not always apply to withdrawals through the service.

Where is Piastrix available?

The service is available in Russia and some of the former Soviet States. These include Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. 

How can I load the eWallet?

There are many ways to top up your Piastrix eWallet balance. These include bank cards, Bitcoin, Roku, QIWI, and many others!


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