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Boku Online Casinos

Boku is a mobile payment service based in San Francisco, California. The Pay by Mobile solution allows you to make payments including deposits in online casino accounts simply by using your phone.

Boku makes your mobile phone number an easy payment option for virtual and digital goods. we'll focus on the mobile casino aspect of the service in this article.

The deposit amount will appear on your phone bill if you have a postpaid plan, or will be deducted from your balance if you have a prepaid phone plan with funds in your account.

Boku is available wherever a mobile phone carrier supports the service. However, gambling transactions with the service are only available in regulated jurisdictions. Players with US registered mobile phones will not be able to use it while players in Canada can.

The method works for deposits, but not for withdrawals. It also has a low maximum deposit limit of $30 so it is not an ideal option for all players.

People who simply prefer carrier billing - buy or play now and pay later - as well as those who are "unbanked" but have a mobile phone are the ones most likely to use the service.

To make a deposit in any of the casinos listed on this page simply login or register an account, go to the cashier, choose Boku, enter your phone number, reply to the SMS message, and within seconds you should have another SMS as a receipt and the funds will be in your gambling account.

When you get your phone bill you'll see all of your deposits. To repeat - the maximum amount you can deposit per day is $30.00 so it's not a viable option for high rollers unless you simply want to test a new site quickly and easily and plan to deposit another way if you are satisfied with the experience.

A fairly recent development is the addition of a mobile wallet to the app in some markets. The mobile wallet works much like the carrier billing service as the wallet is linked to your mobile number. However, in order to use the wallet feature, you will need to recharge the funds with any of several supported funding sources.

If you use carrier billing with Boku, be sure to check the banking pages of your target casino for any fees the operators might ask you to share the burden of. While e-wallet transactions can be free of cost or near free of cost to the operator, Boku does charge merchant fees and the casino may pass some or all of them onto you.

Another thing to be aware of is that even if the site you want to deposit at supports the method, your mobile carrier may not. More carriers are coming on board all the time. There are over 170 carriers in more than 50 markets that support the service.

When in doubt, you can simply try. If it works once it is supported by your carrier and you can use the service again. Most providers do support Boku.

Again, in a nutshell, nothing could be easier than using Boku to make a small deposit:

  • Choose Boku (Pay by Mobile/Pay by SMS)
  • Enter the amount
  • Reply to a text message

Detailed Step by Step Boku Deposit Process

All of the sites on our list have confirmed they accept Boku deposits. You can visit any one of them or read the review if one is listed and click through from there. Any site on or near the top of the list will be a good bet with high player ratings.

Alternately, next time you are at your favorite gaming site, simply look in the cashier section, and if Boku is available you can give it try in order to see just how simple the process is.

  • Step one: Log in or create a new casino account
  • Step two: Go to the banking or cashier section and choose Boku. The option may also simply appear as Pay by Mobile.
  • Step three: A pop up will appear where you will enter your phone number and the amount you wish to deposit
  • Step four: You will receive an SMS message. Reply after entering the PIN code you received.
  • Step five: You will receive another SMS. Reply with YES if you authorize the transaction.
  • Step six: See your gambling balance refresh in a matter of moments
  • Step seven: PLAY

Boku bonuses

Not many operators offer a bonus specifically for using the deposit method. The reasons are obvious when yo consider the site may be charged as much as 30% of the transaction.

However, most sites allow you to take welcome bonuses and other promotional incentives like extra spins or tournament play when you deposit by mobile. The only thing to look out for in most cases is the minimum deposit required in order to activate the bonus.

If you plan to use bigger deposits for bonus play you might want to consider one of our other payment methods.

You can also visit our countries pages. Many of the reviews provide detailed banking method sections and mentioned some of the most popular and best methods for that region or particular country.

Boku Pros and Cons

We'll start with the potentially negative aspects because although two of them are simply inconveniences, but the third could be enough to convince some readers to stay away from carrier billing altogether

The main drawbacks of using Boku are the low deposit limits and the inability to use it as a withdrawal method. Beyond that, there are other possibly minor considerations depending on your personal situation.

The only potential problem would be for someone who either doesn't have about $900 per month to spend on gambling entertainment or a player who chases losses.

Gambling on credit is not recommended unless you have good impulse control and never spend beyond your means. The last thing you would want to do is run your phone bill up so high that you not only deplete your bankroll but can't pay your phone bill on time.

While new users can only deposit $30 per day, that can add up between phone bills.

The deposit limit can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you could use it as a throttle governor on your spending. On the other hand, using it every day could become a problem for some users.

Boku Advantages

The main benefit of using this method is ease and convenience. If you prefer to play with smaller deposits on a mobile device anyway, this becomes second nature. In a couple of clicks, you can be up and running.

Security is another laudable feature because you don't need to share your personal details in a financial transaction.

It's also free to use, but be sure to check the banking or terms and conditions of the gaming site to make sure they cover all the fees or at least enough that you are comfortable paying part of them for the convenience.

One final point in suggesting the method may be a viable solution for some players is that it is becoming more and more widely available as an option.

Boku Casinos Conclusion

Carrier billing is a fairly recent phenomenon for casino players, yet it's been around quite a while when looking at its use for other purposes. Some carriers actually push notifications to you with free trials for streaming music and music or even game services.

Digital marketplaces like Apple, Google Play, Sony PlayStation Store, the Windows Store, Spotify, and even the Facebook App Center accept Boku payments as do several digital game companies including Electronic Arts.

Since it can't be used to withdraw funds from a gambling account, you will want to be sure to have another method of getting paid when you win. "Unbanked" players will not have access to direct bank wire transfers but they may be able to cash or deposit a paper check if the casino they cash out from sends checks.

Unfortunately, most operators that trade in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin only payout that way if you deposit virtually. While there may be some not-so-secure ways to buy coins with Boku, we wouldn't suggest it if so.

Boku FAQ

Do I need a debit or credit card or a bank account to use Boku?

All you need is your mobile phone number. You will pay your phone bill or top up your prepaid mobile account as you always have.

What fees does Boku charge for deposits?

Boku doesn't charge users for the carrier billing service. However, they do charge merchants so check the terms to see if they pass on any of those frees to players.

Is Boku safe?

Boku is absolutely safe as long as you are the only one that uses your phone and knows the passcode. 2-Factor Authentication with your mobile number and one-time password SMS replies assures the data is secure.

Can I use a non-US-registered number and deposit from the USA?


Are Boku deposits instant?

Yes. You will be able to see the transaction in your refreshed casino balance as well as by visiting the Boku Customer Care Portal on the app or online.

Can I cash out my winnings with Boku?

We don't yet know of any operators who use the refund feature but you may be able to get discounts or refunds from digital retailers who allow it in their policies.

Can I use Boku with my pre-paid phone number?

Yes, if you have a sufficient balance in your account. Players who are billed monthly by their carriers can play now and pay later, you will have to pay and them play. However, the number of carriers that support pre-paid Boku is smaller than those who support post-paid plans.

Does Boku have secure customer support?

Yes. You can visit the Boku Contact page to find links to a contact form and their Zen help desk. No phone numbers or email addresses are given on the page but once you log in, or if you have opened the app, more avenues become available.

Will I get a bill from Boku?

No. The billing will occur through your mobile carrier. However, you can visit the customer service portal on the app to review up to six months worth of transactions.

If you have subscribed to any recurring services with periodic billing through the "Phone on File" service for express purchases, you can also find the SMS number to text STOP to, or request a support ticket through the app or online to cancel your subscription.


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