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QIWI is a payment service with worldwide acceptance. This makes it a very convenient instrument for online casino deposits. While the name may sound like the company is focused on the Australian market (kiwi), the company is actually headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus and was founded in Moscow Russia in 2007. The publically traded company's primary markets are in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, the UAE, and the United States - with Russia being it's largest market.

The website is currently available in Russian and English. To change languages please look in the lower left corner of the webpage footer. Some pages cannot be translated.

Qiwi Wallet (QW) functions as an eWallet on a smartphone based on a prepaid Visa account. Consumers also have access to simple Qiwi debit cards, co-branded with Visa, and virtual Qiwi cards for use online only.
QW accounts can be automatically connected to either virtual or physical prepaid cards for use at retailers worldwide that accept Visa. Samsung Pay and Google Pay can be connected to the QW.

Virtual and plastic Qiwi Cards are combined with the Qiwi Wallet.

Virtual Card

  • These are issue free of charge
  • The balance on your card will be equal to the balance on QW
  • Use to deposit at any online casino or online merchant that accepts Qiwi

Plastic Card

Can be used to make purchases in person and to withdraw cash at any ATM

Get a Qiwi Account

Depositing with Qiwi

Why Use Qiwi?

Players in some locations do not have access to traditional Visa cards. For these consumers, an alternate method such as Qiwi makes sense. Once registered, they can go to any of more than 100,000 kiosks to fund their card, then pay and play online.

Bank transfers, online wallets, debit and credit cards can be used to fund the account online.

How to Use Qiwi

Register and open a QW online or fund a card at a local kiosk. Cash or any number of other devices can be used to fund the account. Once funded, your cash is available for instant deposits.

Enter the casino cashier or banking section and choose Qiwi as your payment method. Enter the mobile phone number you provided when you registered your Qiwi account.

Enter the passcode that was sent when you registered your Qiwi account.

Choose the amount you want to deposit and complete the transaction.

Your funds will be available to play instantly and your QW account will reflect the deducted/deposited amount. There are no fees assessed by Qiwi for deposits. Some casinos may charge a nominal processing fee.

If depositing from a plastic card, go through the Visa options in the cashier just like any other Visa debit or credit card.

Qiwi Security

Sensitive financial data and personal information is not used in a Qiwi deposit transaction. All transfers occur using encryption so the system is virtually immune to hacking.

Qiwi provides highly secure internet banking. It protects its users’ sensitive data and private information. You can be assured that when using Qiwi, your transactions will be kept private and your banking information will stay safe.

It's good to keep in mind that your data is only as secure as your personal internet device, whether using a desktop, laptop, mobile internet browser, or mobile app. If you are using a public WiFi connection make sure your security settings are appropriate. Before using a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to the casino, be sure that the practice is not prohibited in the Terms and Conditions.

You can learn more about public WiFi security here

Advantages to using Qiwi

People in the Russian Federation and CIS will find more advantages to using this method than players in Canada, the US, United Kingdom or other serviced countries.

  • Instant payments
  • Safe and Secure
  • Free of charge

Disadvantages to using Qiwi

  • Can't be used for withdrawals
  • Currency exchange fees


Online casinos accepting Qiwi as a payment method


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