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Online casinos accepting players from Indonesia

Online gambling…

… has been present for two decades and counting, yet it doesn’t seem to be any closer to putting a stop on further developments and innovations in the marketplace. This is largely due to the overall advances made in the world of high tech, although its popularity is bound to count for something as well. 

After all, the practice of playing games of luck and chance, as well as skills

… has been present since the early days of the civilized world. And with the advances that are making this all the more convenient, accessible and entertaining by the day, it doesn’t seem to be approaching its downfall any time soon.

Various markets have expressed…

… their own acceptance of or disagreement with such practices, which is why the current gambling industry is practically a patchwork of jurisdictions with different regulations. While some wholeheartedly allow the operation of such establishments, others are concerned about the side-effects of their presence in society. The latter, specifically, are often turned away from gambling practices due to other reasons as well, and surprisingly, religion seems to be a rather powerful factor. 

The case with Indonesia and their legal gambling regulative is one such instance of social factors such as religion taking part in shaping the country’s legal online gambling policies. In this regard, it is important to know that the roots of gambling run deep into Indonesian culture, going back about 7 centuries to the first coin and card games brought from China. 

Up until recently…

… the country was largely enjoying this activity, both for fun and for real money. However, there were no regulations referring to the specific legality of the matter, and the establishment of the country as a separate republic brought about the need to address such aspects urgently. 

Another considerable condition…

… in this regard is the Muslim-dominant presence in the country. With regulations heavily depending on the religious laws, gambling in Indonesia was practically a decided matter. The specific legality of industry verticals, as well as the ways around restrictions can get rather complicated for a newcomer, so it’s best to learn the regulations from the start, and only then enjoy online gambling action where it is fully available.

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As you already learned…

… gambling has a long-standing practice in the country known for spreading across 17,000+ islands. Nevertheless, since the earliest recorded evidence of such practices dating 700 years back, up until today’s modern-day Indonesia, opinions on the matter have changed drastically.

To be more precise, it is important to bear in mind the fact that the country’s population is over three-quarters Muslim (up to 87%). The Sharia law, a strict Islam traditional law, is thus one of the most powerful restrictions preventing Indonesia residents from enjoying this pastime. Under the pressure of such rigorous laws and restrictions imposed by the dominant religion in the country, as well as the overwhelming effects of money going down the drain in an already poor country, the authorities took to resolving the matter in 2012. 

In other words…

… from the first games of coins and cards brought over by the Chinese, to the 21 century, changes in the country’s structure, population and authorities have done their part. Gambling had been in the grey zone for quite some time, considering that it wasn’t legal nor prohibited during the period from the country’s establishment as an independent republic, up until 2012. 

At that time, the Ministries of Social Affairs, Religious Affairs and Communications and Information Technology put forward an initiative to prohibit all forms of gambling. While the initial ban was placed right then and there, they have been further tightening up the reigns throughout the years. One of the more rigorous penalties for taking part in such games of luck and chance is public caning, which is deemed to have an effect on both the wrongdoer and on the people viewing it. Other methods for prevention and extinction of this activity have also been presented, but it seems like they aren’t as efficient as they were thought to be. 

As of yet…

… the Indonesia gambling industry is still alive and well, even though it is mainly functioning via illegal, black market channels. According to analyses and estimates, it is bound to surpass $80 billion in value much sooner than expected, and with lotteries being the only thing currently legal from the world of gambling, the ineffectiveness of the system is all the more evident.

Speaking of this…

lotteries are a bright light in the world of legal gambling in Indonesia. With about 800 licenses issued per annum, it is most evident that the nation’s authorities are working to make up for the lack of other verticals by promoting this gameplay.

All things considered…

… Indonesia ultimately remains a sternly regulated market with highly evident loop holes and gaps that are causing it imbalance. Avid supporters of the practice are able to work ways around the regulations, while the fighters against such activities are continuously coming up with new measures to restrict them.

Indonesia Online Casinos

The regulatory situation in the country…

… paired with the religious obstacles working their angle towards banning online gambling from its territories have been largely unsuccessful in preventing the widespread access to online casinos. After all, the convenience of websites and applications available via multiple devices at any location that offers a stable Internet connection is hard to surpass. In fact, it has been one of the main drivers  throughout the years since iGaming first came about, and is still accounted for as a top benefit.

This has additionally been of use to the Indonesian enthusiasts looking to enjoy some gameplay under the radar

Due to the unique circumstances…

… it is of the essence that players pay special attention to the operator’s compliance with policies and standards. After all, choosing a reputable and approved site is the least you can do since you are considering playing under the radar. The top online casinos offering players from Indonesia a piece of their real money action are mostly licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the respective authority of the Government of Curacao, among others.

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Games at Indonesia Online Casinos

Indonesian players still get enough diversity to keep them occupied throughout their gameplay. The casino sites mentioned above are normally equipped with the full game library that is commonly found at top providers. And considering that software development companies the likes of Microgaming are taking care of the software and game titles on these sites, there is hardly any difference between the experiences of the Indonesian player pool compared to those in regulated markets. 

The specific games available at such Indonesia online casinos normally cover the following categories:

A good tip to maximizing your gameplay potential is choosing a game that fits your style in terms of gameplay, features, payouts, RTP and the likes. And having in mind the fact that the players have more than enough variety to choose from, as seen from the list above, this maximum is not far from attainable.

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Mobile Betting

The sites that normally cater to online casino enthusiasts from Indonesia are normally oriented towards an international, or at least a wider market segment. In this line of thought, they are continuously working to match the needs of a rather varied player pool, thus keeping up with all the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

One of the major trends…

… in online gambling is undisputedly the dominance of mobile gaming. Players are finding it all the more convenient to access their favorite slots or video poker titles, or hit the latest progressive jackpot while on the go. It is no different for players visiting these sites, which has ultimately resulted in mobile-optimized online casinos catering to Indonesian, as well as other international player pools.


… there are all kinds of variants for mobile access to these sites’ casino content, most commonly via downloadable apps. All it takes for Indonesian players to enjoy the latest games and features on their smartphone or tablet is to download and install the specific software for their OS needs. Most of the time, operators tend to focus on the top popular systems running on portable devices, Android and iOS. 

Other than that…

… players will alternatively run into the option of accessing the casino site via their instant play version. Simply type in the casino’s address in your chosen browser app and load the page. All the newer casinos, as well as some existing ones, are turning to HTML5 due to its compatibility advantages, among other benefits, which is all the more convenient for any mobile gamblers out there.

Indonesia Online Banking & Casino Payment Methods

One aspect of the online casino gameplay experience…

… where Indonesian players may feel slightly disadvantaged in respect to others from more lenient jurisdictions is banking. Frankly speaking, the government and respective ministries, as mentioned above, have been pushing the limits in order to prohibit these activities, and one of the top ways to discover any illegal gameplay is via the bank records of suspects. As a matter of fact, they are opting to ban all such payment processing solutions completely – bank transfers, wire transfers, money transfers or even checks and debit/credit card transactions – in order to make real money payments practically impossible.

Still, the ever-moving tech industry is continuously coming up with new and more sophisticated solutions. One top choice for online casino banking for players from Indonesia is the use of e-wallets. As long as you find a suitable method to fund your e-wallet account, you should have no problem using it for online casino deposits and withdrawals wherever it is accepted. 

Prepaid cards and vouchers…

… are another good option for untraceable online casino payments. Taking precautions by purchasing it from kiosks and paying in cash will further help to keep your gameplay low-key, and along with the minimum amount of info you share when using such cards, there are hardly any complications that can arise from this method.

Ultimately, the invention of cryptocurrency, staring with Bitcoin and moving to the newer digital tokens – LTC, ETH, BCH, XRP and more – is the ultimate solution for such unregulated markets. Its decentralized nature eliminates the need to answer to any one authority, while its anonymous yet fully secure underlying tech achieves reliable, speedy, and completely secure transactions at all times.


1. Will I be able to claim any bonuses when playing at these sites?

- Yes, players at these casinos usually have the whole range of options to choose from when it comes to bonuses and promos. This includes the standard offering of Welcome and Reload bonuses, as well as time-limited offers, dedicated promos and tournament action, among other things.

2. Are Indonesia players eligible to enter the VIP Loyalty programs, if any?

- If there is a VIP Program offered at the casino of their choice, Indonesian players are eligible to enroll for the benefits and become part of the program.

3. How many language options are normally available at these casino sites?

- Since these sites are mostly oriented towards the international markets, languages are available in abundance, normally including some of the most spoken options: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, as well as other ones (depending on the markets they cater).

4. Would I be able to play using my official currency, Rupees?

- Some casinos may offer this option, but you would still need to be careful when choosing which deposit method to use for making transfers out of Indonesia. Going with a more anonymous variant is the recommended option, although it could work just as well if people temporarily switched locations to a different country with a more lenient online gambling regulative.

5. What types of customer support contact channels are available at most of these sites?

- All the regular customer contact options are normally available – live chat, phone line and email, as well as an FAQ knowledgebase in some cases.

6. Does Indonesia have a legal gambling age regulation?

- No, there is no explicit gambling age, since the whole practice is completely forbidden to people of all ages.

7. Are there any land-based casinos and poker rooms in Indonesia?

- None that are regulated, but underground establishments continue to operate and provide such services to the casino and poker fans living in Indonesia.

8. What are the tax charges for the gambling industry, both land-based and online?

- Since there is practically almost no legal gambling in the industry, there is no specific regulation referring to the taxation on operators or winnings alike.

9. Can a licensed casino turn rogue and scam me out of my winnings?

- Most of the casinos holding licenses are regularly checked and controlled, and kept compliant to the regulations. However, some may decide to make a turn to the worse, although it shouldn’t be long before reports reach the legislator and their license and authorizations are completely revoked.

10. How long does it take for Indonesian players to withdraw their online casino winnings?

- This will depend on the banking method they choose, as well as the specific online casino’s policies. After all, some operators choose to review all requests for cashouts prior to confirming the transactions. Plus, you will need to take into consideration that some methods process payments faster than others, with the digital currencies arguably taking the lead in speed and efficiency.   


Online casinos accepting players from Indonesia