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In the modern online gambling space, some payment methods get more room to thrive than others. Of course, there’s a good reason for this. Old-school options are left behind more frequently, as their offers can't compete with newer, sleeker contenders like cryptocurrencies and instant online transfers. TRON is one of the many recent releases that’s been blazing a trail of success in online gambling and beyond it. While it’s still very new to the online casino scene, it’s already become a fan favorite for many. Its unique combination of perks gives it an advantage over many of its competitors, and its nature as a cryptocurrency draws the attention of a younger crowd willing to try something a bit different. If this short intro piqued your interest, stick around as we dive deeper into what the service offers and how it operates.

About TRON

Even if you’re an online gambling connoisseur, you probably haven’t heard of TRON before. Unlike many of the other digital coins we’ve covered, this one wasn’t created explicitly for online gambling purposes. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not welcome in online gambling circles, especially with the kind of offer it has. The coin was founded by Justin Jun and launched in 2014. While it seems like any other crypto at first glance, the token distinguishes itself from the crowd by including a few unique functionalities that aren’t too common among cryptocurrencies.

If you’re wondering what sets TRON apart from the many other crypto options on the market, the answer is simple. The token has a long list of unique features, including a consensus algorithm, proof-of-stake, smart contract functionality, and a cryptocurrency native to the platform. The token is growing slowly but surely under the care of the TRON Foundation, a non-profit organization that took over the platform in 2017. Since taking the helm, the organization has implemented many positive changes, including a shift in the Ethereum-based ERC-20 token to a different blockchain platform that’s unique to this crypto.

If you’re all about the stats, you’ll be happy to learn that TRON has been undoubtedly successful over the years. It raised an impressive $70 million through its initial coin offering, and by 2019, its market cap reached 1.6 billion! Figures like this are rare in the crypto world, as only a handful of tokens have reached similar numbers. Of course, this isn’t the only impressive thing about it. Due to its success, the company behind the token acquired BitTorrent, one of the biggest file-sharing services worldwide!

Circling back to the TRON token itself, users can expect tons of perks if they decide to give it a shot. The coin comes with all the perks of classic cryptocurrencies, including coveted pros like anonymity, break-neck speeds, an easy-to-navigate platform, and a simple transactingprocess. These perks are what most casino fans look forward to, and they can enjoy them unequivocally in the venues that support the cryptocurrency. Of course, its flaws shouldn’t be ignored either. The crypto’s reach is somewhat limited at the moment, so finding casinos, shops, and services that support it can be a hassle. On top of that, some people might not be too comfortable using the service due to some previous security issues.

How to Start Using TRON

Using Tron might come with tons of excellent perks, but before you land on this option as your go-to, it’s best to discuss its limitations. TRON has gained a small bout of popularity lately, but the token is nowhere near the level of success as other big-name crypto options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Its access is limited, so many of your favorite shops and services might not support it. While this can be an issue, it’s worth noting that it’s accepted in several top-tier casinos. If you’re interested in the service exclusively for online gambling, you have an excellent list of options to explore.

On the topic of TRON’s limitations, it’s pertinent we mention another part of the cryptocurrency. Since the coin uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, mining it is impossible. The reason why knowing this is important is due to the rampant scams related to the activity. Countless websites and apps are claiming they can help users mine the token through their phone or PC. Don’t fall for them. If you ever run into a site that claims TRON mining is a legitimate way to obtain the currency, it’s either a scam or very misguided.

With that settled, we can now move on to some of the legitimate ways you can get your hands on the currency. One increasingly popular way to obtain TRON is by playing crypto games. This creative option is likely what you imagined from the title. There are countless phone and PC games out there that give players rewards in the form of crypto. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose between multiple genres and find something that suits your tastes. In these games, you earn crypto by completing various quests and tasks during gameplay. It’s a fun way to earn some coins, but the rewards are usually on the smaller side.

Another way to obtain TRON is through crypto freelancing. This process is an excellent choice if you have some free time and in-demand skills. Essentially, crypto freelancing means completing a job and getting paid in crypto. With remote work becoming a go-to for countless people worldwide, this means of getting crypto has become a popular choice. There are several crypto freelancing platforms you can go for, and even more diversity in the types of jobs they offer. They can include everything from blog writing and translation to coding and digital marketing.

We've reached the part where we talk about the best way to get TRON at the moment – crypto trading. To get started with crypto trading, you’ll need to visit one of the exchanges that support the token. Thankfully, some of the best options on the market do. These include Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, and Kraken. You can open an account with one of these platforms and trade in a fiat currency, or another crypto, for TRON. The process is pretty simple, taking a few minutes at most. It’s good to note that you’ll also need a crypto wallet to store your coins. While some of the listed platforms also work as crypto storage spaces, it’s best to get a dedicated wallet app. They tend to have better security and are easier to use.

Finally, let’s discuss how to use your crypto once it’s in your wallet. The first step here is choosing the TRON option at checkout when purchasing an item or service. The transfer amount is usually applied automatically in this step, but if it’s not, make sure to enter the correct amount. Next, you’ll need to scan a QR code or enter your crypto wallet ID when prompted. You should receive a confirmation request through your wallet app. Confirm the transaction, and voila, you’ve completed your purchase!

Depositing and Withdrawing With the Solution

As we’ve already mentioned, it can be hard to find online casinos that support TRON. While its popularity in the online gambling scene is on the rise, it’s still a niche option offered in a few select venues. This might be disappointing, but there is some good news in there too. The operators that do support the token are solid contenders. Most have well-put-together offers and tons of fun games to try out. With that in mind, here’s how you can deposit using this cryptocurrency:

  1. Head to the casino’s Cashier/Banking/ Payment Methods page and find the TRON logo.
  2. Click on the logo, and once prompted, enter your wallet ID or scan the QR Code.
  3. Enter the desired deposit amount and confirm the transaction.
  4. The money will be transferred to your online casino balance in mere seconds!

If you’re hoping to withdraw using TRON, you can do so at most of the crypto’s supported venues. The process itself is easy to follow. It’s practically a copy of the steps we listed for depositing, with a slight change in the third step. You should enter your desired withdrawal amount here instead. Withdrawing through the cryptocurrency highlights one of its biggest perks – speed. The processing times for these withdrawals are practically a few seconds, so once the casino approves your withdrawal request, you’ll see the cash out reflected in your balance immediately.

Coverage and Restrictions

It’s hard to talk about TRON’s coverage and restrictions without grouping it with other cryptocurrencies. The topic of cryptocurrencies is a hot issue worldwide. Since they’re still a relatively new technology, many governments are uneducated and misinformed about what they are and how they’re used. To make matters worse, the bad reputation many cryptos had, in the beginning, is hard to shake, and it influences many people’s decisions about them. When exploring the legality of cryptocurrencies and crypto gambling, the best way to approach things is on a country-to-country basis.

To better illustrate the diversity of crypto laws and regulations globally, we’ll list a few examples that showcase these differences. Countries like China and Egypt have banned crypto altogether. They implement strict crypto restrictions and even stricter punishments for those that follow them. Places like Malta and El Salvador are the complete opposite. Cryptocurrencies are legal in these regions, and they’re widely used in various businesses and institutions. These examples are the outliers. Generally, things are somewhere in the middle. In the UK, for example, the use of crypto isn’t outlawed, but there are strict regulations in place to keep things from getting out of hand.

Fees and Additional Charges

Most cryptocurrencies don’t charge fees for transactions, and thankfully, TRON is one of them. Still, it’s good to consider the various charges you might incur when obtaining it. Most crypto exchanges charge fees. They vary between platforms, so it’s good to check out what’s out there and see which ones have the lowest fees. Unfortunately, things might not end there. Many crypto wallets also charge a small fee for transactions. On top of that, they might incur monthly or annual maintenance fees you should look out for.

Accepted Currencies

With TRON being a currency itself, we’ll use this part of the text to explore the currency support offered by most of the exchanges you’ll need to visit to obtain it. These platforms usually support multiple popular fiat and cryptocurrencies. The most likely options are the US dollar, Euro, UKpound, and even Canadian dollars. On the crypto side of things, you’ll run into well-known options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. When using these options, you’ll probably be charged lower fees.

Customer Support

Since TRON is a currency, it doesn’t have dedicated Customer Support like most traditional services. Of course, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t support users. You can find tons of information on the currency on its official website, along with links to its various social media platforms. By visiting these platforms, you’ll join booming crypto communities willing to help out and answer some of the questions you might have about using the token.


TRON is easily one of the most feature-packed cryptocurrencies on the market. It runs a tight ship, offering an innovative and ever-evolving platform that’s practically future-proof in every way! The token is an excellent pick for any fan of online gambling, bringing with it perks like quick processing times, a convenient layout, and anonymity! Despite its many positives, the coin does have some downsides it needs to work on. Mainly, it needs to expand its reach to better retail and service opportunities, as its current one is somewhat limited.


Is TRON safe?

While TRON now uses high-end security and grants users anonymity, it has had a few issues with safety in the past. It’s good to keep this in mind before proceeding with the token.

Is TRON legal?

TRON’s legality depends on your location. Some countries allow the use of cryptocurrencies and crypto gambling, while others don’t. To check its legality in your area, visit official government websites where these laws and regulations are listed.

Are TRON transactions instant?

Yes, they are. Like most cryptocurrencies, TRON has fast processing times that lead to instant transactions.

Can I mine TRON?

No, you can’t. TRON mining is impossible, and any websites and services that claim otherwise are most likely scams.

Do I need a crypto wallet to use it?

Yes, you do. Crypto wallets are essential to nearly every cryptocurrency, as they help you store your tokens and facilitate transactions.


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