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Dubai is one of seven United Arab Emirates and home to the largest population in the region. When it comes to gambling, Islamic laws play a large role in what is allowed. The emirate is not allowed to offer any type of gambling. Anyone found to be accessing online, or land-based gambling services will be penalized. The region does not hold back and may charge players a fine or prison time.

Dubai does not play around when it comes to gambling services. The region does not allow any type of gambling and even shuts down cruise ships that dock in their ports. Any cruise ship that offers casino gaming must cease this activity when located in Emirate waters.

The entire United Arab Emirates are exactly the same. The entire region is considered one with heavy restrictions regarding the gambling industry. There is talk that gambling may eventually be allowed in a retail format in the future, but no concrete laws have been introduced to allow it.

A 1987 federal law involves some rules connected to gambling that are still enacted today. The law states that anyone caught gambling may be punished with jail time for up to two years and a fine of up to 20,000 Dirhams.

Individuals are subject to a fine or penalty if they take part in public gambling or in private areas such as a home. Penalties are even more severe if the action involves individuals that are organizing the gambling services.

Anyone caught offering gambling activities is subject to as much as ten years of imprisonment. This rule applies to a public place or a home being used for gambling. In either case, any tools or money used for gambling will be removed from the premises.

An interesting portion of the law in the jurisdiction states that a person that spends a large amount gambling and causes a tradesman’s bankruptcy is to declare bankruptcy themselves. On top of that, the individual is given prison time, up to two years, and a fine. The penalties are stiff and the region takes quick action against anyone found to be participating in illegal activity including those who play or set up such services.

Because there are no rules or regulations allowing for online gambling, there are no player protections. Some offshore sites might cater to players from Dubai, but players may not feel the risk of gaming is worth it due to the punishment of getting caught.

Players from Dubai can even be punished for visiting a gambling site or trying to use a VPN to access any blocked sites. The emirate takes its gambling stance seriously and takes all measures necessary to ensure its citizens cannot gamble.

Even tourists are not exempt from the strict gambling laws. No explicit law states tourists cannot gamble, but there is a law that refers to felonies or misdemeanors that the government could utilize if a foreign visitor were found gambling. It might be best to avoid it altogether as it could mean prison time or fines in the emirate.

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