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It’s no secret that modern payment methods have changed the way we do things. These solutions are the peak of convenience, allowing users to send and receive payments from the comfort of their homes with just the click of a button. Of course, things didn’t always work like this. While eWallets and instant transfer services are excellent ways to enjoy banking today, in the past, people had to rely on in-person money transfers through various offices around the country and internationally. These solutions might have been slower than what we’re used to, but they did the job flawlessly and gave people a chance to enjoy international services for what felt like the first time. One of the most popular services at the time was Western Union, and this banking pillar still stands today! If you want to learn more about it, stick around as we cover its current offer.

About Western Union

Western Union is undoubtedly one of the longest-standing banking services you’ll find on the market. First launched in the 19th century, this telegram service covered the US and was a big competitor. For a long time, the service stuck to its original scheme and didn’t do much in terms of expansion. Of course, this all changed when the company merged with another US firm and rebranded in the late 20th century. As you can probably guess, this sent its new money transfer service to new heights, making it one of the most popular options of its kind at the time. Picking up tons of attention, local and international, the brand decided to expand its reach to every corner of the world, changing its name to Western Union International in 2004 and setting off a revolution!

Western Union is a massive competitor in today’s banking market. The brand covers around 200countries and offers several solutions that make transacting easier. You’re likely familiar with its traditional money transfer service. This in-person option is used by visiting one of the many WU offices worldwide and requesting a transfer. It’s not the quickest way to send and receive money, and it most definitely isn’t the most convenient. Still, this solution has served users dutifully for a long time, and it’s still used regularly today!

You might be wondering how this old-school brand has survived for so long when so many modern online banking options exist. The answer is simple. Western Union isn’t as old-school as you might think. The company has always adjusted to the times, employing top-tier tech to ensure its offer is fresh and up to date. Of course, this can be seen with its new online transfer service! WU has only recently joined the online transfer world, but it’s already made waves. Its instant transfer service has picked up enough steam to snag some prestigious industry quality awards and receive praise from users and industry professionals.

We’ve only covered a fraction of what this powerhouse offers, so here’s a bit more that might interest you. Western Union’s in-person and online transfer services aren’t the only options it has available. To cover more ground, the brand has also launched an eWallet service, and most recently, prepaid cards! Its eWallet service functions much like any other classic eWallet, so it still needs some time to set itself apart from the competition. Its prepaid card option is a fun new venture stemming from a joint effort with NetSpend. These card work via the MasterCard network.

As you can probably guess, Western Union’s biggest perk is its versatility. The brand offers a myriad of banking options users can go for, all of which bring a unique offer to the table that suits different needs. While this is undoubtedly a top-tier service, we’ll be focusing on the company’s in-person and online transfer option, as it’s the most popular. Safety and reliability stand at the top of the list of perks for these solutions. With over a century of experience, the company knows how important user protection is, so it uses high-end tech and intricate safety measures to ensure they’re safe.

With the modern online transfer service, the perks are even better. On top of excellent security, users are treated to instant transfers and unparalleled convenience. Still, not needing a useraccount takes the cake with the in-person transfers! Anonymity is a big part of the WU package. Users don’t need to create an account to send or receive money on-site. This makes it the perfect option for online gamblers, especially in countries where the activity falls into a legal grey area.

How to Start Using Western Union

As we’ve already mentioned, Western Union offers several money transfer services through its brand. While all of these come with unique pros that give them an edge in specific situations, in this text, we’ll focus on in-person transfers. This type of transfer is the most popular option among casino goers. Sure, it might not be the most convenient, as it involves some effort to find a WU office nearby, but it’s by far the safest. It gives users the chance to retain almost complete anonymity when sending and receiving payments, which can be a big deal for players in countries where online gambling isn’t fully accepted.

To get the ball rolling and make payments through Western Union, you’ll need to find an office near you. Thankfully, the brand has offices and partners worldwide, located in everything from big cities to small towns. It shouldn’t be hard to find one with the help of the internet, so once you have one in mind, head there and have a chat with the clerk. Of course, before doing this, it’s best to prepare for the process by gathering all the necessary info needed for the transfer. This includes the service providers’ banking details, which are usually listed on the website. If you can’t find this information there, it’s best to contact Customer Support for more details.

With the corresponding info in hand, fill out the money transfer form given to you by the clerk and hand them the amount needed to complete the process. That’s pretty much it. In some cases, you may also need to provide the unique tracking number attached to the transfer to the service provider as proof of payment. Once the payment is confirmed and it reaches the other side, you’re all done! While we won’t go into detail about them, it’s worth noting that online transfers follow the same process. The only difference is that you can complete these steps without leaving home.

Depositing and Withdrawing With the Solution

Western Union is a fan favorite online casino deposit method in many parts of the world. The main reason for this is its accessibility and its anonymity. In places where online gambling is banned or restricted, this service is the only workaround to enjoying your favorite pastime. Since WU is a widespread service with incredible reach, it’s available in many online casinos. While some might see this number as unimpressive given its juggernaut status, it still presents more than enough venue options to satisfy most users. After checking the operator’s licenses and finding a venue that best suits your play style, here’s how to deposit using the service:

  1. Collect the necessary transfer information from the operator. This is often available on their website. If not, contact Customer Support and ask for more details.
  2. Visit the nearest Western Union agent and fill out the transfer form with the correct information.
  3. Pay the correct amount and share the transfer tracking number with the operator if necessary.
  4. Once the transfer is confirmed and reaches the casino, the money will be visible on your account balance!

Withdrawing through Western Union is a bit more complicated than depositing. The option can be restricted depending on your location, and it’s also rarely supported in the online gambling space. If you do find a venue that accepts WU withdrawals, consider yourself lucky. Still, even at this stage, you might be faced with a few different options. Depending on how the casino chooses to do things, you can receive the money to your bank account/ bank card or on-site at a WU agent. In any case, the process is similar to depositing, only this time, you’ll need to share your transfer details with the operator’s Customer Support Team and wait for them to send the transfer your way.

Coverage and Restrictions

Western Union easily has some of the best coverage out of all available payment methods on the market. The service has partners, offices, and agents nearly everywhere, so it should be easy for interested casino fans to find a transfer point within reach. The service currently covers about 200countries across several continents, including countries like Germany, Sweden, Canada, France, South Korea, and many more in the mix. Of course, users should keep in mind that not all WU services are available across all of these territories. To ensure the best experience, check for more information on the brand’s official website.

Fees and Additional Charges

As you might have guessed by now, a service like Western Union comes with fees attached to every transfer. Generally, these fees are pretty reasonable and shouldn’t put much of a dent in your online gambling budget. Still, it’s worth noting that they’re not fixed. They can vary depending on yourlocation, the means of transfer, and the amount you’re sending and receiving. To give players better insight into what kind of fee they can expect, the service has added a fee calculator on its website. The feature is pretty accurate, and we highly recommend using it before you proceed.

Accepted Currencies

While WU supports local currencies for local transfers, international ones might require some conversions to take place. For example, US players sending a transfer to a US casino likely won’t incur a currency conversion fee, but a US player sending a transfer to a casino abroad will. That said, the service is excellent at local currency supports such as the euro, US dollar, Canadiandollar, SwissFranc, and many other options on the list. If you’re making domestic transfers, you’re good to go without worries. International transfers might incur a charge, but this charge is still on the smaller end.

Customer Support

Reaching out to Western Union is no trouble. The brand has a top-tier customer support and offers several ways to reach it! Since there are countless WU locations worldwide, you can visit a local agent and get answers to your queries there. If this seems like too much of a hassle, worry not. The service offers phone support in most areas. Responses are prompt, and the Customer Service representatives on the other end are friendly and helpful. As an alternative, you can also utilize the 24/7 Live Chat feature on the service’s website and get in contact with an agent around the clock!


Western Unions is an iconic banking brand that’s become synonymous with top-tier service and trust over its long run in the industry. The brand offers several versatile banking options, making it the perfect pick for all users looking for different approaches to money transfers. Its security, anonymity, and worldwide coverage make this service one of the most popular picks for online gamblers, but its shortcomings shouldn’t be ignored. The service does come with several fees attached, and although it’s available in over 200 countries, not all of its features are supported across all locations.


Is Western Union safe?

Yes, Western Union is safe. The brand has been around for a very long time, building a reputation as one of the best options in banking today. It’s available worldwide and offers users anonymity accompanied by top-tier security features.

Where is the service available?

Western Union is available in more than 200 countries globally. The service covers several continents, including the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It’s good to remember that while WU is available in many territories, some of its features may be exclusive to a few select countries.

Are casino withdrawals available?

Casino withdrawals through Western Union are available, albeit very rare. Not many operators support WU withdrawals because the process can be pretty inconvenient for larger companies, especially with the in-person transfer option.

Does the service have fees?

Yes, Western Union includes fees. The service charges a fee for every transfer and even includes a currency conversion fee for an international transfer to other territories. They may be reasonable, but they’re still something to consider.

Can I use multiple Western Union services?

Yes, you can. Players can use several of the brand’s services simultaneously. Depending on what option suits you best, you can use the online transfer, in-person transfer, or eWallet service, or all of them at once!


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