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Easily purchase an MST Gift Card to fund your casino account. Casinos offering this method will walk you through the process. It only takes a couple of minutes and the virtual card is delivered right to your email address. You can also buy gourmet items with these cards.

MST Gift Cards are pre-paid virtual debit cards that can be used for a variety of purchases online. In order to get one, you will need to find a participating merchant who accepts them and follow the referral link to the card re-seller.

One advantage the cards have for online merchants, such as the casinos listed here, is that unscrupulous players can't "charge-back" purchases made with an MST Gift Card. This cuts down on merchant costs to cover fraud and allows them to offer certain incentives to players who use the card. Special bonuses can usually be found that are only available for deposits made with this card.

Advantages to players include the ability to set a gambling budget, casino purchases don't appear on financial statements, and it is an easy, convenient, and reliable way for US players to deposit.

Withdrawals cannot be made to prepaid cards. Opt for ACH, check by courier, or check by mail when it comes time to be paid your winnings.

Not all players will be eligible to use the cards for deposits. Due to KYC (know your customer) and other anti-money laundering and fraud concerns, the host casino may wish to establish a relationship with you first. If they do not offer an invitation the first time you ask, simply deposit by other means until you have built some history and trust and then ask again.

Once you have been referred to a retailer that resells the cards and they have accepted your simple application which contains your name, payment method used to purchase the card, and a verified email address - you can simply buy the card and use it to deposit at a casino that accepts the cards, or simply shop at the merchant's online store.

Once you have an account with a retailer you will simply go to their website and click on "Gift Cards". The cards are available in any denomination including dollars and cents, from $20 to $500. You can send the virtual card as a gift to anyone, including yourself. Fill in who the card is from and to, along with email addresses and a message if you wish, choose the number of cards and click "Add to Cart". You will be directed to a new page where you can enter payment information to purchase the card(s).

You will receive a confirmation in your email immediately, but don't try to use that number to deposit. Within a few minutes, you will receive another email announcing that someone has purchased a gift card for you. The 12-digit card code and the value of your gift card will be displayed. Highlight and copy the 12-digit code or write it down.

Now, simply log in to your casino account, go to the cashier, choose the deposit option and enter your MST Gift Card code, the amount you wish to deposit, and press, "Deposit to Account". Your funds will be available immediately.



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