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Even though, nowadays, hundreds of modern payment methods exist across online casinos, some players still stick to the most basic ones, like check by mail. This is actually one of the first methods that were ever used across online casinos, since the dawn of online gambling. As such, it has kept its position on the list of most, if not all, online casinos accepting players from all across the globe. Since it works via banks, it has global availability and players from anywhere in the world can use it. Of course, it comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but it is still a good option in the lack of others, or in case you don't wish to engage in more modern online banking. What is check by mail and why use it across online casinos?

About Check by Mail

Existing longer than any other payment method available across online casinos, check by mail was the it-method when gambling first went online. There was a lack of more convenient methods for depositing and withdrawing, and that’s why it was among the first methods to be added to the lists of accepted solutions across online casinos. Even though currently, there's an electronic version of it, the eCheck, some players still choose to stick to tradition.

A check, as you may as well know, is a piece of paper that allows a particular bank account holder to transfer funds from their personal bank account to another individual or business. Depending on whether you’re depositing at or withdrawing from an online casino, therefore, it will either be you or the casino that sends the actual check via mail. The piece of paper will hold mandatory details such as the name of the bank, the bank account number and the checkbook’s number.

On that note, a bank account user must request a checkbook at the bank, where they'll keep their funds. On the piece of paper taken from the checkbook, in addition to the required bank details, there will be empty fields that need to be filled out for each transaction, such as the amount to be sent and the receiver's details, as well as the date. A signature is mandatory, too, for verification. The check is then ready to be sent, and the delivery will go via mail. The sender goes to the standard mail service, to send the letter containing the check to the receiver’s physical address. Those who don’t trust the efficiency of the traditional postal service opt for courier services, but essentially, the check is sent to the physical address of the receiver. Courier services may be national or international, depending on whether they offer an expanded network, and of course, come with heftier fees, but offer a guarantee for delivery, thus guaranteeing that the transaction will succeed.

With all of this in mind, you must be wondering how many casinos are still offering this pretty outdated form of banking. You won’t believe it but most, if not all, do! The solution is still among the preferred ones for many players, especially those that don’t trust modern payment methods or those that have no other choice. Therefore, if you’re interested in knowing how to use it across online casinos, we’ll cover that next.

How to Start Using Check by Mail

As mentioned, while most players explore modern payment solutions like cryptocurrencies and eWallets, some stick to the security and convenience offered by methods like check by mail, thanks to their stability and longevity when it comes to processing transactions for centuries. Bank wire transfers and credit cards are also the main choices to such players, but most are sticking with checks due to their nonrestricted accessibility and simplicity of use.

So, to be able to use it, you must first ensure that you’re an active bank account holder. That means, if you haven’t opened a bank account, now it’s the right time to do it. While at the bank, request for a checkbook to be issued in your name. Checkbooks nowadays are prefilled with bank and bank account information mentioned earlier, so you’d only need to fill out the empty spaces regarding the money amount you’d wish to send and to whom.

Once you have your checkbook, you can take it home, sit down and choose a casino to join and look for its physical address. Most leading online casinos that offer the solution will have their address displayed at the bottom of their homepages or on the Contact Us page. If such information is not available explicitly, you'd have to contact their Customer Support service. Once you get the address and all the other needed details that you must enter on the check, you'll be ready to specify how much you'd want to be transferred.

After that, you’d need to put the check in an envelope and mail it, either via the standard postal service or a courier service, depending on your preferences. The check will arrive at the casino’s physical address in a few business days. The same goes if the casino is the one sending the check, thus your withdrawal; expect it in a few business days, on your doorstep.

Depositing and Withdrawing with the Solution

While we’ve just basically explained the depositing process, we’ll go into details on how to actually make one at an online casino. First things first, you need to find a proper online casino to join. Sun Palace Casino is one option, but explore others on our site, casinos we’ve reviewed for your convenience.

Decide on the site to join, and then follow these steps to make a deposit with a check by mail:

  1. Head over to the casino’s homepage or Contact Us page and locate its physical address.
  2. Take out your checkbook and enter the needed details about the casino.
  3. Specify how much you'd want to be transferred from your bank to your online casino account balance.
  4. Sign it and send the check by mail.
  5. Notify the casino’s Customer Support that the transaction was sent on your end.
  6. Wait for the money to arrive on your balance in a few days.

When it comes to withdrawals with check by mail, these are not only an option but the solution is actually preferred by players for cashouts compared to deposits. In fact, players don't mind the waiting times and love the fact that their check will eventually arrive on their doorsteps. Plus, with this solution, higher amounts of money can be sent, so those players that win a jackpot or a similar huge prize, always choose it for their withdrawals. The withdrawal process goes the other way around, with you specifying how much you’d want to withdraw and selecting check by mail as your withdrawal method. This time the casino will be the one providing all the transfer details and sending the check by mail. You’ll need to wait 3 to 7 business days approximately for the check to arrive at your home address, but it might take even longer, depending on the delivery service you're using.

Coverage and Restrictions

It should be clear to you by now that check by mail is a global solution, which can process your transfers to and from any country in the globe.

Standard mailing services, as well as some courier services, are international, meaning they can send and receive letters from users based anywhere in the world. Therefore, you should not worry about its availability, as you can use the solution regardless of your country of residence.

Fees and Additional Charges

Some charges will apply when it comes to deposits and withdrawals with check by mail. These won’t depend on the amount being transferred, however, but on the actual service that performs the delivery.

You’d need to consult with the standard postal office or the courier service about the fees charged. As far as casinos go, they won’t charge you added fees for choosing to use the solution as your payment method.

Accepted Currencies

Just as it is accepted across the globe, so are all global currencies accepted when using this solution. This is a payment solution tied to your bank account; therefore, the currency of your bank account will also be the currency for the transfer.

So, you’ll avoid paying any unnecessary conversion fees if you’re playing at a casino where your native currency is an option. If not, currency conversion fees would be charged by the casino.

Customer Support

Online casinos that offer check by mail as a payment option also offer a dedicated Support team for the users of this solution. Considering you might need to get in touch with the Support agents for details such as the casino’s physical address and the mode of delivery, you’ll have a Support agent at your disposal around the clock, to attend to your questions and requests.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll get several options to get in touch with the agents, such as phone, Live Chat, email or on-site contact form.

In case you’ve sent your check but it hasn’t been delivered in the pre-set period, you’d need to contact your postal or courier service, to check its status.


There’s no doubt that check by mail is an outdated payment solution, one that modern players would rarely turn to, if ever, but still, it is a great option in the lack of others. As long as you have a bank account and a checkbook, you can use it across any casino you come across. You’ll be the one sending it when it comes to deposits and receiving it when it comes to withdrawals, sent by the casino. The withdrawal will arrive on your doorstep, and not only that; you can also withdraw huge amounts of money this way. Sure, the waiting times are a bummer, but hey, we said that there were advantages and disadvantages to using this solution. If it sounds like something you’d want to try, go ahead. But if you’re more forward-thinking, this is not a solution for you, for sure.


Can I request a withdrawal with check by mail via my mobile device?

Sure thing. As long as you can join the casino via a mobile device, requesting a withdrawal with check by mail via your smartphone or tablet would be done in just a few simple taps on your device. As soon as you locate the casino's address and other banking details, you can request how much you'd want to withdraw via your mobile device and wait for the withdrawal to arrive in a few days, on your doorstep.

How many casinos approximately offer this solution?

We said that most, if not all, online casinos do; at least well-reputed casinos with years-long operations. Modern casinos, especially crypto casinos, however, won’t offer it, for sure.

What is the difference between check by mail and eCheck?

There are many differences when it comes to how the transaction is made with them, but essentially, they are both checks, only eCheck is electronic. The eCheck is not sent by email but via the internet, so that’s the main difference between the two.

What are the best offline alternatives to this solution?

If you don’t wish to use an online-based payment method, money transfer services would be great alternatives to the solution. Consider going with Western Union or MoneyGram, as these are global and most popular.

How long would I need to wait for the withdrawal check to arrive on my doorstep, tops?

Well, we said that usually, it arrives between 3 to 7 business days. But, depending on the sending and receiving country, as well as the mode of delivery, it can actually take 15 days or more!


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