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Sofort Online Casinos

SOFORT Banking (Sofortüberweisung) allows players with bank accounts in Austria, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands to make real-time payments from their bank accounts online.

The TÜV-certified online payment system is totally secure with several million transactions affected each month.

Customers use TAN/PIN (transaction authentication number/Personal Identification Number) authentication to quickly deposit banked funds or purchase items or services over the internet.

The company was founded in Munich, Germany in 2005. Since 2014 it has been owned by the Klarna Group of Sweden. The company processed nearly 60 million euros in 2017.

Sofort, which means instant or immediate in English, is what is known as a pseudo payment system as the merchant doesn't receive the funds immediately. Instead, they receive guaranteed payment confirmation and release the funds, services, or product immediately.

Some of the advantages to consumers include:

  • No need to open a special account. Funds are accessed from an existing account at any participating bank
  • No need to enter a long string of numbers as with a card
  • No customer data is stored by Sofort
  • Funds are transferred instantly
  • Safe, secure, anonymous

How it works

  1. Select your country
  2. Choose your bank
  3. Enter the bank name, BLZ, or BIC
  • Log into the secure payment page using your regular online banking data
  • The encrypted data is sent to the bank over a secure network
  • Enter a unique TAN
  • Purchase is confirmed

You can find an interactive demo session HERE if you'd like to see how transfers happen in real time.

The video below is also informative.

What makes Sofort different

Rather than submitting your banking information directly to the merchant (casino) or even a third party processor for your bank to authenticate, Sofort simply checks your balance and acts as the payor. The customer transmits their own credentials (TAN/PIN), the payee, purpose, and amount.

For this service, which creates an instant deposit using Sofort funds or guarantees, the company charges a very small fee of 0.9% plus €0.25 per transaction.

Funds can only be transferred in euros.

Withdraw funds via Sofort

Most casinos will only let you withdraw with Sofort banking if you have made a deposit using the method. To withdraw winnings, simply navigate to the cashier or banking section of the casino and choose Sofort as a withdrawal method. A simple step by step procedure, much like that used to deposit, will be presented.

While Sofort deposits are instant (Klarna guarantees the payment) withdrawals are not immediate. It may take up to 72 hours or three banking days for your funds to become available.

Funds from Trustly, Pay And Play, and Entercash withdrawals can be immediately available in your personal banking account at some casinos.

Pitfalls to using Sofort banking

Some online casinos only accept Sofort as a deposit method. However, most will allow a direct bank transfer withdrawal which should appear in 3-5 business days.

The method is only available in about a dozen countries. In addition to the countries mentioned above, players in Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and the UK may be able to use the method.

Sofort Banking FAQ

Is Sofort Banking a safe option?

Yes. Immediate bank transfers using this TÜV-certified online payment system are completely safe. The two-step authentication process and single-use TANs make it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to access your funds.

TAN, PIN and other sensitive data are not stored and can not be viewed by Sofort, the casino, or anyone else externally. To our knowledge, there has never been a single case of fraud in over 100 million Sofort banking transactions. [See (in Deutsche)]

Which casinos accept deposit using Sofort?

The casinos listed on this page all state that they accept Sofort deposits, withdrawals, or both. If you intend to deposit and withdraw, it may be a good idea to check the particular review page or the casino cashier for withdrawal options before depositing with Sofort. However, almost all cashiers allow bank wire transfers anyway.

Are there better options?

Sofort is often the best choice for players in Germany. PayPal features currency conversion but the fees are higher.

Trustly is the choice for many people and some of the same banks that allow Sofort banking also allow Trustly.

Entercash is also a European-licensed and regulated instant banking system provider which is based in Malta. Fees can be found on site or in our review of the payment method.

Click HERE for a list of all common payment methods along with reviews of each and the casinos we are aware of that accept the methods.

Can I reverse a Sofort payment?

The short answer is "no". However, if you have made a major error in the amount and the transaction has not been completed yet, you can contact Sofort and try to put it on hold. It is best to be quite sure before confirming the transaction as it is not likely you will be successful in reversing the transfer without significant effort.



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