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It is no secret that digital currencies are getting more and more popular across the online gambling industry, with players experimenting with different tokens in order to find the one that suits them most for their deposits and withdrawals, and solutions like Skinsback make that possible for them. this is a cryptocurrency payment processor that allows you to hold and use some of the top cryptos in the world, across many online casino sites, for smooth deposits and withdrawals. You can deposit with it in one and cash out in another currency and tailor your online gambling experience according to your own tastes and preferences. So, if it sounds like a solution you'd like to try out, continue reading more about it. What is Skinsback and why decide to use it as your online casino payment method?

About Skinsback

Skinsback’s history is quite an interesting one and one that deserves your attention. While sports in the past were all about participants engaging in some physical activity, its meaning changed with the developments in technology, and today, we have a new form many enjoy participating in and spectating, eSports. Maybe you're already a fan, but if you don't know anything about it, it is a sport that revolves around gamers who play video games like CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and Dota, for instance, at well-organized events, where spectators are watching and cheering, just like they do when they watch football, for example.

Now, if you know nothing about it, this may be new information for you, but these games make use of in-game items that can be exchanged, earned, or bought, called skins. Skins are the different outfits the game's characters are wearing or the different colors, designs, and shapes of their equipment and tools. Skins are actually quite a hit in the gaming world, and players are obsessed with them. They love winning them while playing or exchanging them among peers, but those impatient to get them also resort to buying them, in both fiat and digital currencies. And that's how they have reached the status of collectible items and today have even turned to actual independent digital currency. And that's what the solution we're talking about today in this article used at its advantage.

When it launched in 2017, Skinsback debuted as a payment processor that allows gamers to exchange and buy skins, in different crypto tokens, as its name implies. However, with time, it expanded its reach, and today, it can be used for all sorts of online transactions in crypto, online casino deposits and withdrawals included.

Even though the company behind it, Trading Space Pte Ltd is based in Singapore, given the fact this is a crypto payment processor, it can be used by anyone, from anywhere in the world. That’s what makes it quite the catch for millions of online casino players who are crypto enthusiasts. That, and many other reasons you’ll soon learn about. The solution is slowly getting the recognition it deserves across the online gambling industry, so continue reading as next, we’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to get started with it and eventually start using it across the many online casinos that are already offering it.

How to Start Using Skinsback?

Regardless of whether you’ve used crypto already or you’re a newbie, you’ll see that getting started with the solution is incredibly easy. It actually functions like crypto wallets, the digital wallets you create an account with to store your coins. Therefore, the first step you need to make to start your journey in the easy and fun way it is registering an account with it.

Go to its official website and you’ll be prompted to provide some basic personal info to create your account. Immediately, you’ll get the needed addresses/keys you’ll need to use in the next step. The next step is visiting a trusted exchange platform, to purchase the cryptocurrencies you wish to use. You’d need to go through a quick registration here, too, and then connect a payment solution you’ll use to complete the purchase of your cryptos in fiat currency.

We already mentioned that the payment processor supports popular cryptos, Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum, so choose the ones you'd like to hold and complete the purchase as prompted. Then, use your Skinsback account address and insert it in the needed field to transfer your newly bought coins to your account.

With that, you’ll be ready to start using the solution across the many casinos that already offer it. Once you start your search for the best casino to join, you’ll see that the solution is still not at its peak in terms of availability, but it is getting there. Rooster.Bet is one site we could notice that already offers it, but once you start digging, you’ll certainly find other options. So, stick with us as next we’ll tell you how to use the solution for your deposits and withdrawals across the casinos you’ll find that offer it.

Depositing and Withdrawing with the Solution

We've established that the first step to using the solution is locating a few casino sites that offer it. Once you've found your candidates, make sure you check their offerings in detail, to decide on the one to join.

Once you decide on the site to join, register a player profile with it. Finally, you’ll be ready to make your first deposit with Skinsback. To do that, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your registered player profile and locate the Cashier page.
  2. Look for a Deposits section and enter it.
  3. Find Skinsback’s logo and press it.
  4. Copy the casino’s wallet address, as it should be presented in a pop-up.
  5. Go to your crypto wallet, paste the casino's address, and select the crypto you want to use.
  6. Set the amount you wish to deposit and confirm your request.
  7. Immediately, the coins will arrive on your casino balance.

Given the fact that this is a crypto processor, it goes without saying that it is one of the top choices when it comes to withdrawals among players. Players love using crypto for cashouts, as that way, they get their winnings in the fastest way possible.

So, just go through exactly the same procedure, this time looking for the solution in the Withdrawals section and copying and pasting your wallet address in the designated field. Specify how much you wish to cash out and then wait for the operator to do its part. The operator will check whether you have enough funds to cash out and assuming you do, will send you your winnings to the address you pasted.

Coverage and Restrictions

We already mentioned that even though the company behind the solution is based in Singapore, Skinsback is actually a solution anyone can use, from anywhere across the globe.

However, you should keep in mind that many countries across the world have banned cryptocurrencies, and if you're from such a country, you won't be able to use the solution. Some we can mention are China and Russia, but make sure you check thoroughly whether cryptos are welcome in your country before you decide to use this solution across online casinos. On the bright side, there are such countries where cryptos are already a legal tender, like El Salvador, so if you’re from such a country, this solution would be more than ideal for you.

Fees and Additional Charges

You will have to pay no fees when using this solution. There’s no registration fee, no maintenance fee, no transaction fee, nada.

Keep in mind, though, that any exchange platform you choose to use to purchase your coins will charge a conversion fee. This is a small fee, a fraction of the transaction, charged to anyone who wishes to buy crypto, so don’t worry, as you’ll barely notice it.

Accepted Currencies

The choice of fiat currencies you'll have to purchase your crypto would depend on the exchange site you join; most of them offer all mainstream currencies, so you should have no trouble completing the transaction, perhaps in your native currency.

When it comes to the supported cryptos, as said, Skinsback supports Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum at the moment of writing. It should probably add others in the future, but we're yet to see that.

Customer Support

Given the fact that this is a crypto payment processor, basically a crypto wallet, it goes without saying that the solution offers Customer Support.

You can reach its agents via the email address [email protected], or via its social media profiles on Telegram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

However, if you're experiencing problems or you have some questions regarding the steps you need to take to make a deposit with it or a withdrawal, do not hesitate to get in touch with your chosen casino's Support team. They can also give you the answers you need since they are trained in assisting players with all payment methods offered.


If you’re an online casino player from a country where cryptos are embraced, you must certainly give Skinsback a try. This is the perfect solution for players who wish to get cost-efficient, instant, and easy transactions in different cryptos, across many online casinos. Make sure you put it on your must-try list for the next time you wish to play online casino games.


Is Skinsback’s official website available in different languages?

The official website is available in English, as expected, but also quite unexpectedly, in Russian. Given the fact crypto is banned in Russia, and the solution itself is based in Singapore, we don't really get why Russian is a supported language, but these are your options.

Can I use fiat currency to top up my Skinsback balance?

In fact, yes, you can. You can top up your balance using fiat currencies, considering the wallet also accepts MasterCard and VISA, cards that offer transactions in fiat currencies only.

Will I find the solution across many online casinos?

While at the moment, the solution has not yet reached its peak when it comes to popularity across the online gambling industry, it is getting there. You may not find it across hundreds of casinos, but you will certainly get a decent number of sites to explore.

Is there a phone line I could use to get in contact with Skinsback’s Support team?

No, unfortunately, its Support team is only available via the email address and the social media platforms, as explained. There’s no phone line to use to get in touch with its agents.

Is the solution accepted for withdrawals by default if offered for deposits?

In theory, yes, it should be, considering how easy and fast withdrawals are with it. However, just in case, before you even choose the site to join, make sure you check whether the solution is offered in the Withdrawals section on the Cashier page.


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