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Sweet Bonanza Candylandby Pragmatic Play Ltd.

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These days, it takes more than just an average game to capture the attention of the world’s online gambling enthusiasts.

After all, new titles are being dropped every day to satisfy what seems to be limitless demand!

That’s why the industry’s top designers make sure that their new releases offer both solid gaming substance and a unique style as well.

This is absolutely the case in Sweet Bonanza Candyland. 

Built by Pragmatic Play, this game shows all the indications of an experienced design team. There’s even a bit of market synergy at work here, as the game is based on a successful online slot of the same name.

So how does this title shape up? Is it as sweet as promised, or are there some unsavory elements involved?

Before we make zoom in and rule on this question, let’s take an in-depth look at the company that brought this game to market.

The Designer

In an industry boasting no shortage of scandal and intrigue, it’s possible that Pragmatic Play might have the most interesting story of all.

This company was technically founded in 2015, but its origins are masked by the storm clouds of endless scandal and outright malfeasance that was TopGame. This company was known for unbelievably poor quality control (memorably, it once left jackpot icons necessary to win its bonus feature off of a major slot release’s reels) and customer service so poor it bordered on outright thievery.

Mercifully, it is now defunct. However, some or all of its assets were purchased by Pragmatic Play around the time it was founded.

At first, there was speculation that Pragmatic Play would just be the same bad industry actor as its predecessor, just under a new name. This hasn’t turned out to be the case, however…

… indeed, the company has seemed to be thoroughly above board in the intervening years. There has been no whiff of further scandal, and they received some important notices, such as a Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Certificate of Integrity for their Random Number Generator (RNG) in 2016, and the Software Rising Star award at the 2017 EGR B2B Awards.

They’ve been making big moves of late, expanding in international markets and generally boosting their profile in impressive fashion.

Indeed, it appears that this company’s troubled past has indeed been left in the rearview, and blue skies are ahead.

Knowing all of that, how does their design team do in this title?

The Game

Like many of the game show-style titles being released of late, this one makes visuals and overall presentation a top priority.

Gamblers will immediately notice the bright, pastel-rich color palate, as well as the ultra-charming hosts – they seem to have more in common with charismatic TV hosts than with the average taciturn blackjack dealer.

When it comes to the gameplay itself, things are quite straightforward. The wheel is divided into 54 segments, which are designated by number and by fruit symbol. There are 23 #1 segments, 15 #5 segments, and 11 #10 segments – additionally, there are 5 segments that trigger the game’s bonus features.

Here is how the number bets work. The payout is equal to the number wagered upon – bet on 5 and win, and your wager receives a 5x payout. This means that the 1x bets are the safest and most consistent, and the 10x the biggest reach bet. As is usually the case, the special features are the real attraction…

… more on that in a moment.

All in all, there are a few major advantages to consider here.

First, the bet range is very wide, making this title suitable for players of all bankroll sizes.

Second, the overall RTP is quite respectable at 96.48%.

Finally (and best of all), there are three unique bonus games to discover, which means players always have reason to hope for excitement just around the corner.

The Candy Drop feature is an RNG-based mini game, where color-coded candy drops down into a 4-row maze – the max payout is 1000x.

The Sugar Bomb feature awards a free re-spin with a win random multiplier between 2-10x.

And true to the slot gaming origin of this title, the Sweet Spins mini-game brings up a 6x5 slot game for players to enjoy. It begins with 10 free spins, but this highly volatile feature allows for the possibility of more being added during bonus play. It’s here that players enjoy the chance to win this title’s top overall payout of 20,000x the bet size.

That is a profit margin that will excite just about any player on the planet!

Where to Play

With all the success Pragmatic Play’s releases have enjoyed, it shouldn’t be surprising to discover that player’s have a great many options when it comes to where to play their titles. They’re licensed in a great many locations, which means their games are available across a long and diverse list of casinos…

… a list that includes some of the industry’s top names.

One excellent contender for discerning player’s business is Mr Bit Casino, a fine outfit that offers reliably exceptional bonuses at sign up, 2nd deposit, and so on.

For that matter, the South Africa-based Tusk Casino is no slouch either, with a deposit-matching bonus that doesn’t max out until $1000 is reached!

There are some either excellent options to consider too, though: the player favorite iLUCKI Casino, MegaCasino, and Queen Vegas Casino should be a part of the conversation for sure. For those who prefer crypto gaming, the oft-underrated Surf Casino might be worth a serious look.


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