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As most of us already know, the modern banking landscape is all about convenience. Most new and recent payment solutions prioritize a quick and easy way to make payments, ensuring users spend as little time around the transaction process as possible. Naturally, this is a massive plus for most. It tends to allow a relaxed experience where users can enjoy online shopping and services almost instantly. While overall a positive, this convenience isn’t always as hassle-free as it presents itself. This speed often means taking a few shortcuts that can lead to common user mistakes and may limit your overall options. Thankfully, one service strongly considers this and offers a well-rounded solution. Of course, we’re talking about Pay ID. If you want to learn more about this service and how it can affect your casino gameplay, keep reading.

About Pay ID

As we mentioned in our introduction, modern banking solutions focus on offering a convenientplayerexperience preceded by safe and quick transfers. Pay ID is an increasingly popular payment option that also takes these traits as a starting point. It’s built its platform based on these three essential qualities, but unlike many of its competitors, it considers the little things that can have big consequences on the overall user experience. Essentially, the service offers a more user-friendly platform that’s mindful of common user mistakes and allows them more freedom when common life events unfold in the background.

As you can imagine, Pay ID is a relative newcomer to the wider banking scene. It launched in 2018 in Australia. While the service has grown significantly over its years on the market, it still mainly operates within the region. One of the reasons for this is the very nature of the service. Since the solution is a B2B transfer option, it works closely with various high-end banks in the country. It’s a staple service that facilitates transfers between bank accounts directly, but it does have an updated framework that gives it an edge over similar offers. It’s instant and it utilizes an app for a smoother user experience.

While Pay ID ran into a few issues during its early days, it didn’t take long for the solution to overcome these hurdles and become a well-established payment method in Australia. It managed to expand and grow quickly, encompassing over 100 regional banks in its supported network! This is pretty impressive in its own right, but the solution seemingly doesn’t intend to stop there. While there’s no concrete news pointing to it, the service is primed for international success. If it does decide to expand beyond Australian borders, we’re sure it’ll become a global hit.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of this service, it’s time we delve deeper into its overall offer. The first and most important thing you should know about the solution is that it’s incredibly safe. Since it works with various regional banks, it uses top-tier bank security to ensure transactions go through without issue. Another important thing to note about the service is its speed. Unlike other similar solutions, this one is instant! Processing times are practically non-existent unless a deeper security check is needed to ensure things go smoothly.

The perks we listed previously are undoubtedly top-tier, but the Pay ID truly shines when user-friendliness is in question. The service is easy to use and flexible. Unlike competitors, players can use the same Pay ID account with multiple banks. They can switch between them if the circumstance calls for it, which is a big pro. Another thing to note is the solution’s confirmation step. Before payment is sent, players will need to go through a confirmation step to check if all the details they’ve entered are correct. This weeds out mistakes and ensures all goes well going forward.

It’s easy to see how well the perks of Pay ID play into the expectations of online gamblers for their perfect payment solution. Its speed and ease of use make it a top pick for countless users in the region, but unfortunately, that’s where its biggest con lies. Since the service is fairly new and operates locally, it’s not too widespread in the online gambling world. Players are limited to a small selection of casinos and betting sites, which can be a bummer, given the popularity of many international operators.

How to Start Using Pay ID

Pay ID might be super easy to use, but the getting started process associated with the service is a bit more complex than you may be expecting. As we mentioned a few times already, this service works with local banks. Because of this, having a valid bank account with one of the supported banks in its network is a must. There are currently over 100 Australian banks that support this service, so before you choose, we suggest doing some thorough research on their offers. Some might be a better fit than others for your individual needs.

After choosing a bank, the first step to getting a Pay ID account is opening a bank account. Visit the bank in question and request to open an account. This entire ordeal shouldn’t take long. You’ll be handed a few forms to fill out with your personal information, which should take no more than thirty minutes. When you’re finished, hand them back to the bank clerks along with a valid form of photo ID. This is part of the identity verification step. The bank will process your information soon and notify you when your account is ready.

Your bank account is now live, but the journey isn’t finished yet. While some banks activate online banking automatically, others might require a manual request. Make sure to do so, as this is crucial to setting up Pay ID. When you receive your online banking details, log into your account and search for the Pay ID service in the interface. Select it and click the register button. You’ll be presented with a few options here, including mobile and email. Choose one that works best for you and proceed with it as your main point of contact.

Finally, it’s time to get to the good part. To link your Pay ID to your preferred bank account, simply select it from the list of options. You’ll be prompted to enter a displayname for the service. Remember that this is what other users will see when you send and receive payments, so don’t makeup something silly. Now, you can finally make a payment. To do so, choose the service atcheckout and log in using your credentials. Once you do, a confirmation request will be sent to the app. Review it and confirm the payment. The money will arrive at its destination instantly!

Depositing and Withdrawing With the Solution

We’ve covered how easy it is to use Pay ID for sending payments, so depositing is a breeze. Of course, things are never that simple. While using the service is hassle-free, you might need to invest some time into finding a good casino. Since the solution has a limited reach in the online gambling space, you don’t have a large pool of operators to choose from. Thankfully, the supported venues tend to be high quality. Still, we suggest checking their licenses and reviews before choosing one. With that out of the way, here’s how to deposit:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Cashier/Banking/Deposit/Payment Methods page
  2. Find the PayID logo and click on it
  3. Enter your PayID login details when prompted
  4. Enter your desired deposit amount
  5. Confirm the payment through the app
  6. The money will arrive in your casino balance soon!

Withdrawing through Pay ID is a pretty similar process to depositing. The process is nearly identical, with a few small differences in how the credentials are entered. Don’t worry, the operator will guide you on how to finish this step. Something noteworthy about these withdrawals is their speed! Unlike many services of this type, Pay ID withdrawals are instant! Once the casino approves your withdrawal request, you can expect to see the money in your account in mere seconds.

Coverage and Restrictions

We’ve already talked about this briefly, but here’s a confirmation. Pay ID is exclusively available to Australian users. The service launched intending to make transacting easier for locals, and it’s safe to say it’s met its goal and then some! Of course, international fans might be let down by this. The only advice we can give these users is to be patient. Thanks to its huge success, there’s a chance this service will spread its wings and expand to other regions. There’s nothing concrete promising this, but it’s a possibility a ton of people are hoping for.

Fees and Additional Charges

There are countless positives to using Pay ID, but one of the biggest ones is the lack of fees. The service itself doesn’t charge users anything for deposits and withdrawals. There are a few exceptions to this, but they depend on your chosen banking provider. Still, even in these cases, the fees are pretty reasonable. Something to remember is that some operators might be a bigger issue on this front. While rare nowadays, some online casinos charge a fee per deposit or withdrawal. Before signing up for a venue, check if this is the case.

Accepted Currencies

This one should be pretty easy to figure out. Pay ID is a service that closely collaborates with local banks. It supports the same currencies these banks do, and since it’s based in Australia, that usually translates to support for the Australian dollar! Users shouldn’t receive any additional charges when using this currency, but they can expect some for foreign ones. Even in the case of popular options like the euro, British pound, or US dollar, you’ll likely be charged currency conversion fees appropriate to the amount you’re sending or receiving.

Customer Support

Customer Support can be somewhat of a fickle thing with Pay ID, but not for the reasons might be assuming. The service doesn’t have a dedicated support team. Since it works with regional banks, the best way to receive help regarding it is to contact your chosen banking provider. Of course, the quality of service you receive here depends on your bank. While most Australian banks are known for offering top-tier Customer Support, others don’t have the best reputation when the subject is broached.


If you’re looking for a modern, easy-to-use, and speedy payment service to cover all your online gaming needs, Pay ID is an excellent option. The solution is one of the best payment methods Australian players can choose at the moment, but that’s where some of its biggest cons stem from. This service is exclusive to Australia. This limits its reach in the online gambling space and is a big letdown to international users. If you’re not based in Australia, you’ll need to search for an alternative solution before you visit a venue.


Is Pay ID safe?

Yes, the service is safe. Pay ID works with traditional banks, benefiting from their top-tier security protocols.

Where is the service available?

Pay ID is exclusively available in Australia.

Are there any fees?

Generally, no. While the service doesn’t charge any fees, the banking provider connected to it might. Still, these cases are rare.

Do I need an account to use Pay ID?

Yes, you do. Before you can use Pay ID, you’ll need to set up a bank account in its supported network of banks. You’ll also need to connect this account with a Pay ID account you can register for later.

Are Pay ID transfers instant?

Yes, they are. The service fosters instant deposits and withdrawals.


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