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Mascot Gaming was established as early as 2010, though much of these early years were devoid of any activity. At least compared to more recent times, with monthly releases, several simultaneous projects, and availability through hundreds of different online casinos. Their products can be divided into two categories: story-driven games that will engage you with entertainment, and gameplay driven games that entice players with big wins and familiar mechanics.

The company realized early on that casino gaming is an industry that is constantly developing. That is why one of the leading principles is to keep constantly developing and growing. This doesn’t mean coming up with new gaming features for every slot, rather it means that the company keeps its ears to the ground, slowly building its games into new directions.

Let’s have a look at where that has taken the team so far.

Stories and Graphics

Most casino games are all about money, as you would expect. But here and there you will run into games that might try to do things a bit differently. Mascot Gaming has created so-called traffic games. And as the name says, the purpose of these games isn’t to maximise casino profit, but to rather get new players interested in the games themselves.

How is this done? According to the company itself, by concentrating on unusual themes and provocative storylines, dedicated music and sound effects paired with remarkable graphics, paired with a high hit rate. Which in turn would mean somewhat low variance.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • La Fiesta De Muertos
  • Deep Sea Riches
  • Venetian Magic
  • Red Horde
  • Riot
  • The Myth
  • Pinup Dolls

Whilst some of the themes are definitely in use elsewhere, others do offer something that you’ve probably never run into before. When it comes to graphics and animations there’s definitely a bit more than in your average slot. But on the other hand, perhaps not quite as big a difference as we’d appreciate it to be.

Wins definitely do hit often. This also means that your average symbol combinations hitting the screen are likely to pay lower prizes. There is some room left for big wins too, so it’s not all about countless small wins either. And something the company forgot to mention is that they do keep the special features interesting and engaging. These slots tend to have a pretty low betting level, so they should be your starting point with Mascot Gaming.

New Mechanics and Big Wins

What if you’re looking for games with a bit higher stakes? The company has a solution for this too. The second set of games places the reels and configurations into much more familiar settings, loads the paytable with big wins, and uses different special mechanics to take everything to the next level.

Check out the following games:

  • Greedy Greenskins Rockways
  • Fruit Machine X25
  • Trump Card Queen
  • Loot The Train
  • Cleopatra Gems Rockways
  • Twin Fruits of Olympus
  • Prince of Persia The Gems of Persepolis
  • Three Corsairs
  • Fruit Macau
  • Purple Pills
  • Robin of Loxley

You’ll probably notice right away that there are some unique mechanics at play here. Rockways, Risk&Buy, and Rockfall seem to have been perfect so far, with further mechanics in testing.

Two of these are often seen together: Rockways and Rockfall. To be honest, neither of these has come out of thin air. They are comparable to the Megaways system as well as the Avalanche or any other similar system that uses dropping symbols. But, the company has put its own spin on things.

In Rockways the number of symbols on each reel changes on each spin, with all remaining positions filled with blockers that do not participate in combinations. This also means that on every spin played, there is a different number of ways that winning combinations can be created. Rockfall drops new symbols to replace those that have already gathered their wins. At the same time, it increases the win multiplier. This is usually higher during bonus spins.

The Risk&Buy allows players to either buy their way into bonus spins, which again is actually becoming a somewhat common feature across games (so common that it is banned in some jurisdictions). The risk part however, is a bit more interesting, as it allows players to sacrifice their current win in exchange for bonus spins. These tend to come in different configurations, so each purchase or risk doesn’t give you the same number of spins.

But are the wins…

…big enough? That’s the big question isn’t it. Whereas the traffic games tend to top out at about a thousand times your line bet as their main win, the situation is quite different in these profit games. The different pay way and Rockaway systems take the wins easily to ten times that. At the same time, this also means higher and higher variance. Bigger wins are harder to get.


Besides slots there are a couple of table games, and fish shooting games, though these are definitely just special cases. Overall, Mascot Gaming is concentrated on producing its own breed of online slots. They have a clear vision of how to do it, they have several success stories to prove that what they are doing keeps players interested, and the company is steadily experimenting with new and interesting features and mechanics.

What does all this mean? It means that you should definitely have a look at how these games play out. And the best part of it is, you can access these games at almost all online casinos of today.

Have a look at our exclusive interview with Mascot Gaming.

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