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Gold Deluxe

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About the Company

Gold Deluxe is a live dealer online game provider in service to the industry since 2011. The company's studios are located in the Philippines and it operates under a license first issued by First Cagayan regulators there on February 12, 2010.

Most of the studio's traffic comes from Asian countries but some of the dealers also speak English.

The studios appear to be partnered with the Skywind Group to join their live gaming hub which counts studios in a dozen different countries including the Philippines, Cambodia, Belarus, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Uruguay, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

The current operations manager is also the CEO and founder of another fairly well distributed white label and solutions provider in the Asian markets that have over 100 online gaming sites using all or part of its platform.

We count well over 50 online gaming sites that offer Gold Deluxe games from Bodog Asia, to Dafabet, Live Casino House, and Fun88 along with dozens of other brands that are not as well as known outside of Asia.

At one point in time, we recall finding slots titles on the company's website, but those no longer seem to be available. It's possible we are simply missing them, but they also could have been retired, sold off, or transferred to another part of the company we're currently unaware of.

Oddly enough, we recall that each of those titles was also in use, at least in name, by other developers such as High 5 Games and DreamTech. While Gold Deluxe no longer seems to list any slots in their portfolio, we do find them at some of the sites that carry their live games.

The company claims to employ over 100 people in the Philippines and has multiple language tables for the most popular games like baccarat, roulette. and Sic Bo. Not all gaming sites carry all of their games, and most offer several options in addition to Gold Deluxe including Asia Gaming, Ho Gaming, SA Gaming, Opus, and Allbet Gaming streams.

The dealers are all well-trained professionals but the thing that is most striking about them is their collective beauty. Their style of dress is contemporary yet classy and not at all salacious. To a member of the team, their physical attributes are as pleasing to see as their manners are polite.

Software and Games

The live dealer lobby plugs directly into any host casino's back end so players can click right into the live lobby without any additional login needed. Depending on the site, you will either bet directly from your main wallet or you may need to transfer funds from a sportsbook or RNG gaming lobby to play. MOst sites opt for the seamless wallet solution for customer convenience.

Several different user language interfaces are available, however not all sites activate the ability to chat with your hostess, but some do. Available languages include Chinese, English, Indonesian, Korean, and Vietnamese.

The API operates on HML5 so all games can be played in your native web browser. No plugins or permissions are needed and no software downloads are required. Some sites may still offer an APK, but it is not necessary as Android, iOS, PC, and Mac operating systems will all deliver the universal multichannel web browser experience.

All games use the same basic layout of the table and dealer above with a digital interface for betting on the bottom of the screen. Roadmaps and histories as well as other statistics can be displayed on the footer of the screen, and cards digital depictions of the cards may cover most of the dealer image, but not the table, in some games like baccarat.

The settings menu allows user control of various elements such as video still/stream quality, toggle or adjust sound levels, language options, limits, and game rules.

Mobile gaming

Players can choose landscape or portrait mode, depending on their preference at the moment. One-hand operation is more intuitive in the landscape mode, but a nimble player can still operate the game with one hand in portrait mode. We didn't experience any sound streaming while trying the games on a handset.

The Games

While some of the tables may actually be located in terrestrial casinos, they are on their own segregated section of the floor if they are. While playing one game, visitors will see other tables, occupied or empty, in the background. We do not have data on how many actual tables are put into use at peak times but do find multiple variations of many of the core games.

Traditional baccarat

The most basic offering actually has a few bets in addition to Banker, Player, and Tie with Player Pair, Banker Pair, Big, and Small side bets as options.

Depending on the table you may also find Super 6, No-Commission, Perfect Pair, and Either Pair bets with limits and payouts clearly displayed for the variant bets. Again, the player pool and road maps are clearly displayed along the bottom of the screen whether on mobile, laptop, or desktop.

BidMe Baccarat

This game keeps the core structure of traditional baccarat. On the desktop, we had interaction with the hostess with some players requesting extra time to bet or tip the dealer or card shuffler.

The major difference from the traditional game is that each round can take quite a bit longer to proceed from beginning to end. Certain cards can be revealed by the player such as when you have the highest bet on Banker you can force the reveal, if you have the highest bet on Player, you can force the reveal, and if nobody has the highest bet, the first one to bet can force the hand.

Some observers state that the RTP can be higher for players, but we have not analyzed this or AllBet's version for the house edge.

Multi-Player, Dragon Tiger, 3 Pictures, and 7 Up baccarat may be available as well, depending on the studio package your chosen gaming site has opted to provide from Gold Deluxe. Properties with a focus on Singapore, for instance, may be the best bet for games that are most popular there, such as 7 Up.

As with all of the other games, bet sums will be determined by the casino site hosting the game. We have found limits ranging from a minimum of €1 to max bets of €10,000 per hand.

Dynamic Roulette

Be sure to make sure you are betting in the standard mode if you are unsure of the odds and strategy for the dynamically generated odds. The display will inform which mode you may be in. In the top left corner, you will see "Game Mode". The top choice is Standard, with known static odds. The next two choices provide dynamic odds on straight-up bets without well-explained odds for the variants.

Standard table bets are the default, choose "neighbors" for a racetrack flyout, or "specials: for French bets such as Tier, Voisins du Zero, and Orphelins.

Straight stats, hot/cold, and even/odd outcomes are displayed for those who believe that past results may influence current or future results or who simply like to see where they've been in a game.

Sic Bo

This traditional Chinese game of Big and Small pops three dice every 30 seconds. There are 50 bets possible with varying odds and paybacks.

You won't as many statistics in this game as you will for roulette but they are provided based on the unique character of the particular game.

Players who may be unfamiliar with this game, but who like to play roulette because they are allowed to determine the volatility of each bet, may find Sic Bo very much to their liking. Slots players who prefer not to give up a lot of the RTP necessary to make volatile side bets on games like blackjack could find a new love of table gaming with this game.

Bull Bull (aka Niu Niu variant or Bullfight )

This game is most popular in Cambodia and southeast China but is catching on elsewhere thanks to the similarities to baccarat and how easy it is to play.

Side bets can net a return as high as 120:1

Players can visit the Wizard of Odds for stats, rules, and a discussion of the game

The Final Analysis

Gold Deluxe has been in the live dealer casino game realm for about a decade. While we don't find much information on ownership or management, that is usually the case with Asian operations.

It is good to be able to check on their PAGCOR First Cayagan license under the actual business name, as that is a rare find. Most Philippines-based gambling companies do not list their actual websites or even company names on their license, rather some corporate name with no relation to the present concern.

We like to see gaming providers grow and stretch to meet the ever-changing marketplace with updated interfaces, additional games, and other expansions on their product, but realize that is not always possible.

As a long-standing provider, they are at least a known commodity and that is an important consideration.

If you see them listed in an online gaming site's lobby, it wouldn't hurt to pop into the lounge and see how the games feel to you, as a player. You won't find augmented reality money wheels games like you might with Evolution Gaming or mythical AR studio sets such as those created by Playtech - but you might find a comfortable and friendly place to play your favorite games.

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