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Gamevy today can be found as part of the G. Games brand, which is the result of the company merging with Glück, another iGaming company. This merger happened in 2018, but given that the company has been active since 2013 there is much we can cover in this article.

Gamevy was something of a unique producer, in the sense that they bet their money on gameshows, scratch cards and lotteries. Consider that most other gaming companies concentrate entirely on slots, to the point that the numbers have grown into tens of thousands, and you can see why the company has garnered many eager fans with its selection of rare gems.

Software and Games

As said, today this portfolio and all of the other products can be found under the Gluck Games brand. Here we will look at the previous products, and how they moulded what has become a major source of entertainment in hundreds of online casinos around the world.

Scratch cards have been one of the staples when it comes to gambling, often not even associated with most other similar games. However, for one reason or another different companies never really tried to make them a hit online. And besides Gamevy, only Hacksaw Gaming has managed to build a similar portfolio that would fit the needs for all sorts of bets and prizes.

Game shows have grown in popularity…

…especially when different live casino producers started hosting their own. However, that’s not what the gameshows from this company were all about. Instead, they tended to take popular brands, add in massive jackpots, some luck and an element of skill. It’s the latter that is something new and interesting. Naturally, it’s luck that still plays the major role in determining wins. However, these games seem not to have continued to the same extent under the new brand.

Lotteries for Gamevy are not the national lotteries we are used to. Rather, a combination of number games which also include the likes of bingo and keno. The games are rather simple, though at times they also allow for expanded betting setups. All that you’re needed to do is place your bet and take your chances.


It’s not a big surprise the company has kept on climbing higher. Their original set of games was award-winning, and something that no other gaming company was working on. This sort of unique content always has a niche, and a chance to grow out of that niche into popular products.

Today the company is very different and heading in different directions. Yet, you can find some of the older games still available, whilst others have been withdrawn from the selection. Perhaps to wait for a redo for new audiences?

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