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Payment by a cheque or check (US) is an online casino withdrawal method available at many gaming sites. In some very rare cases, checks can also be used for deposits.

Cheques/checks are paper documents that order the bank listed on it to pay a specific person or entity a specific amount of money. The person issuing the check must have a valid bank account with funds available to cover the amount ordered.

Prior to electronic money transfers including debit and credit card transactions, most business transactions were handled by paper checks. Local, in-person transactions were nearly always handled by tendering cash or receiving credit. After paying cash or using credit the customer would receive a receipt or bill from the service provider or merchant. With a check, the canceled (paid) item becomes the receipt.

Nearly everybody who uses the internet, and especially those who transact business online, use other methods of payment. However, in some places such as the United States, checks may be the only way a customer can be paid winnings by an online casino.

When no other method is available, and the transaction must occur through a bank account, most payments are done through bank wire transfers or automated clearing house (ACH) direct deposits. These methods are almost always quicker and more secure than using an old-fashioned written check.

Casino Banking with Checks

Checks are often seen as a last resort due to the time factors involved and a few other considerations but they can be a convenient way to make winnings from an offshore casino account available for personal financial use.

Depositing via check is the slowest way to fund an online account and most cashiers will not accept personal or business checks. The time it takes to physically deliver the instrument to a financial processor, and then for the check to clear, means it could be several days or weeks before your funds become available for play.

Most often when a customer requests a pay out by check they have deposited with another method such as a credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or gift card.

Not all casino cashiers are able to payout by ACH or wire transfer at all times. Much like Visa or Mastercard may be the only possible deposit method at times, occasionally electronic transfers are not available.

Before depositing with the expectation of making a withdrawal by check, it's a good idea to know the process and potential limitations involved, as well as any fees.

Players in the U.S. may be able to cash a casino check at their local bank branch. Some players prefer to use a money service location such as the courtesy counter at a local grocery/department store. This will usually only work if the check is drawn on a US bank. Otherwise, you will probably need to cash the check or deposit it at your local bank.

Pitfalls of check withdrawals

The minimum withdrawal amount and fees associated with check withdrawals are two of the biggest reasons most players choose another method when possible.

Unless you are located in a regulated jurisdiction with well-defined casino banking regulations, the check you receive will most likely come from a third-party processor. Players in the US, for example, will never see a check with funds drawn directly from an offshore casino's business account.

Processors occasionally fail for a variety of reasons and you could receive a check that 'bounces'. If a check should ever fail to clear it is not necessarily because the casino didn't honor the payment. The funds can be tied up in the processor's failure.

Any good casino will reissue a check through another processor or suggest an alternate form of payment if a check doesn't clear.

International checks can take as long as ten business days for funds to fully clear, so it would be unwise to spend the money in the meantime.

The funds are usually only available for 60 days from the date the check is written, so it's a good idea to deposit or cash the check as soon as possible.

Delivery of Checks

Checks can be sent by regular or registered insured mail, but most are sent as courier checks. It may take 10-15 days to receive the check after internal processing. Some cashiers offer an expedited service for an additional fee. You can often see your check within three business days if you opt for the service.

Final thought on casino checks

Most players with a checking or savings account may wish to choose bank wire transfer, rather than a paper check if the option is available to them. The money will be available to transfer or spend in a matter of days, rather than weeks. Once the funds become available they cannot be removed from your account.


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