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Company Overview

We can say for sure that Bulletproof Games has developed a unique look for their products. The online slots and scratch cards that are the handiwork of this UK gaming company are available throughout the world. Both at online casinos and at land-based casinos. The selection is a bit different for each, as obviously the former also needs to take mobile devices into account.

The company has been working hard since 2015, with an obvious emphasis on quality. Their selection of games might not be enough to fill an online casino all by themselves, but they sure do stand out from the masses. This has resulted in the team working together with several of the big names in the industry. Let’s have a look at what sort of quality slots you can expect!

Online Slots

Take a look at games like Dragon Lore, Diamond Symphony, Blackbeard, or Tiki Runner, and you’ll see that slots from Bulletproof Games share some characteristics. And of course they do, the games are done by the same team obviously.

Reels and paylines is the default method for calculating the outcomes for different spins. The company hasn’t gone crazy with the setups, favouring the normal five reels with either three or four symbol positions a piece. The number of paylines hovers between ten and twenty, occasionally going a bit further into either direction. Some games like Hunter’s Moon take a completely different approach.

Variance in these online slots tends to be high, though that doesn’t necessarily mean all the big wins are to be found in the normal paytable. In fact, different special features tend to play a big role. Black Lotus for example builds up different bonus spins via a mini-game and can add several different modifiers to the reels. Crystal Falls on the other hand takes the Multimax-feature familiar from Yggdrasil games, and adds in cascading wins. There are plenty of different ways the specials can play, never repeating the same setup between different titles.

Instant Win Games

Besides the slots, the company offers some instant win games in the form of scratch cards. These might not always be available in online casinos, though they are just as numerous as the online slots. There are no big surprises, simply a variety of themes and setups for big and small wins alike.


Bulletproof Games has some interesting titles in its selection, available in a vast variety of online casinos. We can’t say these are outright hits, though definitely you can find a new favourite or two amongst the selection. Especially if you really like different bonus features.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the company has lately been concentrating more on design work for other gaming companies. Consulting, developing, game design and maths are offered to other software providers, who seem to employ the chance quite often. Perhaps you’ve already played a game of theirs?

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