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company_overviewBally Wulf is an old-school game producer from Germany, with a history that stretches back to 1950. Online casino gaming isn’t exactly at the forefront for this company, though players can find a handful of classic video slots to enjoy. When it comes to land-based gaming the story is a bit different, with games available widely in Spanish, German and Italian markets.

The company has been in the game since the first mechanical gambling devices. The company has experimented with arcade games in the past. Other products include video game terminals and even exercise equipment. It’s not such a big surprise that this eventually led to dividing the company into separate parts. Bally Wulff was to become the part that continued to produce slots. It wasn’t really until 2016 that the company finally made its way into online casinos.

Let’s have a look at what is available there!

Software and Games

software_and_gamesOver the years the company has produced a ton of different games. Obviously, many of these have become outdated with time and new technology. Still others never made their way into online space. One has to keep in mind that the company remains mostly interested in the local land-based markets, and that is why only a handful of slots are available online today.

And those games are very much the embodiment of classic slot gaming. For example, let’s take a look at the common characteristics of the following popular Bally Wulff online slots:

  • 40 Thieves
  • Magic Book
  • Mystic Force
  • Robin and his Girl
  • Quantum Clash

Paylines are pretty much the standard, and they often only come five, ten or twenty at a time. This also means that you’re pretty much locked into the five reels with three symbol positions for each of these games. Special features trust in bonus spins, with perhaps a wild, multiplier, or mystery symbols added in. Some of the latest titles might add something extra on top of that, though never venturing too far into experimental features.

The audio effects are not the best possible, but that doesn’t mean what you’ll encounter is some coins clinking. There’s music and other sound effects. Graphics have improved considerably from the first games, though you can still spot that classic way of doing symbols. Animations are quite rare, and mostly you will run into effects of different sorts.

Though some games dip a bit lower with the RTP, as a legacy from land-based gaming, most of the games are within the 95 to 96% range. The biggest wins usually come from simple five-symbol combos, as opposed to special features or jackpots, though the latter is also present fixed and in progressive form in some games.


Bally Wulf is a niche producer when it comes to online slots. In that niche of classic slots, they have nearly a century of experience. If this is the sort of gaming experience you’re after, these games are definitely worth checking out.

For added interest, did you know that Bally Wulff and Bally Technologies share a common history?

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