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Jokers Wild Video Pokerby Slotland Entertainment

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Video poker is a popular game at all casinos. It’s easy to play, and gives players the chance to win some big payouts. Slotland Entertainment recognizes this popularity and has released one of their best video poker games called Jokers Wild Video Poker.

Jokers Wild video poker is a clean game with huge payouts at the top. They aren’t re-inventing the wheel here, they are simply improving on it.

To learn more about Joker Wild video poker from Slotland Entertainment, you can read my full review below.

Joker Wild Rules and Game Play

Joker Wild is a traditional video poker game that uses a standard 52 card deck. There is the addition of one wild “Joker” card making it a total of 53 cards. This is the added excitement that makes Joker Wild so fun to play.

Playing the game is super easy and will play just like any other video poker. You are dealt 5 cards, and your goal is to make the best 5 card poker hand. All cards are face up and you have the option to discard or keep up to all 5 cards. Once you make your decision on which cards to keep and throw away, click the deal button to deal new cards in place of the ones you discarded.

After the re-deal, your hand is now complete and what you have will determine if you win or lose.

The buttons for game play are all laid out on the bottom. The “Deal” button initiates a new game as well as deal new cards for the ones you discard. The “collect” button allows you to collect any wins after a game is complete. Why have a collect button and not just put it right into your balance? Because there’s also a double up feature.

After any win, you can elect to try and double your winnings for that hand. During the double up round, you will see 5 cards. One card will be face up which serves as the dealer’s card. You pick from the remaining 4 face down cards to try and pick a card that is higher in value than the dealers card. If it is higher, you double your win. If its lower, you lose the entire win from that hand.

You can use this feature up to 5 times during any one win. Be careful though, as one wrong choice will lose your entire win.

Joker Wild Bet Levels

You can play anywhere from $0.10 up to $5.00 per bet level. You will notice a payout chart at the top of the game that has 5 levels. Each bet level bumps you up the pay scale. To win the maximum amount, you have to be playing all 5 levels.

The minimum bet at one bet level and $0.10 per level is $0.10. The maximum bet at 5 bet levels and $5.00 per level is $25.

Joker Wild Payouts

To win a hand, you must make at least a pair of Kings or better. A wild joker can be used to make any combination of winning hands.

Payouts go as follows from lowest to highest paying hand.
Kings or Better
Two Pair
3 of a Kind
Full House
4 of a Kind
Straight Flush
Royal Flush Using a Joker Wild
5 of a Kind
Natural Royal Flush

The highest payout is the natural royal flush. This is a royal flush without having to use a joker. If you are playing the highest bet level, you can up to 4,000x you’re bet.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Joker Wild is a solid version of video poker that is a must play for any video poker junkie. It appeals to all level of players with its easy to understand rules and high payouts. The 4,000x payout is clearly the best addition to the game.

The one caveat is the payout structure leans towards the higher hand values. Two pair and one pair of Kings or better pays the same amount. You will need to shoot for at least 3 of a kind to see any winnings. But, the addition of the joker makes this more probable and easier to complete.

If you’re looking for a great video poker game with high value, Joker Wild is a great choice.


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  • Progressive jackpot  No
  • Multi-hand  No
  • Number of hands  1
  • Max coins  5
  • Lowest coin value  .10
  • Max coin value  5.00

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