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Despite the name, let’s be clear that these are casino games, and they very much rely on luck just like all other casino games. However, the company has added certain choices that players can make, which can affect the outcome of the games. As for making these games, we can say that skills have certainly played a big role. Combine these and you’re certainly looking at some pretty unique games.

The company was established in 2015 and is located in Israel. Although they aren’t a company that would make much noise about themselves, they have nevertheless managed to partner up with a vast variety of content platforms and individual online casinos. Perhaps this is due to the quality of their slots.

The company is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The games have been certified by bmm testlabs and eCOGRA to be in compliance with the regulations in further jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Columbia amongst others.

Online Slots

As said, the games often feature an aspect of decision-making. This often comes in the form of unlockables and other progressive features. These are not going to really affect the chances of winning, but they might change the flow of the gameplay more to the players’ liking.

Let’s take a look at the following slots from Skillzzgaming:

  • Fruit Blast
  • Mega Money Rush
  • Alchemy Blast
  • Pets Go Wild
  • Battle Mania
  • Hippie Days
  • Goldie Lucks
  • Gems Odyssey
  • 10/20 Galactic Lines

You’ll notice that the themes are very casual. This is no surprise, as the company has taken a lot of influence from mobile video gaming. You’ll also notice that this is something that often influences even the game mechanics themselves.

What makes the games different?

First off, each game tends to come with unlockables. These always offer better setups than the basic game you start with, but do not necessarily improve the gameplay when compared to each other. Rather, you get to choose if you want bonus spins with guaranteed wins as a special, or for example multipliers to your basic wins. The different levels are tied to the themes of the games.

And you will find some interactive features. For example, you can get to race down a road and collect as many power-ups and coins as you can. However, it doesn’t seem like your skill matters in increasing your wins. Rather, if you play poorly you’re not going to win as much as you normally would. It’s a bit like playing with the optimal blackjack strategy. In any case, it can be quite fun sometimes.

Mechanics and Specials

At the moment the games use three primary mechanics for gameplay: betways, clusterpays, and match three. The last one of these sounds like a fresh take on slots, but it doesn’t actually seem to differ much at all from clusterpays. In both cases, you usually just need three similar symbols to collect wins. Individual pays tend to be quite low, despite the fact that almost all of these games boast their main prizes in the thousands. And make note, most of the time you are playing with your total bet, not with the line bet as is the case in most slots.

So what are those specials that allow for the much larger wins? Some are tied to the leveling-up mechanisms. Others are there from the beginning, helping players along the way. These are often activated via special tiles, especially in games that use clusterpays. Different bonus symbols result in different specials, such as picking wins, enjoying random wins, getting your hands on multipliers, or bonus spins. The most important one seems to be the jackpot symbol, which often pays out the biggest individual win in each game.


Although the company is still active and publishing games, its release schedule isn’t a very hectic one. Usually, it averages just one or two new titles per year. The games differ a lot in quality and type. Some of them don’t really have quite the same magnetism as most online slots, instead going for a bit more casual gameplay. One or two do deliver a bit better experience, with big wins attached.

We suggest you check out these games yourself, and see if they are something that might interest you.

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