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Whilst Religa might seem like a brand new live casino provider its roots actually reach back to 2007. The company is part of a larger group that operates land-based casinos in Malta. They used to run Portomaso Gaming, named after a similar local casino, which streamed live casino games directly from the casino floor.

The company itself was created, or rebranded in 2021, taking over this part of the business and expanding it to include studios built solely for the purpose of streaming live casino table games. Their main products are blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

At the same time, the company expanded from their original setup in Malta to the Italian and Baltic markets and also opened up partnerships with companies like EveryMatrix to ensure an even wider access to online casinos. It also seems that they are in the process of licensing their product for third parties, both casinos and other live casino providers.

Live Table Games

The main product from Religa is a hybrid live casino solution. This means that their tables are streamed both from real land-based casinos (such as their own Portomaso casino) and their own studios. This allows them to offer wildly different game setups, even if the games in question are the classics that have remained unchanged for ages.

Part of this is also offering the same solutions to other providers. Not only does the company offer live table games, they offer whole live game studios for anyone who needs to set up one. This also extends to private and custom tables for online casinos that really want to stand out in the live casino market.

The games themselves are not very surprising, although lately, the company has released something called Triple Way Roulette, which is something you will not run across with any other provider. However, at the same time they have put a lot of effort into ensuring that the interface is the most user-friendly experience possible, whether you play on mobile or desktop devices.

Features and Specials

There are also some unique features that casinos can add to their tables. These include side bets, such as Hi-Lo for roulette. Another one is bet behind for blackjack, which allows for an unlimited number of players to simply bet on the success of the players seated on the table. More side bets can be found in baccarat tables.

On top of these, pretty much all tables come with the possibility of checking trends and statistics, as well as keeping track of hands you have played. Some social tools have also been implemented, though there is not yet full information on what those are. A lot of effort has been put into making the games as visually attractive as possible, and not just relying on the computer-generated interface for this. Religa is definitely aiming for a spectacle of an experience.


For the longest time streaming from land-based casinos seems to have meant simply sticking a table at some corner where no customer ventured, to catch some glimmer of glory not present in normal studios. And perhaps that worked. But it’s definitely not what Religa is after.

Instead, their solutions place all the players on the same table. Not to worry, privacy is still fully taken care of. Neither the sharks at the casino or the players at home will be seeing each other. But the cameras are still set up in such a way that they capture all the action. What’s more, the solution seems to go for more interactive cameras, rather than just static ones.

Now, this comes with one pretty big advantage that you might not have thought of: there is no need to pay for extra croupiers. The same hosts can serve the table, and this effectively cuts costs. Will the casinos pocket that money? Will they bring about live casino bonuses with the saved cash? Or will they use it in some other way? That remains to be seen as of yet, but certainly the company has created an interesting new situation.

For now, Religa is still expanding. They have already covered Malta, Italy and the Baltics in rather short succession. We wouldn’t be surprised if they went much further in years to come. Especially as they already offer support for several languages and currencies.

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