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Suit Em Up Blackjackby RealTime Gaming

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Online casinos have brought us many forms of games that would have otherwise not been created. Not having to worry about making room for new games in a live setting, online casinos can come up with new games all the time. Even variants of already popular games.

Blackjack is by far, the most tampered with game in a casino. I don’t know exact numbers, but I would guess that there are at least 50 or so types of Blackjack game found online.

Let’s make that 51 with Real Time Gaming’s version of Blackjack called Suit Em Up Blackjack.

(Suit Em Up is a trademark owned by Real time Gaming)

Want to know what Suit Em Up Blackjack different from the rest? Read on to find out.

General Rules

Suit Em Up Blackjack is played like standard Blackjack, but it does have one twist that well get to in a second.

Up to 8 decks are used that are continuously shuffled.

Blackjack pays 3:2

Insurance Pays 2:1

Dealer must hit on a soft 17. (A 17 containing an Ace)

You may double on any two card value.

Splitting is allowed.

Split Aces receive only card.

All other rules such as hit, stand, and overall objective remains the same. Get as close to 21 without going over or beat the dealer to win.

Suit Em Up Side Bet

The side bet is what makes this game different. Before each had is dealt, you have the option to place a side bet that pays varying odds if you are certain cards as the first two.

Suited Aces Pay 60:1

Suited Blackjack Pays 10:1

Suited Pairs Pay 5:1

Suited Eleven Pays 3:1

Any Two Suited Cards Pay 2:1

If none of these parameters are met, you lose the side bet and the hand continues as normal. You can still win the actual hand of Blackjack that you are playing regardless if you win or lose the Suit Em Up side bet.

Aside from this side bet, the game is played just like regular Blackjack.

Being a fan of Blackjack and calling it my game of choice, I like the Suit Em Up side bet. I don’t use it often due to its high house edge, but it allows me to mix things up a bit when I get bored or just feel lucky.

You don’t have to make the side bet to play this game. You can play it just like regular Blackjack and choose when you want to play the side bet at any time. It’s nice knowing that the option is there in case I’m feeling frisky.

The minimum bet is $1 for both the side bet and regular bet. This makes it ideal for most recreational players looking to try the game out.

House Edge

Most of the time, when an addition is made to a casino game, it’s to the advantage of the house. In Suit Em Blackjack, the side bet does have a high house advantage and could be considered a bad bet. The Blackjack game itself is still one of the better games to play with its low house edge of around 0.40%.

Yes, the side bet is fun and could pay off big time with that 60:1 pay out for suited Aces. But, it’s not recommended to be using the side every hand. If you were to do this, the house edge could be as high as 2.75%.


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