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PugglePay Online Casinos

With the online gambling industry across Europe growing stronger each day, plenty of new and innovative payment methods are being offered, PugglePay being one of the most convenient for Swedish players. This is a mobile payment solution that, unlike others of its type, sends you a separate invoice instead of adding the funds you've spent to your phone bill. It is quite useful for all kinds of online payments, especially online casino deposits, as it offers instant and safe transactions. In case you haven’t tried it, when you do, you’ll see that you’ll easily fall for it and the service it offers. What is PugglePay and why use it across online casinos as your payment method?

About PugglePay

Designed in 2012 by experts in the finance world and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in online payments, PugglePay is a mobile payment solution that was launched in Sweden to facilitate users’ online transactions. The team behind it has strong experience in online sales and online payments, which helped it become the popular solution that it is today.

It is quite unique, compared to other methods of its kind, in the sense that it does not charge the money you've spent with it on your phone bill, but rather on a separate invoice sent to you on your phone, by email or by regular mail. That way, when you make a casino deposit with it, it won’t be written on your mobile phone bill.

This, along with the fact that you won’t really need to create an account with it to use it, is what makes it the perfect solution to use across online casinos. That’s basically why the solution is becoming more and more popular across online casinos accepting players from Sweden. It offers a real innovation on the market and it is really easy to use, and that’s why Swedish players love using it for online casino transactions.

Add to that the fact that it has scooped many industry awards, and you’ll understand why it is being accepted at many online casinos. The fact that you don’t need to share with it any personal or banking details is what makes it even more attractive to casino players, who are usually reluctant when it comes to sharing sensitive details. Players are especially happy with it because they don’t need to share credit card details with it.

But the thing that attracts online players the most is that they can make deposits now and pay for them later. This comes quite in handy in times when you don’t have actual funds to play, but you’d have some in a few days, just in time when your PugglePay invoice is due to be paid. If any of this sounds intriguing to you and you’d like to try it as your online casino deposit method, stay with us to learn how to get started with it and use it.

How to Start Using PugglePay

As introduced, PugglePay does not ask you, at any point, to create an account with it, or share personal or banking details with it. The only precondition you need to meet in order to get started with it is to have a mobile phone number.

Since there's no prior sign-up, all you'd need to do to get started with it is choose it as your payment method at the given online platform, in our case, the online casino. Once you do, you'd need to specify how much you'd like to deposit/pay and initiate the payment. After you do that, you'd need to wait for the solution to send you a special code to your phone, which you need to use in order to complete the transaction. And that’s it! Once you’ve entered the code, PugglePay will send the funds you requested to the desired destination.

Keep in mind that the solution will make the background check before it sends the money, to quickly see whether you’ll be capable to pay for the invoice later. That’s what makes it legit and trustworthy actually. It identifies you via your mobile phone number and makes sure it vets you before it completes your transaction. That is, the solution needs to trust you to be certain you'll pay the bill later before it actually loans you the money to play with at the moment.

Soon, via email, regular mail or SMS, you will receive the invoice. Once received, you have 14 days to pay it. As long as you do pay it in two weeks, you won’t need to pay any fees! Fees apply if you’ve not paid it in due time, which will be discussed later.

Depositing and Withdrawing with the Solution

The depositing procedure was basically just explained. We'll put it in casino terms in a minute, but first, let's focus on the casino choices you have at your disposal. We said that thanks to the convenience it offers, PugglePay is offered across many online casino sites. Here at WorldCasinoDirectory, you'll find a few that definitely offer it, but the list will surely continue growing.

After you’ve chosen the casino you’d like to play at, make sure you register an account with it. To make your first deposit with the solution, go through the following procedure:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Cashier page.
  2. From the list of Deposit methods, choose PugglePay.
  3. In the pop-up, specify how much you’d like to deposit.
  4. Wait for the code to arrive via SMS and enter it in the designated field.
  5. In an instant, the solution will transfer the money you specified to your online casino balance.

In just a few seconds, nearly instantly, PugglePay will make sure your deposit arrives on your balance. Deposits with it are truly fast!

However, as you would expect, due to its nature, withdrawals with it won’t be possible. There's no return address and no account where the casino could send you your winnings. Therefore, when you decide to use it for deposits, you'd need to have a backup method for Swedish players, an alternative payment solution for cashing out your winnings.

Coverage and Restrictions

You’ve probably noticed that we’re only mentioning Sweden and Swedish players throughout the article. That’s because the solution is only available in Sweden and to Swedish users who own a mobile phone number.

Therefore, when it comes to country restrictions unless from Sweden, you won't be able to use it. And as far as other restrictions go, unless you have a mobile phone number with a Swedish operator, you are not eligible to use it.

Fees and Additional Charges

We said previously that PugglePay does not charge any fees, as long as you pay the invoice before it’s due. In case you fail to do so, you’ll first receive a reminder, for which you’d need to pay a “reminder fee” worth around SEK66.

If you've not paid the bill on the due date, not even after you've received the reminder, you'll need to pay 8% interest. And if you still haven’t done that, collectors will get involved. The company's policy is crystal clear: they do you a solid but expect you to pay the bill eventually. So, in case you don't, expect collectors to arrive at your door!

Accepted Currencies

Considering this is a solution available only in Sweden, to Swedish users, the default currency is the Swedish krona, of course.

You will receive the invoice in Swedish krona since you'll be probably depositing at the online casino using your native currency. This way, you’ll avoid paying any related currency conversion fees.

Customer Support

In case you wish to get in touch with a representative from the company, you have the company’s address in Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 111.

But, if you’re experiencing a problem with your deposit, you can always contact the Customer Support service available at your online casino. With any issue or question you have, they’ll be able to provide you with the solution. Casinos offer Customer Support via many communication means, so choose whether you’d like to use Live Chat, phone line or email, for instance, to start communicating with a representative.


There’s no point denying that PugglePay is an incredibly convenient method to use for online casino deposits. Deposits with it are done in mere seconds, with such ease, using Swedish krona, with only a few taps on your mobile device. You pay the bill in a separate invoice within 14 days, meaning even if you don't have funds at the moment to make a deposit, you can still do it thanks to this solution. The only downside is that you cannot make withdrawals with it, but that's due to its nature. If you want to try it first, do it whenever you want, as you won't need to register an account with it.


Can I use PugglePay on a desktop device?

No, not really. Since you won’t create an account with it and can only use it if you have a mobile phone number, you can make transactions with it via your mobile device only. You may try using it via a desktop device, by providing your phone number, if there’s a designated field for the number. We cannot guarantee that this would succeed, but you may try it. One thing is certain, though, you can make deposits with it via any smartphone.

How safe is the solution to be used across online casinos?

Considering you're not sharing any sensitive details with it, since you don't need to create an account with it to use it, and the funds are provided by the solution to be added to your casino balance, the solution is incredibly safe to use across online casinos. You will pay the bill, ergo refund the solution for the deposit you've made, later, on a separate invoice, to be paid within 14 days.

Who created the solution?

We said that the company behind the solution was comprised of experts in finance and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in online payments, but the name associated with the solution is Kristofer Ekman Sinclair, with a background in another popular payment system, Klarna.

Will PugglePay become available in more new casinos?

Considering its popularity and ease of use, it is no wonder to see the solution become available across many sites.

Can I use a different currency to transact with this solution?

No. When you choose it as your payment method at the casino, you’ll see that the Swedish krona is the default currency, the only one you can use. Later, on the invoice, you’ll see the funds you deposited presented in Swedish krona, too.


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