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This could truly be 3Dice’s signature game, except literally translated, “Sic Bo” means ‘dice pair’, which is odd as the game is played with three dice. Sic Bo is available at many online casinos and is a highly overlooked game in terms of player traffic – and that is a shame because many find it as exciting as roulette and as fun as craps. The game has origins in ancient Chinese games and when you’re lucky enough to find a table in a land casino, there’s a good chance your play mates will be Asian.

3Dice adds a betting area that we haven’t seen at any other online casino and that is an “Any Straight” bet that pays 7:1 plus four particular straights that pay 30:1 for a successful prediction. These bets can be used along with other bets so that your final placement before “popping the dice” can resemble craps as much as roulette.

Sic Bo is played with three dice and the object of the game is to predict the outcome of those dice. Simply choose a bet size and hover over any part of the table to see the payouts for a particular bet before clicking to place your wager. Wager on small or big for even money, particular dice numbers 1-6 for even to 12:1 odds, any straight for 7:1, certain straights for 30:1, predict the total of all dice for odds ranging from 6:1 to 62:1 or even a particular three of a kind that pays an amazing 180 to 1!

The screen shots below show one particular patterns that covers the odds well and results in a medium to high risk wager – the hope in this strategy is to hedge the higher risk bets with lower risk so that enough small wins come in to keep you going until the particular combination of 15 comes in with a whopping payout.


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