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company_overviewIt’s easy to see that PoggiPlay has a very unique style, at least when it comes to graphics and animations. The style is very fit for animated games, which seem to make quite a portion of these slots. And besides online slots, you’re not likely to find any other casino games in the section, apart from an exception here and there.

The company is from Armenia, where it was founded in 2019, and for the most part, they have lived quite a quiet life. The only news we hear about the company is them releasing new games. You won’t find much more information than this, even if you tune in on their YouTube or Instagram channels.

Even on that front most of the action seems to have started around 2022, when the company released ten games. In the following year, they came out with only four new titles. Yet this doesn’t mean the company would be slowing down. On the contrary, they seem to be building a growing presence in online casinos.

Let’s have a look at what that looks like.

Online Slots

online_slotsThe unique artistic style started with their very first slot, Super City. These pixel graphics are as if from video or mobile games, and of extremely high quality. It’s certainly not the usual bells and fruits that we are looking at here.

And if you happen to open up this game, you notice that it is anything but an ordinary slot. In fact, is it a slot at all? You’re certain to scratch your head for a bit before getting the flow of the game here. But once you get it, the concept becomes very interesting. There’s a set amount of positions on the screen, and a random number of building blocks are dropped on these. These are then combined in different ways to create the city, and the wins you get are determined by how everything on the screen looks.

Of course, this is a completely random process. Just like with all slots. They’ve managed to even include a special bonus game, on a game that is already special.

Their next game, Purple Fox, pivoted back to normal settings. The unique graphics were kept, with loads of animations to enjoy, but the gameplay itself used paylines together with a normal five-reel grid. The game also offered several different bonus games, often with bonus spins that came with additional modifiers like multipliers, extra wilds, and more.

The next few games, like Lucky Captain, Face Control, Space Controller, and Bull Fight all followed similar formulas. That doesn’t mean the games were copies of each other, or that they would follow the same rules. On the contrary, they were all quite different from one another. Some opted for high volatility, others for lower wins. All games come with interesting bonus features, and often even with mini-games. These aren’t necessarily games you’re accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be after a few spins.

And of course, the graphics and animations remained top-notch. It’s not really even a question of liking the style, it’s just obviously something that has been worked a lot, to ensure that the theme and setting really plays out and helps the players enjoy these games.

Something else worth mentioning is that some of the games can deliver truly massive wins. Of course, that means very high volatility. Luckily, the RTP is always high, staying between 96% and 97% without exception.

Here are a couple more casino games from PoggiPlay you might want to check out:

  • Blueberry Island

A rather sweet theme, with lots of tasty pastries. You’ll also notice that the play area has been expanded to include a sixth reel, with four symbols on each. Players get to choose from two competing bakeries, each with their unique mechanics. Bonus spins and other features complete the gameplay experience.

  • Burial Warfare

Well, this one is a bit of a macabre theme. One that you rarely run across! Once again you need to choose a side. Whilst the reels are similar to the game above, the special features come out unique. Get up to thirty bonus spins to up your wins!

  • Creepy Dippy

The same six reels, but with five symbols on each this time around. This game can net you wins over 21 thousand times the bet. No need for paylines this time, as cluster pays are used to calculate wins. And those really big wins, well they come with the help of something we call multipliers.

  • Deadly Diamond

Get set and ready to raid an ancient temple. In a video game fashion that is! This is definitely not a slot, not in any way you’ve seen before either. Rather, it’s an interactive game where you choose where the adventurer moves. Each step increases the possible wins, but to gain them you need to cash out. Or take the risk of stepping further and activating a trap?

  • Blue Invaders

Another game that might look like a cluster pays slot, but that comes with such unique features that it’s likely something you’ve never experienced before. Super-sized symbols, tons of aliens, and loaded guns that shoot ‘em up. Find the ammo to make the most of your wins!

  • Fire Sloth

Back to the basics with this one. A rather normal slot, with normal paylines, reels and symbols. But once you make a winning combination, it explodes away, leaving room for further prizes. Not only this, but wilds replace entire reels, and even add in multipliers for the wins.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

A forest full of strange creatures, and an isometric view that reveals a huge field of play. Match symbols in clusters and gain prizes, and these keep on going as long as new wins land. The Fuzzy Wuzzy is both a wild and a scatter, with three of them activating the bonus game. Not only this, but they come with multipliers, which combine to form even bigger win multipliers!

  • Octo Tamer

An entertaining underwater adventure, with animations to make it all the sweeter. The wild shows up only on the middle reels, but help form winning combinations both from left and right!

The Verdict on Slots

Truthfully, these games go beyond what a slot really is. Not all of them mind you. Some are simple 5-reelers, whilst others re-invent casino games entirely. Most importantly, the whole selection is unique, comes with plenty of different features, and always with excellent graphics.

PoggiPlay might be a small developer, but they do not lack ambition. Each of the games is something to try, even if it doesn’t end up being your new favourite. Chances are, there’s something in this collection that you will come back to time and time again.

Now, the company does promise something extra in the form of bonus tools. This is something that is really left to the individual casinos. Don’t expect to find tournaments centred around these games any time soon. Bonus spins and other promotions will probably be limited to release of new slots too. Do keep your eyes open, as it is always a great opportunity to get to know new producers and new casino games.


The only downside to PoggiPlay is that their games aren’t widely available. On the other hand, you know that the few online casinos that currently have these games are sure to pay attention to quality over quantity. We’ve listed all we could find here, and we are sure to keep you updated on all the new ones too.

The upsides are many, even if we consider the fact that the release schedule is somewhat slow, and the numbers likewise low. That doesn’t really matter when the games are all of excellent quality, and so different from each other that you are always going to find reasons to play them, other than just trying to win money.

The company itself is still fresh, and will remain so for years to come. As a small studio, their number one priority should be expanding and finding new partners. It does seem like this is something they are going to cover next.

Another note is that for now they still seem to be lacking when it comes to bonus options. There is some mention of promo tools, which include jackpots, bonus spins, bonus cash, and tournaments. But those are definitely not fleshed out to the length that is needed to ensure that players get that bit of extra that they can get their hands on with some other producers.

All in all, we see promise in PoggiPlay, and we are sure that so will you once you try out the games. Check it out, choose one of our suggested casinos, and enjoy your gaming!

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