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Pipa Games

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About the Company

Pipa Games is a Brazil-bred and born online live dealer casino game provider launched in 2021. Players first found their games at partner casinos using Salsa Technologies. Not long after that, the firm signed a deal with SOFTSWISS to join its aggregator platform. Now the games are available at many SoftSwiss-powered online casinos.

Look for live-streamed gambling games like roulette at N1 Partners Group operations such as JOO,, Fight Club, and N1Bet among many others.

Players in Brazil can find the studio at Vegas Crest as can players in the USA and other regions not usually accepted at SoftSwiss casinos.

Founded by two partners - Andre Schuartz and Alessandro Valente. Schuartz is an expert in live online casino production and delivery while most of Valente's experience is found in marketing and the casino affiliate industry.

Schuartz also reportedly founded Copacabana Games. That firm formed a joint venture with the better-known Caleta Gaming, an icon in the LatAm market, named Ipanema Gaming.

Pipa Games is situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil and everything they do has a Brazilian flavor. The party atmosphere comes naturally to the co-founders with Andre being the founder of a "casino night" company in Brazil called Cassinera. Since gambling legislatoin is moving slowly but surely through the process in Brazil, the company gives players a Vegas experience with professional dealers and entertainers without risking real money.

Cassinera delivered to Brazilians the experience of live casinos at parties, events, hotels, and resorts for more than a decade

On the more serious side, we find he is also the owner of "Dealer Pro", a company that rose out of Cassinera and then went on to train professional casino game dealers for cruise ships and other verticals. It just makes sense that the next evolution would be to start an online live dealer casino for players in Brazil and beyond.

All of the company's games are served up from its Brazilian studios. There are currently four different games on offer which include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and bingo.

Commenting on the partnership that brought a big expansion to the usually European-facing SOFTSWISS, Nikita Keino, Partner Managers Team Lead there said: “We’re excited to be expanding our Game Aggregator offering to the LatAm market and to be able to provide our players with a fully localized number of live games from a game provider like Pipa Games. This partnership will further strengthen our presence on the global market, as well as diversify our extensive gaming library.”

Pipa Games co-founder, Alessandro Valentes added: “It’s an incredible opportunity for Pipa Games to be integrated with SOFTSWISS and this collaboration makes us very proud. The onboarding process was amazingly supported by their incredible team and we are now hoping to see our games live on all the operators currently plugged into SOFTSWISS.”

Software and Games

Pipa Games delivers its studio content live over the HTML5 framework which allows players in any location with an internet or data connection to gamble right in their web browsers. The studios use state-of-the-art camera and sound systems and the websites that deliver the games to players are as secure as your online banking thanks to end-to-end encryption over a secure socket layer (SSL).

The hosts and hostesses are all trained entertainers and professional croupiers that make people feel welcome, especially those in Latin America who are most comfortable speaking Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.

The studios are "tropicalized" to use the studio's words, and anyone can imagine what that means. The lighting and color schemes are fabulous with some accented by neon and gold.

The games

The studio currently offers Roulette Ao Vivo, live blackjack, live baccarat, and live bingo games.

Roulette Ao Vivo

This is a standard American-variety game with 38 betting spots that include a single Zero (0) and a double Zero (00). While the additional Zero does lower player odds and raise the house edge the configuration is the only one that a Hail Mary, Basket Bet, or 5 Number Bet can be made on (0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 as a block).

This unique bet raises the house edge to 7.9%. The payout is 6:1 and the probability of hitting is 5:38 (1:7.6) 13.2%. In addition to the above names it is also known as the worst possible bet, but it has saved the bankroll of more than one player to get them back in the game. We only suggest it as a last resort.

The best possible bet, when considering all of the odds, the house edge, and the nature of random numbers in a fair game is to place as much as is allowed on red or black, odd or even, and then walk away from the table win or lose.

Of course, there are a lot of other fun bets to make when you control your own volatility by betting low risk for low (even money) returns or high risk (single number) for the highest return possible. Of course, middle-of-the-road bets or a mixture of high, medium, and low are also possible.


Blackjack is played against a dealer in real time. This is a game of luck and skill. While a perfect strategy will help you get the best possible returns (return to player percentage or RTP), a winning session will almost always be the result of optimal strategy along with a streak of luck and good bankroll management - knowing when to quit.

The Wizard of Odds provides different strategies for nearly every set of rules along with the best odds you can expect in the long run. We always suggest that newer players start out at home or by using random number generator (RNG) software to practice a strategy.

Of course, if you already fancy yourself a good or lucky player, you can visit any casino online that carries Pipa Games, like Playamo, and look in the live lobby for the provider. We think you'll like the difference this stylized provider delivers.


This game is also streamed from the Brazilian studios of Pipa Games. It's a very easy game to learn and the odds are quite good. The dealer will handle all of the "third card" calls as they know when the rules call for them.

The tie bet pays the best but it also has the worst odds. If you want to play at safe, we suggest always betting on the Banker's hand - that way you are as close to a game of flipping a coin as you can get. On average, the Banker's hand will win 45.8% of the time. That return is just a little higher than the Player's hand which will win 44.6% of the time.

It doesn't take a statistician to see that those two numbers don't add up to 100% so we need to look at the tie bet. Ties win 9.6% of the time. If we ignore the tie bet and just look at Banker's hand and Player's hand, the Banker's hand wins just about 51% of the time. Tis is why we suggest betting on the Banker's hand.


This game has one of the most festive or fun atmospheres available in the Pipa Games suite. It's all about fun and luck with no real strategy that can help.

All you need to do is buy a card and mark your numbers then wait for the balls to be drawn. Completing certain patterns can pay more than others but it's still just a matter of luck in the final analysis.

The Final Analysis

Pipa Games is a welcome addition to the plethora of online live dealer game providers available on the internet. It's unique in flavor and on par in terms of quality.

One big kicker is the Brazilian studio location and the native language dealers. We also like they are trained in-house by a company that has been in the business for quite awhile.

None of the smaller studios are likely to ever rise to the prominence that Evolution Gaming achieved through a greenfield advantage, smart marketing, aggressive deployment, and eventual acquisitions of big league players like NetEnt - nor will they come shoulder to shoulder in terms of brand awareness or game proliferation with a provider like Pragmatic Play, that bought up an existing studio and invest perhaps millions of dollars in expanding to reach the number two spot.

That being said, smaller studios like this can offer more of a sense of home and comfort through familiarity with a smaller pool of dealing talent, as well as native language, not to mention the allure of the tropics found so prevalently here.


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