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Person2Person Money Transfer Online Casinos


Regardless of their country of residence, online casino players have plenty of payment solutions at their disposal for smooth deposits and withdrawals, but Person2Person money transfer is among their favorites, thanks to the effortless and safe transactions it offers. It is a popular solution across the online gambling industry, allowing players to transact in their native currency, using their mobile devices and online banking profiles. It is extremely easy to use and that’s one of the main reasons why it is accepted across that many online casinos. If it sounds just like the solution you’d like to try out, continue reading to find out all about it. What is Person2Person money transfer and why use it at an online casino?

About Person2Person Money Transfer

You’ve seen the Person2Person money transfer option or P2P in short, listed on the accepted methods list across many online casino sites, that’s for sure, but you may not know what is it and how to use the solution. Well, it appeared right around the time when banking went online and people started using smartphones for all kinds of things, online payments included. The solution emerged as an initiative by banks, to facilitate the way users can make online transactions via their mobile devices.

Therefore, this solution allows you to make payments and receive money via your smartphone, via your online banking profile, to and from your mobile phone contacts. Meaning, that with it, you don't need to resort to alternative payment solutions, like most players do to get smooth and effortless transactions. Even though eWallets prevail as preferred methods among players, for instance, if you can use this solution, all you need is your mobile device and your online banking profile to initiate a transfer request. As long as you have the recipient’s mobile phone number saved on your smartphone, you are ready to send them a transfer. You no longer need to remember long bank account numbers and other details to send or receive money online, you just need to pick this solution as your payment method to make convenient transactions. So, this solution is even easier to use than eWallets.

Now, you must be wondering whether this is a safe solution to use. Considering each time a transfer is initiated, the sender asks the recipient a security question, and the recipient, of course, needs to answer it correctly for the transaction to succeed. This is an added layer of protection, for both participants to know exactly who is sending and receiving the money. This brings us to another thing you should know about the solution; it only works on a local level. Meaning, that both the sender and the recipient must be from the same country for the transaction to succeed.

This, on the other hand, means that you could only use the solution at an online casino if the operator is based in your country. But this should not be taken as a disadvantage, considering the solution is offered across sites in some of the biggest and most successfully-running gambling jurisdictions. As an example, we can take the UK, the country where the solution is most popular and where plenty of online casinos are based and registered. Millions of UK players are frequenting these casinos and can take advantage of the solution to make the most cost-efficient and prompt transactions with it. Therefore, if you want to know how to get started with it to use it, stay with us, as we'll cover that next.

How to Start Using Person2Person Money Transfer

You must have gathered by now that to get started with the solution, you have to meet at least two conditions. You have to have an active online banking profile, and by default, an active bank account, and you must have a smartphone. As a feature offered by your bank, it is pre-enabled on your banking profile so you can start using it right away.

It works as simply as it gets. You just open your online banking profile, press “Send a Transfer to a Person” and enter the recipient's, or in our case the operator's, phone number (or in some cases email address), and select the amount of money you wish to send. This solution is offered by all banks in the world, but each bank is allowed to set out the requirements, so in some cases, the email address of the recipient may be needed, even though it is usually the mobile number. The mobile number must be the same one entered when the sender/recipient created their online banking profile, as that's the number saved across the standard banking system. That is why it is important that you update your phone number before you start using the solution.

The next step would be creating a security question, a unique one you know the recipient will know the answer to. Since in this case, you are not really "friends" with the operator, and you still need them to answer the question correctly for the transaction to succeed, you may want to talk to a Customer Support representative before making your first deposit, to ensure they get the answer right. As soon as the right answer is provided, the transaction will succeed and you will be informed of its success via a notification.

The solution, of course, works both ways, so you can also request a transaction with it, meaning ask the operator to send you your winnings. The operator will go through the procedure we just described, and this time, you'll be the one who needs to provide the correct answer to the security question, so again, get in touch with the Support team to ensure you have the answer for the transaction to succeed and for you to get your winnings safely on your bank account. On that note, let's check out the exact steps you need to take to initiate deposits/withdrawals with Person2Person money transfer next.

Depositing and Withdrawing with the Solution

Person2Person money transfer is, thankfully, a solution you will find listed across many online casinos, if not all of them. But, even though you have a wide choice of sites to explore, you’d need to look for sites based in your country, to be eligible to use the solution. Once you handpick several such casinos, check them out for promotions and bonuses and the selection of games offered, and decide on the one to join.

Once you make your decision, register an account with your chosen casino. To make your first deposit with Person2Person money transfer, go through the following steps:

  1. Log into your registered player profile and find the Banking page.
  2. Look for a section that reads Deposit Methods and find the Person2Person money transfer’s logo.
  3. Select it and you’ll be redirected to a page where you need to log into your online banking profile.
  4. Once you enter the profile, select the "Send to a Person" option.
  5. Set out the amount of money you wish to deposit and enter your security question.
  6. Enter the casino’s phone number in the designated field and confirm the transfer.
  7. After the operator enters the correct answer, the funds will immediately reach your online casino balance.

You probably figured out that the solution is an option for withdrawals since we told you that it works both ways already.

So, to initiate a withdrawal request, you’d need to select the solution from the Withdrawal Methods section and in the new window, just select the amount of money you’d like to cash out. Wait for the operator to receive your request and review it. Assuming you have enough money to withdraw, the operator will send you the funds along with the security question that you need to answer. Provide the correct answer and in 24 to 48 hours, the funds will reach your bank account.

Coverage and Restrictions

When it comes to coverage, in theory, Person2Person money transfer is a global solution, offered by basically all banks across the world.

However, as far as restrictions go, you know that you can only use the solution at an online casino if that casino is based in your country, as it functions for local transfers only.

Fees and Additional Charges

Considering it was created with the aim to facilitate local money transfers, as a local service, the solution is pretty inexpensive to use. In fact, no fees are charged when you transact with it.

Your bank may charge you a standard transfer fee, which applies for all transactions processed via the banking system, but no extra charges will apply for choosing to use the Person2Person money transfer feature to complete a transaction.

Accepted Currencies

Given its global availability, by default, with Person2Person money transfer you can transact in your native currency since all currencies are supported.

And since you need to join a casino based in your country, your native currency will surely be offered for you to choose as your default for the deposits and withdrawals you'll be making. Therefore, you won't need to pay conversion fees, regardless of whether you've joined a UK casino to make deposits and withdrawals in UK pounds, or some European-based casino to use the euro, for instance.

Customer Support

Considering Person2Person money transfer is basically a feature offered by your bank, you would need to get in touch with your bank’s Support team in case you have some questions or problems with this solution.

Banks usually offer superb Customer Support services, therefore, you should have no issues contacting the agents via phone, email, Live Chat, or in person, after you visit the bank physically.


If you’re a casino player from a jurisdiction with legal online gambling, and you can join a casino that is based in your country, look no further because you’ve found the most perfect payment method to use for your deposits and withdrawals. With Person2Person money transfer, you’ll be transacting in your native currency, your deposits will be instant and withdrawals fast, and you will waste no time remembering bank account details, as you’d only need to use phone numbers to transact to and from the casino site as effortlessly as possible.


Who do I get in touch with in case my deposit with Person2Person money transfer fails?

You can always get in touch with your bank’s Support team, as mentioned, to find out why the transaction failed. But you can also try the casino’s Support agents, to see whether the issue occurred on the casino’s part. Regardless, you’ll get the assistance and explanation you need.

How can I know whether the casino I joined accepts Person2Person money transfer?

You'd need to check the casino's homepage to see whether you can find the Person2Person money transfer's logo somewhere, or go straight to the Banking page, for the quickest results. Or, of course, you can get in touch with its Support team to get a first-hand answer to your question.

How do I know whether my bank offers the “Send to a Person” option?

Most banks across the globe do, so this should not be a concern. However, to be certain, enter your online banking profile and if you cannot find the "Send to a Person" option, try finding a "Pay a Friend", "Pay a Friend", "Send to Phone Number" or similar options that could mean the bank offers the feature. Or, the best thing to do is get in touch with your bank and ask its employees directly.

Can transactions with Person2Person money transfer be canceled?

Yes and no. Yes, if the transaction is pending and has not yet been processed. No, if the transaction was already sent and received. In the latter case, however, when it comes to deposits, you can get in touch with the casino to check whether they’ll be willing to send you your money back, in case you overspent.

How do I know if the casino I want to join is based and registered in my country?

This information can be found on its About Us page, at the bottom of the homepage sometimes, and sometimes on the Terms & Conditions page. In case you couldn't find it, get in touch with the casino's Support team to find out exactly where the casino is based to find out whether you could use this solution or not.


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