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Despite the name, OpenBet isn’t some open-source software project. Instead, it is one of the leading online betting platforms in the world. The company holds considerable sway in North American and European markets, with a presence that is felt almost everywhere else in the world too. Their core market area is English-speaking countries.

Tracing roots back to 1996, the platform has undergone countless changes over the years. This betting platform doesn’t solely serve online casinos, instead covering everything from retail betting shops to interactive television. Their long history in the industry has allowed them to forge unique partnerships, which has resulted in an incredible spread of betting opportunities.

A String of Acquisitions

The ownership of OpenBet has changed hands quite a few times. The original company was called Orbis Technology. They built the framework and developed the original software, launching it in 1999. Soon after, in 2000 the company was bought by NDS Group. The same company would go on to buy different bits and pieces used to reinforce the platform over the years.

It wouldn’t be until 2010 that the name change would come around, with OpenBet replacing Orbis Technology. Perhaps this speaks something of the popularity of this single product, as it had by now overshadowed whatever other solutions the company was up to.

In 2011 the software was acquired by Vitruvian Partners, a company that is mostly interested in buying assets, developing them, and selling them for more cash. And this is exactly what they did, selling OpenBet to NYX Gaming Group in 2016. NYX itself was acquired by Scientific Games in 2017. In 2021 the platform changed hands again, perhaps for the final time, when it was sold to Endeavor.

All About Betting

What is there to say about the offering, other than that it is concentrated on betting. On everything about betting, whether you’re at the local betting shop or following the latest match at home. Points of importance naturally include providing a platform that has zero downtime, is available in most gambling jurisdictions, and can be integrated into any online casino.

But you’re of course interested in the targets and matches? Well, OpenBet has the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia as their core market areas. And they concentrate heavily on all the most popular sports from these games. You might have heard of the NFL, the World Cup (pick any sport really), Grand National, or Super Bowl. They’re heavily involved in all of these, processing bets, promoting events, and ensuring that players have all the data available necessary to make the best of bets.

The company doesn’t seem to be that interested in emerging markets, like ESports, which is understandable given their dominant status within the area of normal sports betting.


Sportcast used to be its own brand and product, up until the whole company was bought up by OpenBet and integrated into their services. As the name would suggest, this isn’t a betting service as much as it is a service for providing all the stats needed. Naturally, the company has a further list of partners that handle gathering and inputting the stats, especially for big events. This also gives the possibility for laying down bets that you won’t run into on other platforms.

One of the core products is something called BetBuilder. This allows not only for pre-play bets, but for wild combinations of in-play, cashout, and other similar bets that have become popular in recent years. The company advertises billions of possibilities, which surely means that you are going to find the most extensive list of targets.


There’s no doubt why OpenBet has become such a powerful product for betting. It basically covers all the famous and popular sports, and allows players to do everything from betting, to watching the games, and surveying all the statistics possible. On top of this, many of the most popular sports offer endless lists of different bets. For example, bet on who scores first, if both sides score, who gets a red card, or any other similar bets for different sports.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out our suggested casinos that use this platform for sports betting!

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