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Online casinos accepting players from Oman

Oman is an Arab country located in Western Asia. Also known as the Sultanate of Oman, the country shares land borders with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen while sharing maritime borders with Iran and Pakistan.

Since it is a Muslim country, both land-based and online gambling are strictly prohibited. Yet, fans of these activities do manage to find a way to gamble on the internet by visiting foreign betting websites. Some even opt for VPN to mask their location.

As far as the stats from the beginning of 2023 reveal, the internet penetration rate in the country is over 95%, which does represent more than solid ground for the legalization of iGaming. However, knowing that Islamic laws are quite strict with regard to this form of entertainment, regulation of digital or brick-and-mortar gaming in Oman is highly unlikely to happen.

Laws and Regulations

Just like in most of its neighbors, Oman doesn’t have any legally operating land-based gambling facilities. According to The Penal Law Promulgated by Royal Decree 7/2018:

Article 289

Whoever arranges, prepares, opens, or manages a place for gambling, or organizes any of its games, shall be punished by imprisonment for a period no less than (3) three months and not exceeding (3) three years, and a fine no less than (100) one hundred Rial Omani and not exceeding (1,000) one thousand Rial Omani, or one of those two punishments.

Article 290

Whoever plays any gambling game shall be punished by imprisonment for a period no less than a month and not exceeding (6) six months, and a fine no less than (100) one hundred Rial Omani and not exceeding (500) five hundred Rial Omani, or one of those two punishments.”

Although online gambling is not explicitly mentioned, it is treated as illegal and prohibited by Islamic law. Players are not prosecuted when caught gambling online, yet some big gambling platforms are blocked.

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Player Protection and Responsible Gambling Measures

In countries where gambling is not legalized or regulated at all, such as Oman, consumers can hardly expect any official support or player protection measures. As gambling is forbidden by Islam, there are no institutions in charge of providing help to those who are experiencing gambling-related harms.

For that reason, consumers need to educate themselves on how to stay responsible while gambling online. First of all, it is necessary to inspect whether the platform is licensed. The seal is usually found in the footer, and you can even click on it to verify the status.

After that, check whether the page contains a “Responsible Gambling” section with helpful tools. They usually include tools for managing time and money spent gambling. Players who need to take a longer break to opt for cool-off or self-exclusion.

Last but not least important is the customer support department. Any casino which cares about its reputation and players, of course, should do its best to include as many channels of communication as it can so that consumers can have their questions answered ASAP.

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Payment Methods and Banking

The official currency of Oman is the Omani rial (OMR), divided into 1000 baisa. After the Kuwaiti dinar and the Bahraini dinar, OMR is the third-highest-valued currency unit in the world.

As there are no operators which support this currency (at least we couldn’t find any), players need to use alternatives such as USD, GBP, or EUR. They are more or less supported in every casino, so there should be no obstacles with deposits and/ or withdrawals.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, opinions on their status are divided. Some consider it halal, while others claim it’s haram. Due to their fluctuating nature and shadowy origins, some prominent religious authorities note that they resemble gambling, which is among the activities Koran/Quran prohibits. One thing is certain- it prompted lots of new questions, with answers to be given over time.

Before pressing the “deposit” button, players should investigate a bit in order to find the most suitable options for themselves. First, it’s necessary to take a look at the cashier and see which methods are featured. The next thing to do is check the minimum and maximum amounts per transaction on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Once that is finished, the next in line is to see whether the operator imposes some fees. The number of operators charging commissions on a deposit is much smaller than the number of those who attach fees on withdrawals.

Finally, closely connected with cashout efficiency is the ID verification process. Sometimes this step is mandatory, and sometimes it’s optional, so the best would be to check the official Terms and Conditions.

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What Should Players from Oman Pay Attention to When Selecting a Casino?

In the sections above, we’ve discussed the importance of familiarizing yourself with all the details on payment methods and processing time. We’ve also talked about helpful tools and the customer support department as significant ingredients in making the overall experience much smoother.

Other than these, you should also take a look at the selection of providers and game genres. If you are a fan of slot machines, you will naturally pick platforms with a wide variety of digital one-armed bandits. In case you prefer table games or live dealer games, you will focus on websites that have a good selection of those.

A huge plus is if games are available in demo mode. You can explore a couple of installments for free before switching to real money mode. Also, if you like playing games while out and about, launch the site on your phone to see if it performs well.

Furthermore, browse the site for promotions and bonuses and see if tournaments are offered. Investigate whether a Loyalty Program exists, how points are collected, and what sort of incentives are included.

While it may seem that choosing an online casino for players from Oman is a complicated and lengthy process, these steps are actually completed quickly, within circa 20 minutes. This is something each player should do before making a deposit, so to avoid unpleasant situations and misunderstandings.

Gamble responsibly!


Is it legal to gamble online in Oman?

No, land-based and online gambling is forbidden in Oman. Yet, that doesn’t mean that there’s no gambling activity in the country. Players gamble online on offshore betting platforms.

Is demo play available in Oman-friendly online casinos?

The vast majority of online casinos for Omani players have a demo mode, so players can explore a couple of games without having to pay. However, it would be wise to check whether registration is required or if you can access fun play as a visitor.

What kind of online casino bonuses can Omani players claim?

Most claimed bonuses in Oman include welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses. It is essential to check the list of countries permitted to participate in bonuses, featured in the operator’s official Terms.

Can players from Oman gamble on mobile devices?

Omani players can play online casino games on their smartphones and tablets. Thanks to excellent Internet coverage, a stable signal is secured, which is an important precondition for a smooth casino experience on the go.

What are the most popular online casino games in Oman?

Slots are the #1 choice of Omani players, but they also like to explore other genres, such as table games and live dealer games.


Online casinos accepting players from Oman