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As an online casino player, you're showered with choices when it comes to payment methods at your disposal, regardless of where you're from, but Instant Bank is definitely always an option. To stay on the safe side when offering players payment methods, operators display the Instant Bank icon, allowing them, regardless of their country of residence, to get the opportunity to make safe deposits and withdrawals directly from and to their bank. Basically, when you see this option, you know you're covered, even if no other payment method works for you as a player from a certain country. What is Instant Bank and why use it as your online casino payment method?


About Instant Bank

As introduced, Instant Bank is the option to go for when in lack of other options after you’ve joined an online casino. But, after you see the convenience it offers, you won’t only choose it over any other in the lack of options, but also because it is a great option to use in itself.

When you see the little Instant Bank logo at your chosen casino, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’re covered when it comes to eligible payment methods. Basically, this is a wire transfer option, where you’d need to visit your bank, or in modern times, your online banking profile, in order to request a transaction. The best thing is, regardless of your country  of residence, you’ll be able to transact both locally and internationally. Through global wire networks, such as the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS), Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) or the Federal Reserve Wire Network, you can send and receive money to and from any bank across the globe.

About Instant Bank

No third parties are involved in the process, and that's the beauty of it. Now, you see that in its name there's the word "instant"; well, the bank transaction would be possible instantly only if the money is moved locally, while for international transactions, it would take a few hours to a few days, but more on that later.

For now, you should know that this is one of the safest payment options out there. It uses your bank's security system, and you know that banks implement the highest security measures possible. In fact, even if a transaction goes wrong, it is the bank's responsibility to refund your money. Add to that the fact that banks today use the latest encryption technologies and firewalls to further protect your money and data from any possible cyber-attacks and interferences, so you can really sit back and relax, knowing your money is in the right hands.

Now, when it comes to its availability across the online gambling industry, you can also rest assured that you’re covered. The solution is available across basically all online casinos, except crypto casinos like Bitcoin casinos, obviously. Operators, as introduced, want to always give players at least one payment method that is internationally available, and what’s more international than a bank account? So, stay with us to learn how to start using the solution and make the safest deposits and withdrawals with it across online casino sites.

How to Start Using Instant Bank

As you’ve already assumed, in order to use the Instant Bank method at an online casino, you must first have an existing, active bank account, and if possible, an active online banking profile. As long as you do, you won’t go through any, any at all, registration procedures to get started with the solution.

As long as you're a holder of a bank account with any bank across the globe, and you have your online banking profile up and ready to be used for online payments and purchases, you're good to go. To use it for payments, or in our case deposits, you'd need to join a casino that accepts Instant Bank and choose it as your deposit option. You'd need to initiate the transfer by logging into your online banking profile and present your address, full name, bank account number and SWIFT code. The recipient’s, or in our case the casino’s, IBAN would be needed, which is the International Bank Account Number, in case the casino you’ve joined is not based in your country, so an international transfer needs to be made.

Double-check whether the data you've entered is correct, and just confirm your request. The banks involved on your side and the casino's side will make sure the transaction reaches the right destination, through the SWIFT network. Considering the transfer is local, you should expect the money to arrive right away; if international, it should arrive in a few hours to a few days.

On a side note, in case you don’t have your online banking profile up, you’d need to pay your bank a visit and ask any desk clerk to initiate the profile for you. You probably won’t need to provide any extra information, as the clerk will have all the information needed to create your profile, but just in case needed, make sure you provide the right, legit personal details about you.

Depositing and Withdrawing with the Solution

Basically, the depositing process has just been explained, but we'll shortly put it in casino terms, too. But first, let's reinstate Instant Bank's wide availability across the online gambling industry. Finding a casino to join which accepts it would be such as hassle-free task, since basically all casinos accept it, except crypto casinos, as said. This is a solution that connects all worldwide banks and their users, so it is almost always available across online casinos. Therefore, the first thing to do is find a suitable casino to join. Register your account with it and you’ll be ready to make your first deposit.

To make a deposit with Instant Bank, go through the following steps:

  1. Visit the casino’s Banking/Deposits/Cashier page.
  2. From the list of offered methods, find Instant Bank and press the icon.
  3. In a new window, you’ll be redirected to your online banking profile log in page.
  4. Enter your credentials and log in.
  5. Enter the needed bank account details, as well as any international codes, if needed, and specify how much you’d like to deposit.
  6. Confirm your transaction request.
  7. Depending on whether the transaction was local or international, the money will arrive on your balance instantly or in a few hours/days, respectively.

Withdrawals with Instant Bank are not only possible but also players' favourite. This is one of the go-to methods players use for withdrawals, mainly due to the security level it provides. Players know that when they request to cash out their winnings with it, in a matter of days, they’ll have their money safely arrive on their respective bank accounts.

The withdrawing procedure is pretty much the same as the depositing one. You’d need to choose the solution as your withdrawal method at the casino’s Banking/Cashier/Withdrawals page and repeat the same procedure as described above, this time specifying how much you’d like to withdraw. The withdrawal won’t be instant, even if local, considering the casino must check if the request checks out and you have money to withdraw. Therefore, expect it to arrive in a few days to a week.

Coverage and Restrictions

Considering this is one of the most genuinely global payment methods, there are no country restrictions. Anyone can use it, so regardless of your country of residence, you can rest assured that Instant Bank will be your option.

However, you need to keep in mind something else. Some countries or their banks themselves, forbid the processing of online gambling transactions. You’d need to check with your bank, or check your country’s online gambling rules, to see whether any restrictions apply there.

Fees and Additional Charges

With local transfers, fees rarely do apply, and you probably know that if you’ve ever used Instant Bank to send or receive money locally. But, of course, for international transactions, fees will apply.

These can be charged by either the receiver’s or sender’s bank, one or both of them. And, of course, how big or small this fee would be would depend solely on the banks involved. Therefore, for more info, you’d need to check with the respective banks involved in the process.

Additional charges you should be aware of, of course, include any charges for having an active bank account and/or online banking profile, so you should check about them with your bank, as well.

Accepted Currencies

Considering this is, as mentioned, a global method, available in every single country and territory across the globe with an active banking system, you can rest assured that all currencies are accepted.

Regardless of whether you’re playing from the US, Australia, Canada, France or the UK, you can rest assured that US dollars, Australian, Canadian dollars, the euro and the UK pound will be accepted, for instance, among all the other fiat currencies available worldwide.

Customer Support

When you run into a problem with your online casino deposit or withdrawal, you can always contact your bank’s Customer Support service. Their teams are trained to assist users with all kinds of problems and questions, so you should receive the assistance you needed via email, phone line or direct physical visit to the bank.

Of course, you can always get in touch with your casino’s Customer Support team, as well, as they are also highly-trained for financial and technical problems players may run into, via Live Chat, email, on-site contact forms and many other means of communication.


As evident, Instant Bank is the perfect solution to use in the lack of other options, that’s for sure. But as you could see, it is also an amazing option to consider as your first choice, as it is one of the safest and most convenient methods available across all online casinos. You’ll use your online banking profile for depositing and withdrawing, and you won’t need to register separate accounts to use it. You can use it to fund your casino balance and cash out winnings from it, promptly, using your own country’s currency. Therefore, make sure you give it a try, as it won’t take much of your time to get started with it and request your deposits and withdrawals with it.


Must I share my bank account details with the online casino upon deposit?

You are redirected, through safe passages, when making a deposit, to your online banking profile. When you’re requesting a deposit, you’re basically using your online banking profile and sharing no banking info with the casino while at it. But even when the sharing of your bank account info with the casino is needed, like for withdrawals, you can rest assured that the casino will keep them safe.

How big can the transaction fees be when using Instant Bank banking across online casinos?

The fees depend on the banks involved, as mentioned, and are normally ranging from $5 to $10 or up to $50 per transaction, or currency equivalent. The amount of money to be transferred is the deciding factor.

Is there any way to speed up the withdrawal waiting times?

Unfortunately, no. The casino needs to check whether you have enough funds to withdraw as you requested and whether you have any wagering requirements unmet if you've claimed a bonus. This takes 28 to 42 hours, and then the banks take over.

Can I use an app to pay using Instant Bank?

Sure, you can use your bank's app, if the bank offers any. You can also download the casino's app if the casino has launched any and you really want to use an app to play and pay using this solution.

What’s the main advantage of using Instant Bank for withdrawals?

The main advantage and the reason why players choose this method for withdrawals is that there’s no limit as to how much money you can withdraw with it, contrary to most modern methods that come with small transaction limits.


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