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Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud Poker (7-Card Stud)

Poker Game Rules

7-Card Stud is a widely popular poker game in casinos and poker houses spanning the entire globe. Like most poker games, the rules are relatively simple and the variables at least considerable enough to wager money on. Many stud players prefer stud to other forms of poker.

A 7-Card Stud game usually begins with an ante by all the players at the table. This is generally a fairly small amount comparatively to whatever amount of money is moving around on the table. Then all players in a clockwise manner around the table, beginning with the player immediately left of the dealer or dealer button are dealt three cards, the first two face down, being your hole cards and the third card being face up.

The player with the lowest showing card will bring in the betting with a small forced bet, followed by calling, raising and/or folding around the table until the pot is good.

Then comes Fourth Street, each player still in the game is dealt another face up card. This time, the highest cards showing will open the betting. This will go accordingly around the table clockwise, again until the pot is good.

Fifth Street, each player still in the game receives another face up card. Again, this is followed by a round of betting.

Sixth Street comes, and every player receives another card face up. This is again accompanied by a betting round.

Seventh Street is the seventh and final card to be dealt. This card is dealt to each player still in the game, face down. It is often called “down and dirty”. Seventh Street is also followed by the final round of betting before the showdown, at which point all players still in the game must show their hand. The best hand wins the pot.