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Joker Poker

How to play Joker Poker

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Playing Joker poker: Joker Poker is the copyrighted and patented poker variation game, the rights to which are owned by Casino Gaming Concepts, Inc. of Commerce, California. Joker poker rules:

  1. Joker Poker may be played only on tables displaying the joker poker layout. A single deck of cards and a dealer button will be used.

  2. The maximum number of players at the table is seven. Each player will make a bet in an amount between the table minimum and the table maximum, as posted at the table, and will place the bet in the designated circle in front of the player’s position. 

  3. Following shuffle and cut, the dealer deals one card at a time to each player and continues dealing in rotation until each player has five cards. The first player to receive a card is the player to the left of the player who has the button. The last player to receive a card is the player assigned the button.

  4. After all cards have been dealt, each player chooses one card from the player’s hand to be a wild card. The player places the selected wild card face down in the front box printed on the layout in front of the player, and places the remaining four cards in the back box printed on the layout in front of the player.

  5. After all hands are tabled, the dealer opens the players’ hands one at a time, left to right, by turning the wild card face up and placing the wild card on top of the four back cards. The dealer then turns all five cards over and the wild is found face down on the bottom of the other four. The back four cards are found facing up and overlapping the wild card.

  6. The dealer announces the final value of the winning hand and collects wagers from the players that have lower ranked hands. The wagers collected from each player with a non-winning hand shall not be greater than the amount wagered by the player(s) with the winning hand.

  7. Collected wagers are pulled together into the pot and the rake is taken.
  8. The dealer pays the remainder of the pot to the player(s) with the winning hand(s). In the event of identical hands between players, the pot is split.