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European Roulette

There are many features of European Roulette that help it to stand out above other Roulette games. European Roulette wheels only have one zero on them unlike the American version. Instead of the 5.3% house odds of the American version, the European Roulette wheel only gives the house a 2.7% benefit in odds. The better odds for the player make it a no-brainer when you have a choice about which Roulette wheel to play on. The European Roulette wheel clearly gives you, the player, better odds.

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En Prison Rule

European Roulette tables will sometimes offer the en prison rule which allows the bettor to only surrender half of their outside wagers in the event that the zero comes up, or they can let it ride for the next spin of the Roulette wheel. The en prison feature in European Roulette lowers the house odds of winning from the already fairly low 2.7% to an even lower 1.4% odds of winning. With these odds effectively increasing your odds of winning each Roulette spin, you would choose casinos and tables offering the en prison feature on their Roulette games when you could.

Larger Table

European Roulette tables are generally larger than the American version making it necessary for the croupier to use a rake to pay out winnings and collect chips. The European Roulette tables allow for regular casino chips of different denominations as well as opposed to the Roulette chips used by American Roulette tables.

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