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Flexepin is a cash voucher used for online and mobile commerce such as casino deposits. The Australian company is owned by Flexewallet, which itself is part of the Novatti Group (ASX:NOV). Novatti is regulated and authorized under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) to conduct financial services.

The vouchers are used primarily by players in Australia and Canada as a secure and semi-anonymous way to deposit funds. Casino withdrawals are not allowed by the payment method. However, the tool allows even unbanked customers access to safe and secure transactions.

The company has indicated that it plans to expand its physical global footprint but so far, has only allowed in-person sales at retailers in Australia and Canada.

Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers are available for purchase in person at authorized resellers such as BP in Australia and Gas+, Hasty Mart, and DaisyMart in Canada. They can also be purchased online. Customers, the world over, can purchase the vouchers in AUD, CAD, GBP, and EUR at online stores listed on the Flexepin web page.

Specific outlets for consumers in European and African countries are provided with direct links to resellers in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, and the UK as well as Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, and Uganda.

Purchase methods vary by region but online sales are transacted with MasterCard, Visa, China Unionpay, Maestro, JCB, CashU, and PayPal as well as Airtel Money, MTN Money, Tigo Cash, and M-Pesa.

One of the most popular ways to use funds once they have been purchased is to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

If you have a Jeton Wallet and your favorite casino accepts that method but not Flexepin directly, you can also fund Jeton with a voucher.

However, as can be seen by the list of curated gaming properties on this page, many highly-rated online gaming operators accept Flexepin directly for deposits.

Canadian players can purchase a Flexepin voucher via using Interac e-Transfer, Visa debit, Mastercard debit or they can pay for them in person at Canada Post using cash or debit.

Safety and security

Using a prepaid voucher to shop online or to deposit at an offshore casino is accomplished without ever disclosing your banking data to a merchant. This eliminates a major avenue for online fraud.

Vouchers can be purchased in a variety of denominations ranging from $20 to $500. The purchased voucher is protected by a 16-digit authentication number unique that particular instrument.

Online purchases will incur a convenience which varies by website and is set by the reseller in agreement with the company. The fees can be as low as a little more than 1% but can be considerably more. We suggest shopping around a little or registering with Flexepin directly to be approved for online purchases on their sales page. 

Where to deposit with Flexepin

Prepaid vouchers are accepted at all of the online casinos we list on this page. The sites on the list are ranked by player ratings. If you see a review mentioned you can read up on any of the properties.

If the listing has not been reviewed here, it has been on one of our sister sites such as If there is no review, simply choose a site that accepts Flexepin from near the top of the list and you should be golden.

How Flexepin works

When you purchase a voucher you will also receive a unique 16-digit code associated only with that voucher. It is in effect, a privacy-protected virtual cash instrument.

The vouchers are valid for a single deposit or purchase. You cannot keep any value on the voucher as the security code will only work once. You will need to deposit the full cash amount of the voucher in order to receive full value.

Once you activate the deposit, the voucher as well as the code will become void.

Using Flexepin

Create a new account or visit a gaming site you already use from the list here and navigate to the banking or cashier section. Click on the deposit option and choose Flexepin.

Enter the amount of the voucher and key in your voucher code. The deposit should be instantaneous.

If you prefer a cash voucher instrument that allows you to store value and even use it to cash out, NeoSurf may be a better option. With NeoSurf you can deposit part of the balance, consolidate all of your remaining balances, and cash out if you opt for MyNeoSurf.

Mobile deposits are virtually identical. Simply navigate to the gaming site's banking section or cashier in your mobile web browser and follow the instructions above. The process is foolproof, hassle-free, and absolutely safe and secure.

Prior to making a Flexepin deposit, make sure you visit the cashier section to be sure a payment method for withdrawals is offered that works for you, Bank wires and ACH withdrawals are the most common way to withdraw winnings in cash after a deposit has been made with a voucher.

If you have used Flexepin for cryptocurrency purchase and deposited Bitcoin or an alt-coin, you will be able to withdraw virtual currency to your cryptocurrency wallet and cash out your bitcoin or other currency as you normally do.

It bears repeating that withdrawals directly to Flexepin virtual prepaid vouchers are not possible. The instrument will expire the moment it is used to deposit. You must have another viable method to withdraw your winnings. Direct bank transfers (ACH or wire) are the only option at most gaming sites.

Flexepin Privacy and Security

The pervasive myth of complete anonymity when using a cash voucher or Bitcoin can disappoint new players when they realize that all licensed online operations must perform "KYC" or Know Your Customer checks in order to conduct international finance. 99.99% of all reliable legitimate offshore operators will ask you for identity documents when it comes time to cash out.

However, they do not need to know anything prior to that, nobody anywhere has to see your personal financial data such as credit or debit card numbers, etc. in order to purchase a voucher, or to exchange the dollar/euro value of that voucher for Bitcoin.

You can buy a Flexepin voucher with paper money and never have your government ID associated with that transaction of the 16-digit code. You can spend it on gifts, pay bills, buy a set of curtains online, or deposit your funds into a gaming site with no paper trail, no bank or debit card statement with an entry for Slots-XYZ or the like.

Your banking details remain private. However, the value of the voucher is unlocked with the 16-digit code. It identifies the value of the virtual instrument and releases its value. Nobody can "hack" that code, but the safekeeping of it is completely your responsibility as much as paper bills in your wallet or purse.

Treat the code as you would the value stored within in it and it is as secure as anything else in your financial life, and even more secure than some things.

Flexepin limits and fees

Values: $20 to $500
Daily limit: $2,500
Fees: Between 3.19% and 9.75% (Canada only)

In-person purchases

If you purchase a voucher in person there will be a modest convenience fee added if you purchase a voucher in Canada. For the most part, the percentage is lower for the larger denomination vouchers.

A twenty-dollar voucher will cost $21.95 (9.75% fee) but a five-hundred-dollar voucher will only cost $515.95 (3.19% fee). The vouchers are available in a variety of denominations between $20 and $500, but not necessarily in specific increments.

For instance, to deposit exactly $400 you would need to purchase a combination of smaller vouchers and make more than one deposit. This would only present a problem if you are trying to maximize a bonus offer, which would apply only to the first deposit. In this case, you'd need to try to make arrangements ahead of time with customer service to apply the bonus to all transactions you make prior to playing.

Regardless of the number and value of vouchers you purchase, you are only allowed to procure $2,500 worth in any 24 hour period and hold only $5,000 at a time in total.

Online purchases

Online resellers seem to have some leeway in the amount they can charge for the "convenience fee". In any case, you will need to register an account with the reseller and confirm your email address or SMS at a minimum.

The sites we tested required a government-issued ID, email, or phone number for a text message, name, and physical address.

After filling out the registration form and providing a contact, we received a confirmation email to reply to the same day. SMS may be immediate. Once registered, you can proceed to purchase vouchers online.

Pros and Cons of using Flexepin

The deposit method is convenient, especially for players in Australia and Canada. More and more highly trafficked and well-respected offshore gaming sites accept Flexepin for deposits.

It's completely safe and secure as you never share your online banking or other financial details with an online retailer or gaming site. Cash purchases as well as debit card or Interac purchases are not recorded as casino transactions on your statements.

The value of a voucher is controlled by a unique 16-digit code that becomes invalid as soon as you use the voucher.

Vouchers can be used at over a dozen exchanges to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


The full value of a voucher must be used in a single transaction. You won't be able to withdraw your funds back to the voucher so you will need a bank account to accept an ACH/eCheck or bank wire.

It's not possible to reverse a Flexepin transaction. If you make a mistake you'll need to contact the merchant directly.

The good news is that you can request a refund for the voucher's value if you have never used it. Refunds are honored for one year after the "Use By" date. Replacements for lost or stolen vouchers can be requested.

While the vouchers never expire, if they are not used by their "Use-By" date, a monthly fee will be charged until the balance is used or no value remains.


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