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Espresso Games is a very fitting name for an Italian casino game producer. They have been in business since 2002, always aiming for a very high overall quality of casino games. This is why their older slots can easily be found alongside the latest products, having stood for the test of time.

It should be noted that Espresso Games hasn’t always been an Italian game producer. In fact, the story began in London. The team was acquired by Talenta Game Studios in 2015, which in turn was purchased by a third party in 2017. This led to moving the headquarters to Milan, Italy. It also led to the rapid ascension to further markets and a stream of more frequent fresh releases.

Online Slots

Online slots are by far the most important product line for Espresso Games. The count is close to one hundred, which obviously fluctuates with time. As said, the older titles tend to remain as part of the selection, with new games being released at an increasing pace.

What do the slots look like then? What are the common characteristics, and what sort of wins are up for grabs? Let’s take a closer look.

Something that you’ll notice right away is the graphical look. Definitely comes with a touch of that British and Italian style, resulting in an interesting mix. This is then combined with an interesting selection of themes, which range from anime to bingo balls, as well as some classic setups. Overall, the inspiration comes pretty much from popular culture and light subjects. Not so much mythology, history, and other such common subjects that most other software providers use.

Payout percentages, or RTP, from the games change a lot. It also depends on where you are playing, so choose carefully unless you want to go below the average most online casinos use. Wins tend to lean towards the high ends, with single spins having the possibility of paying out thousands and even tens of thousands. And you’ll get the jackpots on top of that.

Most of the games tend to be full of special features. For example, Lupin III Colpo al Casino has bonus spins, special wilds, expanding symbols, multipliers, and more wilds. Alfredo’s Easter brings infinite bonus spins, wilds, and special bonuses with a selection of play modes. Even older titles like Van Penguin take full advantage of bonus rounds and stackable multipliers.

Other Casino Games

Espresso Games occasionally publishes table games and video poker titles. Some of these combined back into slots, such as Black & Seven, which combines blackjack and classic slots. Normal roulette and blackjack are also available, as are several variations of these games.

When it comes to video poker the same idea of variety continues. You do get your hand on Jacks Or Better, Joker Poker, and other similar classics of course. But there are also poker games you’ve never run across, like Color Champion Poker. Finally, there are a handful of speciality games. These include Magic Rush Win, where you drop a ball through a maze, and hope it lands on one of the random wins. Or common draw games like Power Ball, where you lay a handful of different bets in hope the right balls show up.

Supporting the Games

We’re not going to bore you with the technical jargon this time around. That’s more for the casinos, who know they can easily integrate all of these games into their own systems. This also means that promotions and bonuses like bonus spins, prizes, and even loyalty benefits are a possibility for players.

The company also has three different jackpot systems. One of these enables cross-game tournament jackpots, for both mobile and desktop players. The second one allows players to compete in leaderboards by collecting achievements, again tied to jackpots. And the third one allows smaller and more frequent progressive jackpots for their slots.


Espresso Games has been building up its success brick by brick. They’re extremely popular in the Italian markets, which is something they’ve clearly learned from. Rather than continuously signing deals with every casino, they tend to take to new markets one by one. Today you can find these games in many top online casinos, which is just another reason to try them out!

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