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Diners Club Online Casinos

Diners Club International (DCI) is a charge card company founded over 70 years ago. The Diners Club card was actually the first charge card ever issued way back in 1950. Today, the product is owned by Discover Financial Services and serves customers in nearly 60 countries.

Of course, Visa and Mastercard are the most well-known and widely used brands in the world, right after the Bank of China's UnionPay, but Diners Club formed an alliance with Mastercard in 2004 in order to maintain any decent market penetration. 

Your Diners Club card in the US or Canada today will either bear the Mastercard badge or the Discover logo. It may also bear the brand of BMO Harris Bank, which has the exclusive rights to market the brand in those countries. Diners Club can be used almost anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

Mastercard, and thus Diners Club is accepted by over 38 million merchants worldwide.

Affiniture Cards Limited (ACL) is the registered agent in England and Wales. each region of the globe has its own franchise owner with HDFC Bank covering India,  Bank of Brazil (Elo card assoc) handling Brazil, Diners Club (S.A.) (Proprietary) Limited in South Africa, and Diners Club Australia (Citi)c overing that territory, etc.

But there is a caveat for some online gamblers...

US players often have a hard time using Mastercard or Diners Club for casino deposits. The financial industry uses a certain merchant category code (MCC 7995) for all gambling transactions, so expect the cards to be declined if you are a US player.

Customers in Europe and elsewhere don't have such restrictions (based on the USA Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, "UIGEA") so the card is a viable choice for gamblers outside of the US and those in the States that gamble at casinos with payment gateways that might "recode" the transactions.

With the advent of state-sanctioned online gambling in US states like New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and a few others that have codified online in-state online gambling laws, the industry created new MCCs in early 2015. 

Online gambling purchases in the US from government-run lotteries (MCC 7800), regulated online casinos (MCC 7801), and regulated dog or horse race betting (MCC 7802) now have a much better chance of going through.

In the first few years of the new codes, many merchants in the US had to find high-risk merchant services providers, with higher fees, to process the transactions, but some progress has been made to increase acceptance and provide US players with regulated venues other financial options.

Diners Club is not accepting consumer applications

As of early 2020 BMO was not accepting applications from consumers for new Diners Club cards, but they do continue to service older accounts. The company website offered the following explanation:

"While we work to improve the application process, the option to apply for our two Consumer cards: Diners Club Card Elite or a Diners Club Card Premier is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience."

We didn't find that to be very plausible, so we looked around a little bit and found forum posts dating back several years. These alluded to the fact that new cards had been "temporarily unavailable" for several years. Looking back in the history of things we see the same page that appears online today has been there since at least March 2015.

New Professional and Corporate cards may still available


We wanted to talk to a "personal assistant" about the possibility of applying for a Professional Card. After all, a new line of credit never hurts and another deposit card is always a good thing.

Unfortunately, the site was not a secure page, nor was so we didn't go further down that rabbit hole.

After clicking the Bank of Montreal logo (BMO) on the bottom of the Diners Club page and then shopping for "Rewards Cards" and several others, Diners Club did not appear.

To sum it all up about access, Diners Club is not an easy card to get and unless you spend money on credit with an eye toward rewards (using a business card or someone else's money) it's not the greatest option for online gambling to be found out there.

Americans will be hard-pressed to find a place to use the card online and Canadians will be under the same strictures they experience when dealing with almost any BMO product. Others, who happen to have a professional or corporate card they are free to use, may find no trouble in depositing.

The Good News for Diners Club Cardholders

We list over 50 online casinos that accept Diners Club cards for deposits. As a functional Mastercard, they can also be used for withdrawals at several online casinos.

If you have Diners Club and are not in the US or Canada (BMO Harris) the deposit option works as well as any other card in most cases.

Some of the benefits of possessing an old card or a corporate card of any age are:

  • True Chip & PIN
  • Contactless payment
  • No foreign transaction fees (for many currencies MasterCard offers attractive US$ exchange rates)
  • No limit on the number of rewards points you can earn ($1 spent = 1 point earned)
  • Points never expire
  • Rewards points transfer with each transaction rather than monthly
  • Fairmont Hotel discounts
  • ATM quick cash access
  • Avis and Budget car rental discounts
  • Airport lounge access included in $95 annual fee
  • Can transfer rewards points to SA Air, Iceland Air, Alaska Airlines, and SAS
  • Superior points transfer ratios than Amex to Choice Hotels
  • Better transfer ratio than Chase for IHG points

Diners Club Online Casino FAQ

Can I get Diners Club in the Nordic region?

Yes. Diners Club Nordic has a few over half a million members. The card is not used by as many people as Forbrugsforeningen or Dankort, but it is still widely accepted. Worldwide, about 100 million people possess Diners Club cards.

Can I buy Bitcoin with the Diners Club?

Possibly. The answer will depend on where you are located. Local/regional laws, as well as currency exchange policies, may prohibit the purchase of cryptocurrencies with credit. Diners Club usually treats "Quasi-Cash Transactions" as a cash advance rather than a purchase. Quasi-cash is anything that can be traded for cash right away, like casino chips. 

Is Diners Club a sustainable option?

Yes. Diners Club International is proactive in incorporating EU solutions into its payment processing services. While consumer cards may no longer be available in North America, BMO did invest nearly US$1b to purchase the franchise from Citigroup over a decade ago and have shown no signs of abandoning existing cardholders.

Would you suggest depositing with Diners Club?

That depends. For the most part, we don't encourage gambling with credit. On the other hand, the strict underwriting requirements that must be met to own one of the cards mean that you are probably not in any sort of financial difficulties if you have one. As always, please gamble responsibly.

Can I get a bonus with Diners Club?

Absolutely! None of the sites we list here will deny a welcome bonus for using Diners Club. While e-Wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz offer many advantages, a lot of sites will not allow you to take a welcome bonus or cash out winnings from an eWallet deposit that has a bonus. You'll never have that problem with Diners Club.

Will I still accumulate Rewards Points when I gamble with Diners Club?

That depends, but probably not. Many financial institutions treat the purchase of casino chips as a cash advance and no points are awarded for that kind of transaction.

Will I see foreign transaction fees on my statement?

Most likely. Offshore casinos are by nature, foreign enterprises. But it depends on your country of residence. The following Diners Club cards charge a 3% fee on all foreign transactions:

  • Carte Blanche (premier)
  • Diners Club Charge Card 
  • Diners Club Credit Card

I don't currently have Diners Club... should I apply?

That depends on where you are located. If you are in the US or Canada where BMO owns the franchise you probably won't be able to. If your business offers you one, of course, accept! You can apply online in Finland and Singapore.

In other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the UK, and Ireland you can get the application online and mail it in.


Online casinos accepting Diners Club as a payment method


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