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BPAY Online Casinos

The banking industry has evolved to prioritize convenience over everything else. Many payment solutions now offer quick and easy ways to make transactions, reducing the time users spend around the process. While these solutions tend to focus on a broader spectrum of payments, oftentimes it’s the niche services that break through and garner tons of attention. Such is the case with the subject of this review – BPAY. This service offers a hassle-free experience that can benefit your online casino gameplay, but it was originally designed with a different purpose. To discover more about it, read on!

About BPAY

Most of you might not be familiar with BPAY, but that’s only because this service operates locally. The solution was launched in 1997 as a payment service that enabled users to pay their bills viaphone. It was the first bill payment service adopted by the banking sector on a global scale, making it an innovation that users couldn’t wait to get their hands on. The service was quickly made available online as well, further cementing its place as a staple in the Australian banking market.

Today, over 156 Australian financial institutions, credit unions, and banks participate in BPAY transactions, which amount to around $24 billion worth of bills paid each month. It’s one of the most popular payment solutions in the country, and easily the most convenient way to keep track of your bills and pay them promptly. While all of this amounts to the solution being a top pick in a particular niche, you might be wondering how it relates to the online gambling scene. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that next.

BPAY’s capabilities quickly spread beyond just paying bills. The service was incorporated by manymerchants to make user payments a breeze. Naturally, this includes various online casinos in the region. Its addition to online casinos has made it possible for more Australian players to deposit funds using a familiar payment method, instead of relying on setting up an account with international options. The service is accessible directly from the method’s official website and is very user-friendly.

Although BPAY is not as popular as some other payment methods, it’s still available at many high-quality online casino sites. Depositing funds is a quick and straightforward process, with the deposited funds becoming available in your account almost immediately. This means that you can access a wide variety of games, such as slots, table games, Live Casino games, and video poker, in no time. However, this is just one of the many reasons why BPAY is an attractive option for casino fans.

Now, we know we’ve sung BPAY’s praises up to this point, but it’s time to get into some of the negatives of using this service as your go-to online casino deposit option. The first con should be pretty obvious by now – exclusivity. The service is only available in Australia, so players outside the region can’t access it. What’s more, since the solution is exclusively available in Australia, users are limited to local online casino options. Sure, many of them are top-tier, but you’re still limited to a much smaller pool of options than you’d get with other popular solutions.

Another thing to consider is the solution’s lack of a withdrawal option. Unfortunately, this service was made to make payments easier, so withdrawing hasn’t been in the picture since the beginning. In the online gambling space, this means additional work on your part. To withdraw any winnings you’ve made with a BPAY deposit, you’ll need to use an alternative method that supports withdrawing. Most Australian casinos give players tons of options to choose from, but they usually require setting up an account, which can be time-consuming.

How to Start Using BPAY

Although BPAY is a user-friendly service, the process of getting started with it can be more complex than expected. As we may have mentioned before, the service is supported by local banks, so having a valid bank account with one of the over 150 participating banks is mandatory. We advise you to do some thorough research to find the bank that suits your individual needs, as pretty much every bank offer you’ll run into is different. Check what benefits they bring to the table and proceed to the next step once you’ve made a decision.

To start using BPAY, the first step is to open a bank account with the chosen bank. You can visit thebank and request to open an account, which shouldn’t take much time. The bank will provide you with a few forms to fill out with your personal information, which usually takes no more than thirty minutes. You need to return the completed forms to the bank clerks along with a valid photo ID for identity verification. The bank will process your information and notify you when your account is ready.

Although your bank account is now active, the process is not yet finished. While some banks automatically activate online banking, others may require a manual request. This step is crucial in using BPAY, so make sure to do it. If your bank activates this service automatically, you should receive your details when your bank account is ready. If not, you might need to request activation by phone, email, or in person. Some banks may only activate online banking through an in-person request, so it’s best to ask during your account setup to save time.

Once your account is ready, you don’t have too much work left on your hands. Since BPAY itself doesn’t require a user account, you can simply head to the website of the merchant or service you’d like to purchase and find the solution’s logo at checkout. When you request to play through the service, you’ll receive a Biller Code and Customer Reference Number for the payment. Enter the amount you’re supposed and pay and log in regularly through your online banking account. Enter the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number in the required field and confirm the transfer. It’s that easy!

Depositing and Withdrawing With the Solution

We’ve already discussed how effortless it is to use BPAY for payments, and the same goes for casino deposits. Still, things are not everything is as straightforward in this entire ordeal. While the service itself is hassle-free, finding a suitable casino may require some effort. The service has limited reach in the online gambling industry, so your options are limited. Nonetheless, the supported casinos are generally of high quality. We recommend verifying their licenses and reading reviews before making a choice. Once you have selected a casino, here is how to deposit:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Cashier/Banking/Deposit/Payment Methods page.
  2. Find the BPAY logo and click on it.
  3. Enter your desired deposit amount.
  4. Copy the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number the operator churns out.
  5. Log in to your online banking and enter the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number in the required fields.
  6. Review and confirm the payment.
  7. The money will arrive in your casino balance soon!

As we mentioned briefly in our introduction, BPAY might be one of the best deposit options for Australian online gamers, but the service doesn’t support withdrawals. Naturally, this is a big downside to using it, as it means you’ll need to use an additional payment alternative to cash out your casino winnings. The good news is that most Australian operators support various popular withdrawal options. We suggest using eWallets, as they’re safe, quick, and convenient.

Coverage and Restrictions

As we previously mentioned, BPAY is only available to users located in Australia. The service was created to simplify bill payments for local users, and it has undoubtedly achieved its objective. Of course, international users may be disappointed by this limitation. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can say to appease them. If you’re among them, it might be best to look for similar payment alternatives that operate within your country.

Fees and Additional Charges

There are many benefits to using BPAY, but one of the most significant advantages is the absence of fees. The service doesn’t charge users for deposits and withdrawals, except in some cases depending on the user's chosen banking provider. Even then, the fees are typically reasonable. It's worth noting that some online casinos may be a bigger concern in terms of fees. While this is becoming increasingly rare, some operators may charge fees per deposit or withdrawal. Before registering with a casino, be sure to check if any fees apply.

Accepted Currencies

BPAY is a service that works closely with local banks and supports the same currencies as these banks do. Since it is based in Australia, it typically supports the Australian dollar, and users shouldn't expect any additional charges when using this currency. However, users may incur charges for foreign currencies, even for popular options like the euro, British pound, or US dollar. The currency conversion fees applied will vary depending on the amount being sent or received, so keep that in mind before proceeding.

Customer Support

Pay ID's customer support can be a bit tricky to navigate, but it's not for the reasons you might think. The service doesn't have a dedicated support team, instead, its website redirects users to its partnered banks. As it collaborates with local banks, the best way to get assistance is to contact your chosen banking provider. However, the quality of customer support you receive depends on the bank you choose. While most Australian banks are known for providing excellent customer support, others have a less-than-stellar reputation in this area.


BPAY is a fast, user-friendly payment service that can meet all your online gaming deposit needs. It's an excellent payment method for Australian players, but its exclusivity to Australia also means that it has some major downsides. It has limited reach in the online gambling industry, which is a significant drawback for international users. If you're not in Australia, you'll need to look for other payment options before visiting an online casino. Its lack of a withdrawal option is also a hindrance, especially if you’re not a fan of using multiple solutions to aid you in your online gaming journey.


Is BPAY safe?

Yes, BPAY is a safe payment method. BPAY transactions are processed through a secure network, and your personal and financial information is kept private.

Does it have fees?

The fees for using BPAY depend on the financial institution you use to make the payment. Some banks may charge a fee for using BPAY, while others offer it for free.

Where is the service available?

BPAY is a payment service available exclusively in Australia.

Do I need to set up a user account?

You don't need to set up a user account to use BPAY. However, you will need to have access to online banking or a phone banking service through your financial institution.

Can I withdraw through BPAY?

No, BPAY is not a withdrawal method. You’ll need to look for an alternative payment method to cash out your online casino winnings.


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