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BetSoft Craps is played like all online craps and very close to the way you would play at a casino on land. The difference is that you are in control of the table at all times. The game is played with a pair of dice and bets are placed hoping to predict the outcome of the dice. A quick look at the table felt tells us most of what we need to know to play the game, as the dice are represented in the betting areas of the table. In general there are contract bets; bets that must remain throughout the course of a current game round – and there are one time bets that can be placed before any roll of the dice.

If you are new to the game, perhaps place a wager on the pass line. If you get craps you will lose, but any other number will set the point on your come out roll. Then you will roll again and again until that point is hit and you win, or roll a seven and lose.


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