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company_overviewBetgames started operating as early as 2012. Rather than aiming to offer traditional live casino games, such as blackjack or baccarat, the company decided to strike for gold in an area that had so far seen very little activity online. They’ve continued on this unique path ever since, adding fresh games yearly.

The company is headquartered in Lithuania, with a significant presence also in Malta. Their main product is live betting solutions, which is something of a mix between sportsbetting and live casino gaming. The design offers fast-paced low stake gaming, perfectly suited for casual players who want a bit more than just automated gameplay.

Live Dealer Betting

live_dealer_bettingLive dealer betting seems to be a term invented by Betgames itself. Rather than offering the traditional table games, of which some have become available too, the company devised their own live betting games. We would call these more akin to lottery games.

For example, their first game was called Lucky 7. Live draws happen every four minutes, with the player placing their bets on a variety of options, including what balls from one to 49 come up, colour, odds and evens, and more. It’s a bit like a traditional lottery, though with a lower general prize pool, faster gameplay, and more betting options.

Take a look…

…at the following games if you’re looking for something provided by no other live dealer provider: Dice Duel, Lucky 5, Luck 6, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, and Bet on Poker. There are a couple more titles, such as Andar Bahar that bring on more conventional live dealer games.

As said, a lot of these games rely on very simple, fast and enjoyable gameplay. The best example of this is probably the War of bets. In this game, the banker and the player get a card, and the bigger card wins. Of course, there are more bets than that to be placed, which creates a wealth of options to explore.

Special Sport Games

The company is also involved in something called Twain Sports. This has resulted in games like T-Kick and T-Basket. These are special live sports games, taking inspiration from sports like basketball and football. Basically, they are events where two teams or persons compete against each other, and the players bet on the outcome. It’s definitely an interesting take on what live casino and sports betting are all about.


Betgames is definitely well on the way to fame. The company has managed to come up with completely unique and exclusive products in an area that has traditionally been stagnant. The company is in the process of linking up with platform providers and online casinos. Take your chance and find out just how entertaining these live games can be!

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