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Amaya Gaming is today known as the Stars Group, which in turn is part of the Flutter Group. What does this mean for the company and brand itself? Was Amaya ever anything else than a holding company, and if not, is there a legacy or product they are known of? Well, that’s just what we’ll help you find out here.

The company itself was founded in 2004, with the first renaming happening in 2017. This means there’s plenty of history, and one would assume associated gaming products to learn about. During this time the company produced a variety of games, both for land-based casinos and online casinos. Let’s take a look at what all this included.

Casino Gaming

If you make your way into Amaya’s YouTube page, should it still exist, you’ll notice some releases from more than a decade ago. And not much after that. The company has produced slots, table games such as blackjack, scratch cards, lottery products, sportsbook products and even a handful of specialty games.

Slots from the company offered a standard setup. Often going for the classic gameplay, with plenty of influences from land-based casinos. This means games with just a single payline and three reels. Of course, you can find other setups mixed in there too. More paylines, more reels, and occasionally even different methods of calculating wins, such as ways to win. However, the company seems to have stopped producing online slots around 2014, though we do know that some of the games did receive updates for mobile compatibility and such.

When it comes to lottery products, these were originally available only in select African markets like Kenya, and Uganda, or the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. These products never made it into the online space and seem to have fallen out of favour later on. The same fate holds true for pretty much all of these games.

However, some of these games have moved on to other providers. For example, Aladdin’s Legacy is today available via NYX Gaming. That said, most of the games are very old, and not easily found. We suggest moving onto other more modern providers.

Poker Networks and Acquisitions

After establishing itself as a casino games provider the company made a rather drastic change around 2014, buying some of the most important poker networks. Or rather, they bought out the Rational Group, becoming perhaps the biggest online gambling company at the time. Before this, they bought a poker network and software from bwin.

This saw the company change course completely, which also explains why their development teams stopped building new games practically overnight. The sports betting platform did remain operational. Amaya did purchase out some other companies, like Chartwell Technologies, in preceding years. These companies were more involved with software rather than the games themselves. They also expanded in the land-based sector, where they remained active in the area of traditional coin slots.

Ultimately, this led to renaming the company into Stars Group. They would continue under this brand for a handful of years until finally being bought out by Flutter Group, who happens to be one of the biggest providers in British and Irish gambling markets. Whilst Amaya had originally also operated some sort of platform business, allowing other companies to run its products on their casinos, nowadays all that remains are the individual websites as brands. The one thing that remains really is PokerStars.


For being one of the biggest gambling companies for a select few years, Amaya has left behind a legacy that barely exists. In fact, it seems that the company mostly existed as a holding company. In other words, once they went into the poker business, they never really procured anything by themselves.

And the thing is, whatever they bought with money can’t really be considered products of their own. The legacy of poker networks or the small gaming studios Amaya bought isn’t really theirs.

It’s true that they did have a handful of their own games, but those have long since faded out of history and popularity. Here and there you might run into them by accident, but even so, they no longer bear the brand they were once part of.

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