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AliQuantum, which translates to Good Deal from Latin, is a surprisingly old company. They started operating in 2003 as a mobile casino platform. It’s worth noting that back then mobile compatibility wasn’t the simplest thing. Today all you need to do is open your web browser and everything scales automatically, but a few decades back things were quite different.

This also means that as mobile casinos have become the norm, the company has had to change their approach to their services quite a bit. Surprisingly, they’ve also had their hand in different kiosks systems, moving from the online space to offline gambling. Whilst the company still seems to be active, and whilst they once had a spread of casinos across dozens of jurisdictions, it doesn’t seem like many, if any, online casinos use this white label platform today.


The full name stands as AliQuantum Gaming Platform. In other words, this casino company doesn’t actually produce any games at all. The company itself seems to be based in the UK, whereas their gambling licence is from Malta Gaming Authority.

During its heydays, the system took care of almost everything. Normal casino games, live casino games, betting and even its own poker network. Naturally, all the back office systems from affiliate management to bonuses and promotions, as well as different payment options and banking solutions were also handled via the system. When it came to games, the company was partnered with such names as IGT and Net Entertainment.

Over time the company also released a subsidiary company based in the UK, called Plus-Five Gaming. This brand office has since shut down, though they too were successful for a period of time, partnering with many of the big names in the industry. This gives you access to games like Starburst, Cashanova, and Cleopatra II.

The company never made any games of their own, simply concentrating on offering a white-lable platform for online casinos to operate on. Why and how they fell out of favour is an open question. Perhaps they simply could not keep up with the rapidly expanding and developing markets.


AliQuantum seems to have hit the markets early on, offering a popular and successful product for many different online casinos. None of these casinos seem to be in operation any more, and certainly none are using this platform.

What was the reason for the company’s downfall? From what we can gather, they simply stopped developing at some point. Though they have been active within the last few years, it seems like they mostly gave up around 2019 or 2020. For example, there’s nothing published in their social media after these years. The last partnership deals seem to have happened back in 2014 as well. In short, this was a successful company, simply not successful enough.

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