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Playtech: Blackjack Surrender - Game Review

The popular surrender version of Blackjack, designed by Playtech is available to both single and multi hand versions and as with most blackjack games by Playtech, the rules are pretty standard, with a few Playtech variations. In the Playtech version of Blackjack Surrender, one of the dealers cards are dealt face up, leaving the other card face down, as the 'hole card'.

In addtion, players are only able to split aces one time. After the ace has been split, players will only be dealt one more card. Meaning that the player does not have the option to 'hit' or request another card, if you split an Ace and get a two, well, thats the breaks, better luck next time. Furthermore, if you are showing a split ace, and dealt a 10 or other face card, this is 21, not blackjack.

Playtechs Blackjack Surrender also allows players to split face cards that are not paired, for instance, a player dealt a king and a queen would have the option of splitting the hand. Players are eligbile to surrender on the first two cards dealt once the dealer has checked his cards for blackjack.

Blackjack Surrender by playtech does offer casino players insurance on a dealer ace, however many blackjack experts will consider this a waste of good money. Insurance pays 2:1 odds.

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Decks 4 decks
Soft 17 Dealer stands on soft 17
Double after split Yes
Doubling Any two cards
Surrender Surrender
Re-split No
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